Protected – Episode 12
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Oh my God, I feel like dying, my stomach
hurts, I haven’t even started my flow and my
stomach hurts like hell.
I roll on the ground of my room, the thought of
going out to buy sanitary pads is a very
daunting task I don’t want to perform.
I roll over on the ground again, oh sweet Lord,
when will this end?
I close my eyes for a while, I open them when I
hear a car drive into the driveway.
Oh Lord, hope a visitor is not coming to see
the Maxwells today,
what are those gate men doing, letting
someone in when they very well know nobody
is around?
Am just gonna stay here until the person
I drift off but as I hear a door bang I open my
That sounded like master justice’s room, he
leaves on the opposite hallway from mine so I
have gotten used to the creaks and groans of
the door.
I groan, did he forget something?
I wait for a while, waiting for him to leave but I
drift off again, the pain was too much.
About an hour later I open my eyes and I see
that it’s almost sunset, I don’t think master
justice left.
I walk downstairs to prepare something for it,
my stomach is still giving me problems, I still
have to go get sanitary pads, ugh.
I make a little bit of spicy rice cakes and I
place it on the dinning.
I wait for a while, leaning against the wall, he
doesn’t show up, I ring the bell to signify that
food is ready.
I wait for a while, he still doesn’t show up.
Is he even around?
Does he want me to bring it upstairs?
I place the food in a tray and walk upstairs, I
knock, no response.
I balance the food on one hand and open the
door with the other, I see his figure on the bed,
so he did hear me.
I place the food on his desk and I turn to
I stop, I turn around.
He is lying deathly still.
Wait, is he still wearing his loafers?
I am going to regret this, I just know it.
I walk slowly to the bed, I see him sleeping but
there’s a fine sheen of sweat on his forehead.
He seems to be having a restless sleep based
on the way his eyes are moving under his
I go to the foot of the bed and kneel, I take
one of his legs and gently pull his shoes off, I
pull his other one off and I start in on his
socks,as I do so I notice that his feets are
He has nice feets but they are ice cold, he has
been wearing shoes it Should have been
I stand and walk to the head of the bed, he is
clutching his pillows and murmuring .
I place my hand on his head and hot damn.
I can totally boil yam on it.
I pull the bedsheets away and I see he is fully
dressed, I pull off his jacket and unbutton his
sleeves, he rolls away.
No no.
“Hey big guy, you have to let me undress you,
promise it will make you feel better”
He seems to hear because he rolls back and
stays still.
I take off his shirt, that thing was hard, I stand
and glance at the clock, it’s past 8.
I go to his bathroom and get some water and a
towel, I walk back but stop abruptly when a
twinge of pain goes through me.
Ha, my stomach.
I go to the bed after powering through the pain
and I begin to Pat him down with the cold
He pulls away, oh no.
“You have to stay still sir, it only walks that
He throws the towel across the room.
I become angry.
“Justice!, So help me God, if you do not stay
still so I can try to reduce your fever, I will tie
you to this bed…..”. I can feel tears trying to
push through.
“Am in pain, please work with me here”. I
He groans,
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. “No tears…..” He says softly.
“If you don’t want me to cry, stay still,”
I say just as softly and he nods slowly.
I get the towel and I start again.
I try to reduce his fever as much as I can.
When am done , i glance at the clock, it’s past
10, my stomach still hurt like hell.
I stand up and go to leave, he holds my hand
and I turn.
He says a word. ” Stay….”
I sit back down.
“Am not going anywhere, I just want to make
some rice porridge so you can take some flu
He let’s go and I exit the room, when am.done
with the porridge it’s almost 11:30, am so tired.
I go back and he is mumbling, about Selene
and a some other things.
I wake him and he opens his eyes slowly and
turns to me.
“You have to eat this so you can take some
“Not… hungry..”
“Please? Just a bite?”
He sits up a little and I know I won.
I spoon feed him a little and he gets in some
porridge, he looks so pale, and fragile, so
different from the justice I know.
What Happened?
I make him take some drugs and he lies back.
I stand with the tray to leave.
“Please, don’t go, stay, for just tonight”
Am shocked, he says please?
Am tempted to tell him no but I don’t.
I just drop the tray on the ground and walk
back to the bed.
He makes space for me by shifting, well guess
he wants me on the bed.
I tie my hair and I gently sit on the bed and I
The moment I do he pulls closer and rests his
head on my stomach.
I place my hand on his hair and begin to
stroke, he instantly relaxes.
Well this is different.
I feel his breathing go soft and I know he is
I don’t think I will be able to sleep.
My body betrays me as I fall into a deep and
calm sleep.
It was so deep that I didn’t feel him raise his
head, I didn’t feel him pull the covers around
us, I didn’t feel him kiss my head softly.
I was sleeping, I didn’t know.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow.


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