Protected – Episode 11
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Ok, get ready, so ready to be blown away, not
by this episode, nah, by the next.
Be ready o!
And to all of your comments on whisk, y’all was
so funny i was laughing in my sleep.
I heart you guys so much.
Comment more, you know how I love it.
It’s been a week since miss julliet took me to
the pool to have a manicure session, I haven’t
had that much fun in a long time.
I remember master justice’s words to me the
other time, they didn’t hurt me, instead it made
me realize how lonely he looked.
I stand in front of my mirror and think.
I tilt my head, why can’t they see it? why can’t
his siblings see he is heartbroken?
Oh well, it’s none of my business, I have to go
prepare dinner now before all hell is let loose.
I wonder what I should cook, miss julliet gave
me a menu but I feel like doing something
Am gonna prepare my famous pot roast, and I
can match it with baby potatoes .
I start cooking and after a while when it seems
that the food is about to be ready, I start
setting the table.
I walk out of the kitchen with the first dish to
see miss julliet and Mr Sage going at it.
Oh my.
I think he is trying to swallow her tongue.
I blush, I have never so much as being kissed
so this level of making out makes me
I exit and come back with another dish and
they are still at it, Mr sage seems to be
whispering something to her and she is smiling
I feel a twinge of jealousy, I want that, I want
someone to be so in love with me they don’t
notice when someone enters the room.
Alec and Mr Justin enter and I stand a little
ways back in case they need something.
“Gross mom, I can’t believe you were sucking
face with sage, eww much? I am your child do
you want to scar me for life?”
I almost giggle at Alec’s words but his voice
stops me. Justice’s voice.
“My nephew is right sage, just because I give
you permission to stay over does not mean I
want to see you eat my sister for dinner”.
He says this as he enters, and I nearly
swallow my tongue.
He’s wearing ripped jeans and a white polo,
with bare feet, his hair looks wet.
I love his feet
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. Le sigh.
I catch my self when I see what I am doing, no
no no, we are not having girly feelings for the
bastard, nope, nada, zilch.
I tune in to the conversation to hear Mr sage
“You wish you had to give me permission J, we
all know I own you”.
Justice laughs and am stunned speechless, he
He has a nice laugh, I sigh out loud.
All eye turn to me and I stand straight.
I can’t believe I did that out loud, what is
wrong with you magic?!
I back away a little but Mr Justin’s voice stops
“Hey, little one, come join us”
I shake my head, no.
“It’s alright sweets you can join us, justice
won’t mind”.
That was miss julliet, I glance at justice and I
see him filling his glasses with water.
I nod, I look around , the only seat available is
next to master justice.
Well damn.
I take my seat tensely.
“I can see you prepared something different
I nod, waiting for master justice to comment
after Mr Justin makes this observation, but he
doesn’t, I am surprised.
In the last few days he has found all
opportunity to criticize me.
Salt was too much, coffee too thick, the sauce
too light, even I was breathing too loudly.
He criticizes everything.
I serve my self and I take a bite, as I do I see
that it really tastes good.
Alec is stuffing himself and he has oil on his
I take some serviette and wipe his face, he
smiles with his mouth full and I grin.
I turn back to my food .
“Am gonna be traveling the day after tomorrow
I raise my head at miss julliet words and i tilt it
in question, she countinues.
“Sage’s parents will be coming from the
Caymans in 5 days, he wants me to meet
I can see she is nervous about that so I smile.
“You will do fine, they will love you”.
I say this and she smile.
“Well I will be with Alec, so you don’t have to
I say this but she shakes her head..
“A will be coming with me, I want them to meet
him too.”
Mr sage takes her hand and entwines it with
his, I nod, it only makes sense.
“It’s the weekend, I won’t be at home too,”
Mr Justin says,
That’s right, mr Justin never stays at home on
the weekends.
Does that mean I will be alone with master
Am dead.
My life is dead ass over.
“I will be traveling too, no need to look so lost
Master justice says and I relax, I instantly go
tense again when I finally realize what will
I will be left alone.
I hate been alone.
“Will you be okay alone magic?”
I nod and smile thinly, “I will be fine” I say.
I won’t be fine.
I clench my fingers when I feel a tug of pain at
my abdomen.
Just great, I have to go and have cramps when
everyone won’t be at home.
That would make it more lonely.
My life.
I shake my head as I lie on my bed, she is
such a bad liar, magic.
I could see clearly that she is not ok being left
I shake my head again as I drift off.
I make my way to the airport gate, I am so
damn late, my flight is leaving soon.
I won’t be late if the girl called magic had
remembered to iron my gray sleeve. Dunce.
I make my way to the gate but remember I left
my briefcase, I turn, oh shit.
I hate rushing for anything.
My PA decided to fall sick this morning, I won’t
fault her, she is pregnant.
I had to do everything by my self.
Sage came to pick julliet up this morning, she
would have helped.
An impromptu flight to Cameron is not how I
planned this trip.
I grab my briefcase and close the door, I turn
looking at my wristwatch, 15 minutes more,
I bump into someone and I lift my head.
Oh eff no.
“Well hello there darlin'”
She purrs and I feel myself getting sick.
“Well hello sugar, fancy meeting you here”
“Am in a hurry Selene, I don’t have time for
She pouts and frowns, once upon a time that
would have made me move the Earth to please
her but now it just makes me sick.
I feel bile rise to my chest and I clutch my
briefcase, she is touching my chest,.my elbow,
I don’t like that, I step away, she steps
“Didn’t you miss me?”.
“I have yo go selene”
I walk past her and she calls after me.
“Call me sometime so that we can catch up”
That wasn’t going to happen, the bitch.
I feel my temperature get high and I think, oh
I don’t need this today, this meeting is
I wish I can tell that to my rapidly growing
Just like Selene, always there to turn my life
upside down.


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