Just this morning while i went to work out, one guy was gisting us about how a friend of his who matriculated yesterday in Uniport went to Chocolate(a club) and on his way back a group of boys(cultists) “doffed(obtained/ collected) his phone from him. Phone that his mum bought him that hasn’t lasted upto 3 weeks. (i guess he is a mummy’s boy). He said his friend is confused cos he don’t know how he will explain to his mum that cultist collected his phone from him on his way back from club cos his mom spoke with him on the phone around 10pm yesterday. Last week, i heard a neighbour telling his mom over the phone that cultists collected his 2 phones on his way back from night class. And just this morning, on Nairaland’s front page, i saw that 2 cultists had died in DESPO recently over a clash between 2 cult groups in quest for supremacy. (d tin weak me!) I don’t pity the dead cultists cos “na fly wey no hear word dey follow dead body enta grave.” i only pity their parents for the pain they are going through now. After carrying them for 9months, feeding, clothes, school fees, and other sacrifices they must have made just for their child(ren) to become somebody in life, but see how they ended, they grew up to become miscreant. I guess their death might had made their parents wished they hadn’t given birth to them, wished they miscarried them or had them as still birth instead of the pain they are passing through right now. Just imagine if any of them na the only child of their parents, hmmmm, na so that lineage tey go be dat o. Chai! Why do people join cults/frats? I guess they join because they want to be rugged and feared by other people. :> (nonsense!) (most) Cultists are trouble makers (mostly the newly initiated). Its either they are looking for trouble or trouble is looking for them. You’ll see a cultist maybe after small disagreement or slight arguement with them, you’ll hear things like: ” you know who i be?” “i go mess you up” “i go give you race” and the next thing, you will see them bringing out their phones to call for back up and if the person they are having issues with is a cultist too, he will call his own group for rescue and before you know it, you go see men/boys dey call out from different angles with different tools (guns, daggers, battle axes, machetes etc), (war don start be that) The next thing wen you go hear be say dem fall (kill) one opponent person. Score 1:0 The group wey dem fall their man, go like take revenge cos make people for no think say dem weak (battle of supremacy come in) dem go con go kill member(s) of their rival group to redeem their group pride. Na so the tin go dey continue till either some senior men call the heads of both groups together then settle or the matter go pause small for some time before e com up again. Wetin dey pain me be say na human being(s) death dem tey dey count scores. Like if cult A and cult B are fighting and the score is 3-2, it means cult A has killed 3 members of cult B while cult B has killed only 1 member of cult A. ( see anyhow life!) Mtcheeww Cultists are scared individually, they only feel protected and bold when they are in group. They are not safe, they don’t have peace of mind, imagine walking and watching over their back cos they fear their rival might attack them from any angle. Joining a cult is expensive cos you’ll paying all manners of dues ranging from: weekly dues, monthly dues, yearly dues etc that is after you must have been properly drilled during initiation. Then sometimes, as a new member, if any of your superior ask you a question about the cult or you fail to Identify(ID) yourself properly, they might just collect whatever (phone, money, wrist watch, belt, shirt, shoe etc) they want from you there. Some say it is “brother deliver brother”, but they forget sometimes, the brother that is supposed to deliver them might be the one that would put a bullet through their head if given the order to do so by the leader, if they fail a task or see them as a threat to the group. No benefit of belonging(joining) a cult. Its better to be a jew man and live for 80yrs or above than to be a cultist and die at a young age. I know say everybody get time to die o, but cult matter fit make your time quick reach. Many strong men dey find way to comot from cult cos dem don see say no gain for inside but yet many young boys dey wan put head cos dem never know wetin life dey talk. Lemme stop jare. Wetin i know sef.. A word is enough for the wise! SAY NO TO CULTISM!

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