Protected – Episode 14

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. *** MAGIC. We spend all of Saturday and Sunday in bed, only getting up to bath, eat or use the toilet. We talked about everything and nothing. How I want to go to school, my fashion designing dream, everything, he says he will look up some schools for me. I didnt really hold that to mind, because it was at the same time His PA brought my stuff, I wanted to go get it but he stopped me, saying something about gossipping and nosy ass people. It’s Monday, I have to wake up now, reality has set in, I wake up early and exit the bed, before I leave he holds me back. “Where are you going?” He mumbled. “I have to go and get ready for miss julliet and Mr Justin’s arrival” “Miss and Mr, so cute…” He says this sleepily and he turns letting me go. I exit the room and just in time, because Alec bounds in as i step into the hallway. “Magic!” “Hey, Alec, how was your trip?” “It was awesome!” I nod as he passes me. I enter my room and quickly take my bath and I go down stairs. As I prepare breakfast I think about what justice told me. I can’t believe some women can be that despicable, throwing away your baby for money. I feel anger on Justice’s behalf, I mean who does that. I feel my self getting worked up so I make an effort to relax. Well it was shot to hell when justice enters the kitchen. “Good morning” I greet, he nods, looks like we are back to master – slave interaction. I sigh. I turn to the toaster and in pull out a loaf of bread. I turn to see him standing right behind me. I squeak. He kisses my temple, am stunned motionless, what? I turn to him. “Did you hear me itty bitty?” I shake my head no. “I can’t have breakfast, I have work at the office, I have to go, just came in to tell you” He came in to tell me??? Since when? I nod, his other words get through to me so i tug on his shirt, he turns to me. “You were sick, can’t you take today off?” He shakes his head and strokes my hair out of the way. “Can’t baby, but will be back early”.. Baby, I feel tingles run through me. Oh boy. I nod and he grabs a greasy bacon with a serviette and exits. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I set the table and I see everyone is present except Mr Justin and master justice, of course. I ask about Mr Justin and miss julliet says he isnt back yet from where ever he went. I nod. “So how was your trip?” I ask and julliet turns to me away from Mr sage. There’s something about their relationship now, it seems deeper in a way. “It was awesome, Sage’s mother got me this bracelet”. She holds out her hand and I admire. “It looks good” She beams, I turn to Alec and I wipe grease off his face. He beams. “So how was your weekend? I heard justice was around,” I choke on my juice, did he say something? Is she angry? I nod. “My weekend was fine, it was ok” I don’t look at her but I feel her looking at me speculatively, I hear Mr sage say . “Jackpot” What does that mean? ******************** MAGIC. It’s the afternoon, am trying to mow the lawn, so I don’t hear Mr Justin calls over the sound. I squeal when someone taps me. I jump a little. “Calm down little one, it’s just me” I clutch at my chest as I bend to off the mower. “Good afternoon sir, you are back” “Yes Magic, I am, I have some good news” I dust my hand and wait for the news. “We found your bag and everything seems to be intact” I squeal . “Where is it?” He points to in the direction of the house and I take off running, I hear him following me. When I enter, i see julliet poking at to the bag with her feet and looking suspiciously at it. I almost laugh, I guess it does look out of place in the granduer of this house. “Is this yours?” She asks, I nod as I kneel and open it looking for something specifically. I squeal as I see the phone kelechi gave me. I turn around and I throw myself at Justin. I kiss his cheek as he spins me around. “Thank you, oh thank you so much” I laugh, when he stops spinning me I see justice standing at the door way looking indifferent. Oh shot. *************************************** Justice. All day at work, I could not function, I thought of her, magic. Lydia came in and tried to make me talk but I just told her to stay out of my buisness. She let’s off. I glance at the clock and I see its past two. Might as well close up shop, am not getting anything done as I sit down here mooning over a girl like a puppy. I exit my office with my briefcase and I about heard Lydia’s mouth hit the floor in surprise. “Boss man you are going home?” “Seems so, forward all calls to my private phone” I walk towards the door, I stop at her words. “Who ever she is boss man, keep her, she is good this time I can tell,” I don’t respond just exit.. On my way home I pass a mall and i pull into their parking lot. I exit and walk inside. I go to the confectioneries aisle and I get some Rocky road ice cream, seems she liked it on Saturday, I get some Hershey’s kisses chocolate and a some milky way chocolate. As I walk to the cashier I pass a phone aisle. I peruse the various brands and I settle on an iPhone, I get it and make my way to the cashier. She needs a phone, I get it . I pay and I exit. I drive home. I feel good about this. Imagine my surprise when I got to my house and I see my stupid brother who has a death wish by the way, spinning her around. And the woman seems to be kissing him right back. What the ever loving hell? I know she had a little bit of a crush on my brother, it was obvious, I expected nothing less seeing that he saved her. But I thought julliet put her on the right track. Justin is Sandra’s. She sees me and she stop, taking a step away from Justin. Good at least subconsciously she knows I don’t like that shit. “Good afternoon Justy” I kiss julliet on the head as she makes her way to me. “What do you have there? Are they for me?” I shake my head no, I walk to magic and I hand the bag to her. I walk out of the room and into the Hallway. Am pissed. As I leave I hear julliet ask. “So what the hell really happened during the weekend?” . .


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