Chapter 5 A few days had gone by since Olu explained everything to her, but she just couldn’t get herself to stop thinking of all he had revealed to her. Once in a while, Jonathan would wink at her but he never brought up the matter ever again. She wondered how he was able to live with that knowledge and be cool. She had gone online to do some research on the thing, and most of what popped up were people that could move a spoon just a few inches, or bend a spoon; but there was no one that did anything close to what she had seen Olu do. Before she had left his place that day, he had taken time to show her all he could do; spinning pieces of paper around with ease, levitating benches and heavier objects was harder, but still he moved them without touching them. It was so magical. Her phone started ringing and she rolled over in bed to see it was Tony calling. A frown appeared on her face. “Why is he calling?” She said out loud as she stared at the ringing phone. Just when something had made her forget about him, he had to pop up again. “Hello.” She said after picking the call. “Hey, hi…how are you doing?” He spoke in a cheerful voice. After a few seconds went by without a response from her, he added, “Hey, Ndidi, nothing says we can’t still be friends.” “Why did you call?” “I called to see how you are doing; just checking up on you.” “Okay. I’m cool.” “So, how is Jonathan and…” “Tony, sorry, I have to go. I am really busy right now.” “Oh! Okay.” “Bye.” She said and hung up. Her phone started ringing again and she muted it. When the phone stopped ringing, she went to her call log and blocked his phone number. It felt so refreshing to do. She got off her bed, and headed out her room; staying their made her feel lazy. Her job search had been cut short a few weeks ago when Tony had broken up with her, but now she had to get back out there. Her aunt owned a fashion house in their neighborhood and she was now seriously considering her offer of taking up the job as a social media influencer of the brand. The pay was okay, and she just had to be there three days a week. She walked into their downstairs living room wearing just a t shirt. The place was in pristine condition; the cleaning lady did a good job. She was about to walk out when she noticed something different; the TV had been replaced with a bigger one. It reminded her of the picture of D Banj’s TV she had seen on social media a few weeks ago. She always wondered why her dad spent so much on electronics when he was never home. Her mom was also almost never home as sometimes traveled a lot with the crew of her travels and tours company. Ndidi grabbed the remote control from the glass center table and turned on the TV. It was on CNN, and they were reporting a recent Boko Haram attack in the north, she grabbed the decoder remote and changed the channel to a Nigerian news station. The channel was reporting on how crime had increased in the country in the last couple of years. She sat on the couch closest to the TV and as she took thought of the severity of the data being presented to her, an idea popped in her head. She turned off the TV and headed back upstairs.



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