Ndidi And The Telekinesis Man (A Fantasy Romance Novella By Kayode Odusanya

Ndidi and the Telekinesis Man
Kayode Odusanya
© 2018 Kayode Odusanya
Chapter 1
Ndidi lay in bed crying. She couldn’t believe it was
all over. Even though they had had a lot of
disagreements over the last couple of weeks she
never thought that Tony would actually end their
relationship. Four years in school, the only man
she ever knew was him. Traveling to different parts
of the country for their National Youth Service had
some strain on their relationship, but thanks to
technology, they kept in touch with video calling.
When they both got back to Lagos a few months
ago, she noticed he was different, but thought
things would get better with time.
‘Where would I start?’ She thought to herself. Tony
was her all. She never cheated on him. Her friend,
Joy used to tease her all the time about looking
like Beyonce but acting like Tony was doing her a
favor by dating her. She would always say ‘If I
was as beautiful as you, I would definitely have
multiple hot guys chasing me.’
She heard the front door open downstairs and sat
up in bed. Just at that moment, power was
restored, and the ceiling fan above her bed started
the slow spin. She got off her bed and walked over
to the wall socket to plug her phone, all the while
thinking of what she would tell her mom for not
having started cooking dinner yet.
“Didi!!!” She heard her younger brother shout out
and hissed. As she sat back in bed she wondered
why he was just getting back from school. “Didi,
where are you?” He said in his tiny American
accent. Jonathan was 6 years old, 17 years
younger than Ndidi, but had spent his first five
years in America, and it was hard convincing him
that he had to call Ndidi aunty Ndidi. ‘But she is my
sister, not my aunt’ he would always say.
“Didi!” he shouted out as he burst into the room.
“Why didn’t you answer me? You need to come
quick.” He said as he held her hand and dragged
her off the bed. With heightened excitement, he
was able to successfully pull her all the way to the
door before she stood her ground.
“Come where?” She said; resisting his pull as he
kept using all the force in his little body like his life
depended on it. He was still in his white taekwondo
uniform, and his glasses strap was tied in a knot at
the back of his head. “Stop pulling me. What’s
wrong with you?”
He released her hand and caught his breath before
saying, “My teacher is a magician.”
“Just come quick, so you can see for yourself.” He
said and tried to pull her again.
“Stop it Jonathan; I am not in the mood for one of
your pranks.” She snapped at him. He let go of her
slowly, and with a sad look on his face, he walked
out of her room dejected. She was in a bad mood,
but she felt worse making him feel bad. “Wait,
Jonathan. Let me get my phone.” She said as she
rushed to the wall socket to unplug her phone.
As they walked to Jonathan’s Dojo, he kept telling
her about how he snuck up on his sensei when
everybody had left, and he saw him moving chairs
around without touching them. Even though
everything that was coming out of Jonathan’s
mouth sounded like gibberish to her, she couldn’t
deny the fact that he sounded convincing enough
that he had actually seen what he saw.
They entered the quiet compound, and she felt
stupid walking behind her 6 year old brother, who
was tiptoeing to the entrance of his Dojo. The
place used to be a church, and Ndidi remembered
worshiping there once when she was a teenager.
It hadn’t changed much; it still had well tended
gardens on either sides of the bungalow, and an
irregularly bent coconut tree in the middle of the
garden on the left. The building still retained the
same cream color she had remembered it with.
One of the large doors was opened, and as
Jonathan approached it, he looked back and made
a sign with him hand for her to come forward. Just
then, she heard a deep voice from behind her say,
“Hello. Can I help you?



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