Protected – Episode 13
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I watch her sleep, she whimpers and smile in
her sleep, so adorable, she rolls over into my
chest and her hair falls into her face.
I brush it out of the way and her she moans,
her hand goes to her stomach, she whimpers, i
frown, what’s wrong?
I watch her for a while as she sleeps,
I think about what happened yesterday, after
seeing Selene, I became sick, I could not
travel under that condition.
Seeing Selene always gets me like that, I
mean I loved the girl for the better part of 5
I feel bile rise to my throat again at what she
took from me, the bitch.
I feel my self getting worked up, so I rest back
on the bed, it won’t do me good to be sick
when she wakes, I instantly know, I close my
eyes to see what she will do.
She sits up a little and pulls away, she goes to
stand but I pull her back, she squeals and
turns as she falls on the bed.
“Good morning”
I say and she winces, what? Was I that bad to
“Good morning sir”
I frown.
“Drop the sir thing, my name’s justice.”
Surprise flashes through her eyes , just as it
does pain follows.
“What’s wrong?”
She shakes her head. “nothing”
“Don’t lie to me, itty bitty, what’s wrong”
She blushes and hides her face with her hair.
“I have cramps and my stomach is hurting me”
She says it in a rush, that it takes some
seconds to understand.
I wince, I know what a pain that could be, I
always took care of julliet when she got her
“Lie back, give me some minutes.”
She does so while looking at Me like she is
waiting for me to pounce on her, ok maybe I
was really bad to her.
I stand from the bed and I feel an headache
Lance through my skull, I guess am not as ok
as I thought.
I exit the room and walk downstairs to the
kitchen, coughing all the way, I hate having the
I open the fridge and I see some ben & Jerry’s
ice cream.
Rocky road, that’s julliet’s favorite, i dont know
if she is one of those girls who feel better after
they eat sugar, or if sugar makes her cramp
more painful.
As I grab this and some spoons I walk upstairs
and a thought occurs to me.
She has never gone shopping, does she have
sanitary pads?
I enter my room and I see her trying to make
her escape.
“Thought I told you to stay on the bed, itty
She turns guilty eyes to me and climbs back
on the bed.
I climb in too, her eyes light up when she sees
the ice cream, well I guess she is one of those
girls that feels good after taking sugar.
I open the tub of ice cream and I hand her a
She takes a big bite and I feel it safe to ask.
“Do you have pads?”.
I should not have asked, I see that now, She
starts choking on her ice cream and spew
some everywhere.
Blood flows to her cheek in a severe blush as
she cleans her mouth, I think she is shy.
She looks away.
“Well do you?”
She shakes her head no, I thought so.
“I was going to get yesterday, but…”
“You had to take care of me, has it started, I
I nod my head to the vicinity of her abdomen
and she blushes again while shaking her head
I lean over her and grab my cellphone, I scroll
through my numbers and I see her looking lost
while eating her ice cream, I grab the remote
for the big plasma in my room and I tune it to a
She immediately starts watching, girls and this
I dial my PA’s number.
“Good morning boss man”
Only Lydia can get away with talking to me like
that, well seeing as she is 10 years older than
me and I am a God father to both of her kids, I
think she deserves some slack.
“I need some pads lyddie”
I see magic glance at me.
I hear silence over the phone.
“Lydia?, Did you hear me?”
“Hear you loud and clear boss man, but am
thinking if you need some pad for writing or the
girly kind?”
I like lyddie, I do, she is badass at her job and
she takes shit from no body, but right now she
is getting on my last nerve.
“Lydia, get some tampons, pads, tissue,
anything, I want it in my house in an hour”
I glance at magic when she tugs at my shirt.
“Can she please get the Always brand? and
some pain relieve drug?”
I hear Lydia take in a deep breath on the other
end of the phone.
“Boss man?……you have a woman with you?
On a Saturday morning?”
I raise an eyebrow, what’s that supposed to
“Lydia, just get the shit here, I know you heard
her request”.
I disconnect, I know Lydia will either be here
or she will send a delivery guy, she is
competent like that.
And also I pay her a ton of money for her to be
at my beck and call even on weekends.
(Let me just say, arrogant much?-bebe)
I turn to magic and she is watching her show
while eating her ice cream, I pull her into Me as
I settle back on the headboard, she stiffens but
after a while relaxes.
I take my spoon and eat a bite of the feté, I
grimace, how do girls stomach this shit?
She looks at my expression and giggles.
Ha, glad my plight looks funny to her.
After a while I feel rather than see her gather
herself, as if she has something to say.
“What is it bitty?”
“What happened last night”
I tense, I don’t like talking about my weakness
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. Selene.
“It’s ok if you don’t want to talk about it”
“I saw Selene on my way to the airport”
“Your girlfriend?”
I stiffen.
“That b**ch is not my girlfriend”
I sigh.
“Selene is my ex, when my sister julliet
traveled to the states, I started dating her, I
thought she was good, kind, wife material
She nods, I go on.
“I was wrong, i was so wrong”
“What did she do?”
I take a bite of the ice cream, I need
something Cold to clear the storm in my
“I found out she took money from my father”
She nods again.
“You see during that time, she told me she was
pregnant, I was overjoyed, we were going to
keep the baby, get married, but I had a crisis in
my company at that time, I was just so busy, it
looked like I might loose my company”
I feel her stiffen, she leans and place the tub of
ice cream on the night stand, she turns her full
attention to me.
“I think she thought I would loose the company
too, I don’t know why she did it, her parents
are very wealthy”
I feel pain run through me as I remember the
day, the way I ran from the airport when I got
the news from Lydia that Selene just left my
father’s office and she seemed to be on her
way to the hospital, and not for a check up.
Magic grabs my hand and I feel the pain fall
“Long story short, she took money from my
dad, decided I wasn’t worth it, decided my
baby wasn’t worth it so she aborted my seed.”
Tears fills Magic’s eyes , she climbs into my
lap and gives me a big hug.
“I wanted that Baby with everything I had, she
killed my child.”
I feel her tears soak my shirt and I wonder,
who is this girl that is crying for a child that is
not hers?
Hurting for a man that was cruel to her.
“I channeled my anger into my company, a
company my dad refused to help me salvage
because it was left to me by my mother”
She shakes with great sobs.
“I am successful, I am great, I have everything
now, any child of mine will never know suffer”
I stroke her head as she cries, I feel free, light
even, I feel ok now that I have told someone
about my Amelia, my baby girl.
Who is this girl?
This girl that gives of herself without wanting
anything in return?
Who is this girl that has woken emotions inside
me that I tried to ignore?
So now we know why justice acts the way he
Too bad.
Hope you like this episode, if you did, press
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