Ndidi And The Telekinesis Man (A Fantasy Romance Novella By Kayode Odusanya PART 2

Chapter 2
At 5 ft 8, she always considered herself tall for a
girl, but standing face to face with this guy she felt
pretty short. He was tall and muscular; it felt like
his muscles were going to tear through the white
tee shirt he had on any moment now. “Hello.” He
repeated and Ndidi realized she had been staring
at him for a little too long without saying anything.
“Oh! Sorry, I…I actually came here with my
brother.” When she turned around, Jonathan was
nowhere in sight. She turned back to face the guy
before saying, “You saw my little brother right?” He
looked at her puzzled and she laughed lightly
before saying, “this is quite embarrassing. He told
me his…are you his teacher?” The guy nodded
and she continued with, “He told me…he said, or
poo. This is really silly.” She was laughing at
herself now as she walked towards the entrance of
the hall. “Jonathan! Come out here!!”
“You are Jonathan’s sister?” He enquired.
“Yes. Long story.” She said as she stepped into
the dojo. Except for a few chairs and benches at
the upper left area of the hall, a big round mat at
the center, the place was quiet empty. There were
two doors on the other end of the dojo, but she
was sure her brother couldn’t have gotten there
that fast. “Jonathan!” She shouted out again as
she headed towards the side door by the right.
“What exactly did you guys come for?” The
taekwondo teacher said as he kept up with her.
“He said some funny stuff…it doesn’t make sense.
I just followed him here so he would let me be.”
There was really no place to hide in the hall, so
she went out through the side door and headed
towards the backyard. She walked passed a
couple of taekwondo uniforms hanging on lines
and guessed the guy lived there.
The coconut tree was shaking when they got to
the other side of the compound. Up at the top was
Jonathan. “Jonathan, how the hell did you get up
there?” Ndidi said in shock as she rushed over to
the tree. “Can you please help me get him down?”
She turned around and said to taekwondo teacher.
“Stop! Don’t come up here or I will jump.”
Jonathan said from above.
“Please don’t listen to him. Just help me get him
down.” Ndidi said. It became windy all of a
sudden, and the white cotton gown she had on
was lifted up by an upward breeze, almost
exposing her panties. She was so scared for her
brother she didn’t bother to hold down her dress.
“I’m serious Didi.” Jonathan said and the
seriousness in his tone made the teacher and
Ndidi look at each other confused on what to do
next. “Perform your magic, so that Ndidi knows I’m
not lying.”
“Jonathan, what are you talking about?” The
teacher said with a puzzled look on his face.
“Jonathan, please just come down. I will give you
anything you want.”
“Just tell him to do some magic.”
“Please what is he talking about?” The teacher
said to Ndidi with a lost look on his face.
“I really don’t know. Please, just help me get him
“Okay. I will make him use his powers by force.”
Jonathan said and let go of the tree.
“Noo!” Ndidi screamed, but what she saw next
made her voice seize in her throat. Jonathan
stopped falling, and like he was being held up by a
bunch of ropes, he slowly levitated till his feet
touched the ground. From the corner of her eye,
she had seen the taekwondo teacher instinctively
raise his hands as Jonathan started falling, and it
was clear he had something to do with stopping
his fall, but her brain couldn’t process what had
just happened. She stood there, mouth wide open,
looking at her little brother keep repeating the
words, “I told you” as he punched the air in
They were in the hall now, sitting opposite each
other on benches; Ndidi on one side, the sensei
and Jonathan on the other side. The guy was
asking them not to tell anyone about what they had
just witnessed, but she was still confused. What
exactly did I see? She thought to herself. She had
read somewhere that the brain makes us start
forgetting dreams immediately we wake up
because it doesn’t want us to go crazy from getting
the real world and the dream world mixed up. Right
now, she wished her memory of the incidence
could be wiped. Jonathan on the other hand had a
grin on his face, and she wondered how his little
brain could comprehend what had just happened.
On second thought, she concluded that his age
was a major factor in why he wasn’t shook like her
right now.
“What’s your name?”
“Her name is Ndidi. But you can call her Didi like
me.” Jonathan said with a smile.
“Ndidi, please do you understand what I said? You
can’t tell anyone about this.” Ndidi still looked lost
in thought as she nodded in agreement at what he
had said. “It’s hard to explain things like these to
people, and I would really appreciate if you could
keep this between us.”
She looked up at him, then at Jonathan, and then
back at him. “Please can you just tell me this was
some sort of magic trick you and Jonathan have
been practicing?”
“Umm! Well…” He was saying but got distracted by
a ringing phone. It was Ndidi’s phone.
Looking at the phone screen, she said, “It’s my
mom. She’s probably looking for us.” She got up
and Jonathan did the same. “Please, what’s your
“Okay, Olu, we have to go now, but I’m definitely
coming back for some answers as soon as I get a


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