Protected – Episode 16
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“Hey, magic? Can you hear me?”
I turn to Alec, I must have zoned out again.
“Am sorry Alec, am a little tired”
He nods.
It’s the next morning after the theatrics last
How could someone be so sweet and
venomous at the same time?
And beside what was I thinking?
I heard he was an aspirant for the
governorship position earlier this year.
What chance do I have?
What do I have to offer.
Am never going back to him.
I feel my self getting angry as a knead the
pancake batter.
“Magic?, I think you are killing the pancake”.
I stop when I see I have almost scattered the
After I set the table, I take my seat.
Everyone is present except his majesty
Am beginning to feel good that he is not
coming when he makes an appearance.
Ha, my life.
“Good morning family”
He greets cheerily.
“Wow you are happy.”
Julliet observes and I become angry, he
shouldn’t be Happy, he is a monster.
I begin to shred my pancakes into little shreds
when Justin holds my hand.
“Are you ok, little one?”
I smile sweetly at Justin and I see justice
scowls at the edge of my vision.
Well take that your highness.
I lean to Justin and I feign interest in his shirt.
“Wow, that’s a nice shirt Justin, is it new?”
Justin raises an eyebrow and I smile so
sweetly my tooth almost ached.
Alec glances between me and Mr Justin.
“Well damn”
“Alec, language”
Julliet says and countinues.
“The atmosphere this morning is severe, so
can we all just go ahead and eat this delicious
feté in front of us?”
I nod.
All through the meal I found all excuse to talk
to Justin, I laughed, I smiled, I awwed, I
I did everything I could to get back at justice.
He scowled all through the meal and I almost
Good, there is no way he will be happy and I
am angry.
After the meal, I clear the dishes and i walk
upstairs to bath.
I feel so good right now.
As I open my door I am yanked back and
pulled into Justice’s room., He pins my back to
a wall, my hand over my head.
“What the hell was that show for?”
I blink innocently.
“What ever do you mean?”
“Don’t play games with me itty bitty, am not in
the mood”
I get angry.
Oh no.
Hell no.
“Let go of me justice”
“I will let go of you when I want to.”
“Leave me alone”
He ignores me.
“What the hell was that behavior about just
“You don’t get to ask that, you are not my
father, then again, you are nothing to me.”
“I very well am, woman”
“If I am your woman, you would never act the
way you did last night”
I yell at him and he stills.
He says quietly.
“I didn’t mean a word of last night..”
“You did justice, don’t insult my intelligence, I
know you did, you even used you name for me
in anger”
“I did no…”
Oh whatever.
“If you are sorry justice, just say you are”
“Fine am sorry, am sorry, I didn’t mean a word
of what I said, I was an ass”
“You were, a fine one at that”
I say quietly.
He chuckles
“So am I forgiven?”
One more thing.
“Never use your name for me in anger again
justice, I like it,”
He nods and kisses my head.
“I won’t”
“Good, and you are forgiven.”
“That’s good, now, I will tell you this, never
ever flirt with my brother to get back at me, it
was a low blow”
I nod, “Am sorry”
“So you are gonna go get ready so we can hit
the mall?
I nod.
But wait.
“You don’t think am using you for your money
“No baby, I have too much of it, you can’t
spend it in your life time”
So Arrogant.
I nod, I turn to leave, I turn back.
“I have nothing to wear, well nothing that will
be up to your standards”
He goes to his closet and brings out a white
“Put this on over a blue jeans, tie it at the
back, it should do”.
I nod, I grab the shirt and turn to leave but I
turn back.
“Aren’t you going to work today”
“No magic, I want spend the day with you”
I nod.
I turn to leave.
But turn back, I open my mouth.
“If you don’t leave itty bitty, I will tie you to the
bed and have my wicked way with you.
I blush as I flee his room.


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