Protected – Episode 15
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When I know enough time has passed for
everyone to be in bed, I make my way to
Magic’s room.
I knock and I get no response, I open the door
and enter and she is sitting on the bed
watching me.
I climb on the bed and position my self, my
back resting on the headboard and my legs
I look closely at her and I see her holding the
phone case and another small broken phone.
“What’s that?”
I ask with a nod towards her hand.
“I thought…. I thought you were angry at me?”
She says and I almost smile.
“Anger is a strong word”
“What are you then?”
I decide to ignore her question, I pull the
phone casing from her hand and I open the
The brand new sleek iPhone falls out, she
I look at her with my eyebrows raised.
“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a phone”
She blushes.
“I have but not one this beautiful”
She says this while raising the piece of junk
with a rubber band around it lookalike of a
I nod.
I lean over her and plug the phone in on the
wall socket
“Is there any one you want to call?”
She nods…
“Your best friend?”
She nods again.
“Why haven’t you done so?”.
I ask while nodding at the thingy in her hand.
“I think its dead for ever, it won’t turn on and I
don’t have the charger”.
I nod.
“No worries then, when that one powers on you
can call your friend”
“But I don’t have her number in my head”
“Let’s up it come up when you switch Sims.”
I reach over her and get her new phone, I hear
her pull in a breath when our chests brush, I
almost smile.
I switch Sims of both phone and I power on the
phone, she squeals a little.
After a while I go through the contact list.
“So?! Is the number in there?”
She asks excitedly, I shake my head and she
“Tomorrow, we will take your other to the mall
tomorrow to try and get it to power on, ok?
Then we can get your contacts from it.”
She nods .
I go on to show her the things her new phone
can do and soon she is smiling.
We open a Facebook account, an instant
messenger, WhatsApp and even an Instagram
account, she followed all the top fashion
She knew them all and can even spell.
Not that I don’t think she can spell, just that
am surprised she is that good at it.
I have to really find out about a university for
I turn to her when she tugs on the hem my
shirt, I like that shit.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Depends, what do I get from answering?”
She frowns confused.
“Go on, ask away”
She takes a deep breath and I brace myself,
this will not be a good question.
“Why didn’t you ever arrest Selene?, I mean,
isn’t abortion illegal in our country?”
I nod.
“Her parents are very influential and good
people, at that time I was going to but to what
end? They will just get her out and am sure
they will saddle me with a name, a name my
company didn’t need at that time.
So I locked up, and besides, her parents are
like one of the major share holders in my
company, good people, a relationship ruined
like that because of their greedy, selfish
daughter would have been irreparable and
again , major shareholders”
She nods.
“But that doesn’t mean I won’t pay her back in
her own coin itty bitty, she won’t see it coming”
She nods and i get that she totally got me.
“She will deserve what ever comes to her”
I nod.
“Of that you are right magic”
She narrows her eyes.
“You just said my name, for the first time”
I smirk, well well well.
Someone is observant.
“You like me saying your name baby?”
She blushes.
“Well I don’t hate it”
Ha sneaky.
I pull her face to mine.
“Will you not hate it if I kiss right now?”
Her eyes widen and I see something in there.
No way.
“Have you ever been kissed?”
She blushes and refuses to meet my eyes by
playing with her phone
“Eyes on me magic”
She slowly raises her eyes.
“Have you ever been kissed?”
She shakes her head no and I almost weep.
So effing innocent.
I pull her gently to me and she comes willingly.
“Am going to kiss you now, break the kiss
when ever you want itty bitty”
Her eye widen, I don’t let her say anything
because I kiss her.
At first she is motionless, I nibble on her lip
and she opens for me.
Good girl.
After a while she seems to get the hang of it
because she kisses me back like a pro.
I break the kiss.
Well what do we have here.
She turns glazed eyes to me and stares at my
I ask and she nods.
I kiss her again, this time harder and much
more longer, I break the kiss and whisper in
her ear.
“You taste so much better than anything or
anyone I have or will ever have”
She goes still in my arms and I frown.
“What’s wrong?”
“Please leave my room.”
The eff?
“You said what Magic?”
“Leave my room”
I stand from the bed and I pace a little.
I turn to her, pissed.
“Is this what you do? You lure guys in by
being sweet and when you have them grasps
you tighten the noose?”
Hurt flashes in her eyes, but am too far gone to
“Was that even true? Was that even your first
kiss? Or you made that up to make you look
She kneels up in the bed and points to her
“Get out!”
“You don’t have to say that twice bitty, am
I exit and i slam the door as hard as I can.
They are all the same.
I enter my room and I fall on my bed.
I think about what happened, I go over my
words and…..
“Oh shit”
I understand now why she is angry,
‘better than the one I will ever have?’
Who says that?
So tactless, justice, you moron.
I sigh as I rub my palms on my face.
And the harsh things I said, and after the girl
gave me her first kiss nonetheless.
Ha, justice.
I go to stand but stop.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow.


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