Chapter 4 Telepathy is the use of the mind to communicate with another human being without speaking. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without physically touching them. He kept talking, and using terms she didn’t understand, but that was what she had gotten from his speech so far. He sounded really excited talking about it, but it still was kind of spooky to her. At a point, she found herself looking at the ground, thinking. She noticed the woodwork floor for the first time, and started thinking of Jonathan falling on his face during practice and breaking his glasses. “Are you listening to me?” “What?” She said and looked up at him. “Oh, I’m sorry.” “It’s okay. I guess it all sounds like Latin to you.” “Not really…it’s just that…Okay, yea, I have to confess, I don’t understand half of what you are saying.” She said and they both laughed. It was funny seeing a big guy like him laugh and look so harmless. He also looked a lot more handsome when he laughed. He had perfect teeth. Oh my God, he can hear my thoughts; she thought to herself and then looked to the ground again. After a few seconds of silence, she looked up and said, “Can I ask you a question?” “Go ahead.” “Can you hear what people are thinking at all times?” “Not always. I have to concentrate hard to do that. But I can always sense if someone is planning to harm me.” “Okay. That’s good.” She said and looked lost for a few seconds before adding, “This is still so strange to me. So…is it some sort of gift you were born with?” “No. I developed it over 11 years. Anyone can do it, but it takes a lot of work; lot of practice and change of belief.” “11 years? Wow! That’s a long time.” “Yes. I was 15 when my uncle started teaching me. My Dad had been killed, and…” He was saying and then stopped abruptly, looked at her and smiled. “I don’t need to tell you all that. Let me just give you the basics.” “Okay. Sorry about your Dad.” “Thanks.” He said and got off the bench he was sitting on, walked over to the side door behind her, peeped out for a second, and then walked back to take his seat. “This…this whole thing kind of goes against everything I have known all my life.” “I know the feeling.” “So…you’re not evil and you didn’t get powers from the devil?” He smiled and shook his head before saying, “That’s typical belief of an African. And that’s why I keep the powers to myself.” “Mmm.” “If you could go back in time to like the 7th century, and you told the people there that you had a device that could enable you talk to someone in another town, you would probably be called a witch and burnt at the stake.” “Mmm. You have a point.” “So, right now, in 2018, Telekinesis is seen as witchcraft to those that don’t understand it.” “You still need to explain to me more, because I don’t fully understand. How exactly do you…” She was saying then stopped like she was thinking of how best to express herself, and then she went on with, “Where exactly does the power to move things around come from?” He looked into space for a few seconds before saying, “Let me think of the easiest explanation for you.” “Okay.” “Two factors come into play. The first factor has to do with the first law of thermodynamics.” “The what?” She said with a puzzled look on her face. “I’m guessing you weren’t a science student in school.” He said and she shook her head. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another.” “Oh, I know that. I just didn’t know it was the… the…whatever you called it.” She said and they both laughed. “So, using that law to answer your question…the energy or power I used to stop Jonathan’s fall was not created by me, I transformed another form of energy in my body to telekinesis energy.” “Okay. So…” “Everything you can think of is energy, just in various forms. You and I are a mass of energy vibrating at very high speed. Love is energy, hate is energy, and these forms of energy can be transformed to other forms of energy.” “Mmm. Okay. I think I am getting this.” “Sexual energy is one of the strongest forms of energy in man; that is why men do crazy things for sex sometimes.” He ignored the funny look on her face and continued with, “This is the form of energy I harness for my telekinesis powers.” “I’d like to know how you do that.” “Abstinence and meditation; I abstain from sex and then with meditation, I transfer my pent up sexual energy up to my brain.” “That’s interesting. So…basically, the longer you go without sex, the stronger you become?” “Exactly!” “And if…” she was saying, and stopped to cough before continuing with, “If you do have sex, you lose your powers?” “Not really…I just lose some energy…I lose some power.” “Okay.” “Yes, and the second reason why I am able to do what I do is because we are all connected. We are all part of the same thing.” “I don’t understand.” “This bench I’m sitting on, the building, me, you, the coconut tree, the ocean, the breeze, we are the same.” “That doesn’t make sense.” “I know it is hard to understand, but that is the truth. We are one with everything in the universe. That’s why I could communicate with you earlier.” “You’re telling me I am the same with this inanimate object I am sitting on?” She said and placed her hand on the bench. “Not in totality, but the same original substance runs through you and the bench. Remember, the bench was once a tree.” She thought for a while before saying, “So, you are saying that I have something in me that is also inside the bench?” “Exactly! You are catching up fast. That thing is original substance; the life forming and life giving substance that connects everything on this planet.” “Wow! I can’t believe this is actually starting to make sense to me.” She said and it made him smile. “But now that I know all these, can I do what you do?” “No. Right now, you only know these things on a conscious level; your subconscious has to accept it as true, but is a very hard thing to achieve.” She gave him a strange look and he continued with, “Ndidi, trust me; you don’t want to go any further down the rabbit hole than you have already gone. Let’s just end this lecture here. Okay?” “Mmm. Okay.”



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