Protected – Episode 17
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“Do you like this one? What about that one?
This one looks like it will look great on you”
He points at another gown, shoe, shirt, I
almost roll my eyes, I have never in all my life
seen a man that loves shopping, is he even
“You like shopping, don’t you?”
He shakes his head no as he fingers a polo
shirt, I frown dubiously.
“I don’t like shopping, but I like shopping with
and for you”
I blush, that was seriously sweet.
We are at the mall, we’ve dropped my phone
with a repairer guy and he says he will be
done in about 2 hours.
(So you see Fabian, they did not come to the
mall to charge phone-bebe)
In the meantime he wants us to shop, I initially
thought it was for him but i found out he wants
to spoil me rotten, I mean when did we get to
this stage?
I mean, we are wearing matching outfits, white
polo shirts and blue jeans, and white
sneakers, he made me put my hand in his
back pocket.
‘He doesn’t want me to get lost’, his words not
Gone is the man who was so cruelly harsh to
me, and in his place is a sweet, kind, loving
and handsome man.
Where is justice and what have they done that
Is it an alien invasion?
I chuckle at my thought, he turns to me.
“So you don’t like these?”
I tune in and I almost faint at what he is
holding up.
He is holding a pink lace bra and panties set.
What! Where is this man from.
I quickly take it from his hand and hang it
“Are you embarrassed?”
“Well duh”
“You don’t have to be, I have a sister
remember? I have been buying these things
before I could walk”.
“Well am not your sister”
“Well that you aren’t”.
He gives me a smoldering look and I think I
fainted for a minute.
He turns back to the rack and grabs the panty
set and adds it to the ever growing pile.
“I didn’t….”
“I know you liked it itty bitty, I could see it in
your eyes”
I blush and turn away, my eyes snag on a hot
pink sneakers, I want.
He seems to notice because he beckons on a
shop attendant and she comes forward but not
before throwing me an hostile look.
“Can we have that? In a size 7?”
She nods, all smiles for him.
He just looks indifferent as he says..
“And….” He glances at her name
tag,….”Isabella, if you are rude to my girl one
more time, I will buy this mall with you in it”
She pales, scared.
“Yes, Mr Maxwells”
He nods dismissing her and turning to me.
“See anything else you like magic?”
I shake my head, no.
“Well we just have to make you like it”
He goes on to buy me some dresses, gowns,
jeans, slacks, tops, some high heeled shoes,
sneakers and some undies and bikinis.
What! I have no idea how I will sneak this past
julliet, I hope she is at Sage’s house, am
scared her and Justin will think am a gold
I see we are getting some attention and a guy
even has a phone out recording justice as he
points at stuff while holding my hand.
I suddenly feel a bout of self-consciousness, I
pull my hand from his and step away from him.
Am sure I don’t look as good standing next to
him, I shouldn’t ruin his image.
He stops, turns to me and smiles.
“Don’t worry itty, am proud to have you on my
He says this while wrapping his hands around
my waist.
(Ha, who knew the great justice can be sweet?
It’s a miracle-bebe)
I smile and i tuck my hand into his back
When we are done we go to check out and
round everything up.
“That will be a two hundred and eighty five
grands sir, are you paying in cash or by a
My heart palpitates, I tug on his shirt and he
turns to me, I whisper.
“Let’s return these stuff, it’s too much”.
He turns to me fully and grabs my face in his
“You are worth this and much more , Bella.
(Swoon, zinny , godiya, Mandy, Brenda,
oluwadare, Carmen, Dara and Dorcas, that
was for you, you guys are worth a million stars
in the sky)
I blush and he turns to pay, I don’t make a
Am too stunned.
After that the store manager comes and tells
us he will be of assistance in taking this to the
car .
Justice just nod, he must be used to this kind
of treatment.
After, we go to the phone repair shop and am
glad to see that the technician is done.
I give him my phone and he inputs Kele’s
Am so happy I turn to justice and give him big
loud kiss on his cheek.
He looks stunned because he is staring at me
without blinking.
I turn to the technician and thank him, we pay
our fee and we exit his shop.
I can’t wait to call kelechi.
As we make our way out we pass a pastry and
ice cream kiosk.
“You want some sugar?”
I nod, he hands me his card.
“You want some?” I ask.
“Get double of anything you want, I will have
what you are having”
I nod and I turn to the kiosk, he is waiting so I
have to be fast.
As I place my order for a vanilla and chocolate
chip mash I turn to watch him.
I see a woman approach him and I stand
straight, I don’t like that.
I immediately notice his posture become wary.
Who is she?
I get my order and I pay, as I walk closer I
could hear what they were saying or should I
say she was saying.
“………I know, I know you miss me in your bed
J, we can go back we can be so good again.”
I see that justice looks about to puke.
I walk to them casually and I wrap my hands
around justice waist and I pull him from her
“Whose this baby?”
I ask and he blinks at me in surprise but he
throws his arms around my shoulder.
I hear the bitch ask and I smile sweetly at her.
“Am Emilia, whom might you be?”
“Am the mother of his child”
I feel justice arm tighten on my shoulder.
This bitch did not just bloody go there.
I might be green and a village girl but I don’t
allow people walk all over what I consider
I don’t know what made me do it .
Oh .
I know, her voice is terribly painful in my ears.
So I stuff my delicious iced vanilla and
chocolate chip ice cream in her face.
She should be glad it is something sweet.
My poor ice cream.
She squeals as it plops on her chest,
spreading on her dress as it rapidly melts.
I see people watching the show and a few
seem to be recording it.
I tuck my hand in justice pocket and I say
“Come on baby, lead the way, I still wants
some ice cream”
He looks at me, looks at Selene and busts out
I mean a full belly laugh.
I don’t blame him , she looks like a drowned
raccoon with her mascara running all over the
Justice leads me to the parking lot and when
we get there he plops a big kiss on me.
Right on my lips.
Ok wow, That was worth it..
I hope you found this episode interesting, I
know I did.
And also, thanks for reading and waiting for me
to post episodes.
Y’all are badasses.
I promise to try to remember everyone’s name
next time.
Amma, thanks for reading.
Please like, rate comment.
I’mma be so glad if you do.
Hasta la vista!

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