Chapter 3 Jonathan usually had his Taekwondo lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays, and she had initially planned to wait till Friday to go and see Olu for some answers, but what she saw that day was supernatural and her rational brain wasn’t going to let any other thoughts dominate her mind until it got a logical explanation for what happened that day. So, around 2pm on Thursday, she left the house for the dojo. Jonathan usually got back from school around 4pm and she was sure she would be back home by then. She had on the same white flare gown from yesterday as she didn’t want him having problems recognizing her. The dojo was on a street off her hers’; about three minutes walk from her house. As she walked into the street, she heard someone shout “Beyonce” from a building to her left. She kept walking. When she was a teen, being told she looked like the superstar musician made her feel good, but now in her twenties, it pissed her off. Not like she had developed a sort of hatred for Beyonce over the years, but when you are constantly compared to another human being, it sort of makes you wonder if people would ever appreciate you for your own greatness. When she got outside the dojo, the gate was partially opened like the last time, and she wondered why he was so loose with security. As she walked in, her eyes went straight to the coconut tree and she had a quick flash back. She stood in one spot as she went over what had happened again in her head, and then shook off the thought before proceeding to the entrance of the dojo. Even though one side of the door was opened, she knocked and waited. There was no response, so she knocked a bit louder, but still no answer. “Hello” she said as she walked into the hall. There he was on the mat in the middle of the hall, bare- chested with just his taekwondo pants on. He was in a meditative posture, with his legs folded. “Hello…It’s me Ndidi, Jonathan’s brother.” She said as she approached him. He was facing her with his eyes open but didn’t make eye contact with her; it was clear to her that his body was there, but not his mind. She stopped approaching when she was about twenty feet away, and as she made to turn around and leave, something strange happened. She heard a low voice say, ‘Take a seat and wait.’ It felt like she had imagined it, but it sounded so real. She looked at him, and his eyes were still like that of a visually impaired person. To his right were a bunch of benches, and she walked over to seat on one of them. He was very still, and she couldn’t help but stare at his well sculpted biceps. From the side view, his chest was still very visible, as the packs were pumped up, like that of a body builder. His chocolate complexion made his body features a lot more attractive to her. He had a chiseled jawline and was clean-shaven from the last time when he had a little stubble. Why am I noticing all these? She thought to herself. And then she heard him take a deep breath and exhale. “Sorry, I was in a deep meditative state.” He said as he got up and rubbed his neck. “I’m sorry for disturbing your session.” She said and got off the bench she had been sitting on. As he approached her, she couldn’t get her eyes off his chest. He noticed her awkwardness and stopped half way. “I’ll be right back.” He said and rushed over to a room at the other end of the hall. “Didi, right?” He said, forcing his body into a grey tee shirt as he approached her. “No. That’s what my kid brother calls me. My name is Ndidi.” “Okay. I will remember that.” He said with a smile. When he got face to face with her, he went on to say, “I guess you came here for some answers?” She answered with “Yep” and sat back on the bench. He took a breath, folded his arms and looked into space for a couple of seconds before reaching behind her for a bench. He lifted the thing like it was paper. “Okay. Umm! How do I…” “Sorry, before you start, can I ask you a question that is totally off topic?” “Go ahead.” “How tall are you?” He smiled before saying, “I’m 6 ft 5.” “Wow! No wonder. And I was starting to think I was short.” “That’s funny.” He said between laughs. “I would like to ask my own off topic question too.” “Okay.” “So, are you really Jonathan’s sister or his aunt?” “Oh, I get that a lot. My parents were very young when they married, and were separated for ten years after they had me…Jonathan came after they got back together.” “Hmm! That makes sense now.” “So…are you…” Ndidi was saying and stopped to clear her throat before going ahead with, “Are you some sort of wizard or something?” “No. No I’m not a wizard.” He said with his head bowed. He rubbed his forehead, as if trying to find the right words to explain himself to her. “I’m…” “Wait, sorry for cutting you off, but did you communicate with me when I first walked in here?” She said and he smiled. “Or am I losing my mind? I could have sworn you asked me to seat.” “Yes, I did. Telepathy is something I have recently been developing. But what I am a master of is Telekinesis.” With a confused look on her face, she said, “I’m sure I have heard those words before, but I really don’t know what they mean.” “Okay. Let me explain to you.”



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