Somethings happens for a reason.. On my way to Imo, the cab i entered stopped at Ibiamah junction instead of Elele junction cos the road was blocked, reason being that there was LG Election in Rivers state. Mehn, na so i just weak, the Police men that mounted the road were so strict that the only language that made them allow some people pass through, was the language only money speaks. I nor blame dem sha, even in the Bible it is written, “Money answereth all things” abi you nor know say “aeroplane na iron, na money make am fly” I was in that almost frustrated mood, asking some drivers if they are headed towards Elele junction but the way they looked at me ehn, even a blind mind could had seen that their stares shot daggers. After asking around for a couple of minutes without getting any positive result, i resorted to go and meet the officer in charge of the policemen that blocked the road. I knew he was their leader cos from my observation, he was the one that grants permission before his surbordinates remove the blockage for any car to pass. “Good morning, sir,” i greeted as i got him. ” yess, how may i help you?,” he replied me as he looked at me from head to toe. Don’t blame him, i wore a base ball cap, a big cardighan and carried a back pack. ” please am headed for Owerri but am stranded now,” i replied him. “why are you stranded?” he asked me. ” the cab that was supposed to take me to Elele dropped me here cos of the road block, please do you know where i could get a cab that is heading that way?,” i asked him while he looked at me, i looked at him in the eyes. “well, young man as you can see, the road is blocked cos there is LG election going on in Rivers State now, and there won’t be entry from this point until 4pm, today” he told me as i shouted “JESU!” in my mind. ” which kine wahala be dis, nor be you dey allow people dey pass here if dem shake your hand with money, nor make me vex o, if i vex for here, you nor go like me o, you better open dis place make motors com pass o, if not….

Hehnn, if i dey vex, i dey know o,” i shouted at him, in my mind. ” oh, i never knew, please is there a place i could get a bus, cos i’ve been stucked up here for close to an hour now,” i replied him, anticipating a positive reply. ” erm, a bus going to Owerri just left here some moments ago, you didn’t come on time, you would had joined them cos they were looking for passengers,” he replied me. ” oga, abeg stop am, as you don tell me problem so, you must tell me the solution too o,” i cautioned him, in my mind. I dare not say it out cos, i nor wan hear say police use me count score. ” go down, down that way, you may see a bus heading that way” he replied before he left where i stood to collect what Yoruba people call ‘egunje’. I just went back to contemplate if i should return back from where i came from or wait till the 4pm they would open the road. I was stil in the decision making process when someone called my phone and when i checked, it was Elias, my cousin/paddy. He asked if i was on my way already and i gave him situation report of the road blockage and he was suprised cos he wasn’t aware.

He asked if i would wait or return back, and right there, i made my mind that i would wait, i told him to expect me before dusk, and he was about to console me when someone pushed me from behind. I continued with the call when i felt someone push me again, this time with more pressure and when i looked back, it was one of the policeman that has been shouting on drivers, whipped a man with a wood and threaten to shoot him. “if you nor comot for my front ehn, i go shoot you die and nothing go happen!” he said about 30mins ago while after he whipped an agbero with a wood, before he pushed him. ” oga why you dey push me like that?,” i turned and asked the policeman while stil on the call before i faced my front. ” i say make you comot from my front, you dey block me,” he shouted before he pushed me again. ” why you go push me like dat? I know say you dey my back before? Even if i block you, nor be you tell me make i comot, why you push me at all?,” i shouted back at the policeman, feeling angry cos he tried to intimidate me and thats what i hate. If i’m right, i don’t condone any form of intimidation/oppression/ harassment from anyone. ( na only army men i fit consider) A simple tap on my shoulder could had gotten my attention while on the call, before he could had told me to leave his front. The way he pushed me from behind, one would think i went to stand in front on purpose which was not so, and to add insult to an injury, he had the audacity to shout at me ontop that cos he wore a Police Uniform. ( na there i tey para o, for what?) Some people watched the drama that wanted to unfold. I guess they must had thought my own is finished cos i shouted back at an armed policeman (who tried to intimidate me)



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