Protected –
Episode 18
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Justice. I know I shouldn’t laugh, I know I should scold her, what she did was wrong, that is what I should be saying but I can’t. That shit was seriously too funny. And that thing about using her first name, Emilia? My girl is badass. She seems to be expecting a scolding because she is wringing her hands and looking nervously at me. I just drive. No comment. When we get home she comes down from the car and flees inside. To the kitchen I presume. I get her many packages and I take them to her room. After this is done, (it took two trip, she didn’t show up for any) I find her. She is in the kitchen as expected, chopping cabbages. She stops when she sees me. I take the knife from her, no need for her to chop her fingers off. I back her against the counter and she breaths hard, looking at everywhere except for me. I open my mouth…. She beats me to it. “Am sorry” She blurts. I raise an eyebrow. “Why are you sorry?” “I embarrassed you, am sorry, just that I was so mad at her, she was rubbing on you and then she brought baby Amelia up, I just got so pissed, am sorry” I nod, it’s a good thing she can admit her fault. I stroke her hair out of her face, and I say. “Am not scolding you magic, am just worried” She frowns. “Selene is a bitch, she might target you because you stood up for me and also you embarrassed her.” She nods, I countinue “Am not saying what you did was necessarily wrong, am just saying , pick your battles baby, you are too good for the likes of Selene” She nods and I kiss her head. “Glad we are on the same page baby, am gonna leave you to it” I say this and I exit the kitchen to my room, I pass by julliet’s room, seems she is not around. I go on to my room and try to get some work done, I really have to. After a while I get in to the zone and I go through some contracts, finally getting some work done. I hear my door open after about 2 hours, I don’t raise my head, I know it’s her, am attuned to her. “Hi” She says and I lift my head, she’s standing there looking nervous. What now? “What wrong itty bitty?” “Do you have a moment?” I lift my eyebrows but I stand and go with her. She leads me to the Green House. What are we doing here ? I ask. “Not a fan of pollen baby” “Just give me 5 minutes”. I nods. She steps forward and brings a flower pot, in it I can see freshly dug soil and a baby sun flower. Ok.. “This is a baby sun flower, based on what you told me seems baby Amelia would have been born in the year of the sun” I nod, still not getting where this was going. “This baby sun flower represents baby Amelia, we are going to nurture her untill she grows big and strong, she’s ours” I stand still not comprehending, who is this girl?. She begins to wring her hands nervously. “Why did you do this?” I ask and she blinks, she looks scared, like she thinks she did something out of line. “Tell me” “I thought…….I ….. Thought since you lost Amelia, that you could channel some anger out of you, am not trying to say a flower can replace your baby I just…” I pull her to me and i hug her, this girl, this woman Is going to bring me to my kneels. No body has ever done something so thoughtful for me before. If I was a man that cried, I would have broken down right about now. “So…..” She hesitates. “So you like it?” “I love it magic, I love the sunflower, I love the flower pot, I love it.” She nods and hugs me closer. I look closely at the pot and I see she even engraved Amelia in cursive writing on the flower pot. I kiss her head. “You are wonderful, you know” I say this as I lead her back to the house.. When we get to the threshold of the sitting room, I pull her to me and give her a soft kiss. She kisses me back. I break the kiss and kiss her head. I hear a throat clearing and I turn, I see julliet and Justin and Sage sitting on the ground, they seem to playing a board game. Well they were playing a board game, now Justin just looks pissed. “What’s going on?” Justin asks and I feel magic stiffen, she just notices them. “I don’t know what you mean Justin” “I mean you practically mauling my ward in front of me” I turn to magic, she looks close to tears. “Go on upstairs baby” She looks into my eyes and I nod. “It’s fine, go upstairs, I will be there soon” I kiss her head and she leaves but not before throwing Justin and julliet a pleading look. “Now we can talk Justin, am sure what you just witnessed was self explanatory” “Oh yes it was, what is your game?” He says this while standing up, sage just pulls julliet to himself and they watch. “My game?” I ask. “Yes your game, she is the same girl you insulted, you degraded, what suddenly changed” I sigh, have had enough theatrics today to last me a lifetime. “I will admit I was harsh to the girl Justin but…..” “She is 19, your a governorship aspirant, she has nothing to offer, why?” Ok now am getting angry. “I very well know she is 19 Justin, I know we are not on the same social standing, oh am aware, but I don’t know, I just know I want to be close to her, she is light, she is everything” “Don’t get me wrong Justice, am happy you are in love , I just don’t want you to hurt the girl, she has being through too much” I nod, but wait in love? Am not going there. “I will Never hurt her, not intentionally” That seems to satisfy him, he nods. “Congrats bro” I nod, I turn to Sage. “Let me have it” “That was some seriously sappy shit justice, you should check if you are still a man” I flip him the middle finger, I can’t blame him, I gave him shit too with julliet, the ass. “Am happy for you Justy” Julliet says. I nod “Gotta go make my girl know shit is alright with you guys” They nod and I exit. I walk upstairs and enter her room, she is playing on her phone. I climb on the bed and position myself. “How angry are they?” She asks as she puts her phone away. “They are cool” She doesn’t look like she believes me. She opens her mouth but I beat her to it. “You called your friend?” She shakes her head no. “Why?” “Am scared,” she whispers, I understand, I would be too. “Am here baby, you can call her, I will hold you as you do” I whisper back and she nods, she dials the number. She places it on speaker phone. “Hello” The voice over the line crackles. “Hello kele” There is a pause and a….. “Emily? Is that you?”


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