“see, i don tell you finish, dat one wey you dey talk no concern me, i go run her package,” meekest replied. “mr package, carry go na, i nor hold you, its a free world, do wetin you wan do,” i replied him so that it won’t look like i’m an enemy of progress. (shey you understand) “ehen, na na you dey talk like better person! Oya go do fast make we dey comot here cos dem go don dey wait for us,” he said. ” so you mean say i nor be better person since ehn, i nor blame your life,” i said while we laughed and i went to change my clothes before we went to De’Legit. When we got there, everywhere was crowded, you know as Matric matter dey be na, after dem don do the school own finish, na Bar/ hotel/club dey end am, infact, na the night life own dey sweet pass. The Dj did a good job, a banger was playing and some people were dancing and i smiled, i felt happy inside me cos i loved the vibe i felt, i was like awish i nor come dis place i for vex for myself o. After feeding my eyes for some time, we decided to search for my brother and the rest cos none of their numbers connected when we dialled so that they could give us direction to the table they where. “omo, na to go find them as none of their number dey go so, we nor fit just dey here dey look na” i told meekest as we began the ultimate search for my brother and the rest.
We entered the crowded place and started searching each table to identify anyone that look like my brother or the rest guys n co but we couldn’t find any at first so we got a chair and sat to relax before we enter the other side, man gats rest cos body nor be firewood. After we relaxed a bit, we stood up to enter the other side, and on our way down, we collided with my brother who was on his way back to their table with a small basket containing some drinks and some disposable cups. “ona dey misbehave wel-wel o, since wen ona comot genesis, see the time wen ona tey dey come,” he said as he saw us before he led us to the table they were. When we got there, we met a full table and they were all in pairs of babes catching fun while drinking, chewing(suya n Bar-BQ), dancing and gisting. We shook hands with all the guys and said Hi’s to their companions before we sat on the seat reserved for us. “Wetin ona go take (drink)?” my brother asked. “Star(beer),” meekest replied. “What of you?” he asked me while i smiled and replied, “viju milk” and those that heard what i said laughed out loud.
why would a big boy like you order for viju milk, are you a baby?” a girl that sat close to me asked while she laughed and i nodded. “what do you mean, someone cannor take viju milk in peace again.” i replied her as my brother went to get our order. “you nor well o, you see men dey drink alcohol here, you dey say na viju milk, you see any small pikin for here?” a guy attacked me while they laughed and i just smiled cos i wasn’t in the mood for talk as i was stil studying the strange faces in the table. “oboy, everybody dey with their babes o, na only our 2 dey odd for here o, abi you no dey see am?” meekest asked me. ” e nor matter na, everybody cannot be thesame, sometimes it pays to be different, shey you understand,” i replied him while he nodded. “na true sha, wetin you talk so, sense dey inside,” he replied me and was about to say something else when Diplomatic brought our orders. He gave meekest a chilled bottle of Star and a disposable cup while he gave a chilled (motuary standard) bottle of Heneiken. I collected the drink from him while i gave the guy that attacked me earlier the ‘ shey you see say you nor get sense’ look as i opened my drink while nodding to the jam that was played by the Dj. After we finished the drink in our front, they went and brought more, “na today we go seperate the men from the children for dis table, we go know who go 1st off(high),” the guy that attacked me earlier said immediately they brought the next round of drinks and some spirits(Red Label n John Barr) and some packs of Black Bullets in the table while 2 guys in the table went out to buy some some suya and Bar-BQ for the table. I just smiled and told meekest, “guy nor mind anybody talk o, just do your tin, if you don reach your gauge(limit) make you relax o, nor do pass yourself to impress anybody o, dem nor dey brag with highness, dem nor dey give award for who sabi drink pass o.” “nawa for you, na you wan tell me? I know na,” he replied while we laughed. “correct guy!,” i hailed him while the guys that went out came back with only suya stating that Bar-BQ was finished. We drank and chewed and gisted while time was busy running. At about some minutes past 11, we decided to enter the club but when we got to the ticket stand to purchase our tickets, we saw some people coming outside to receive fresh air. “oboy, the heat for inside na die o, the ACs nor fit carry am cos the whole place rowdy, as today na Matric so, no space for inside at all” one of guy that came outside with his shirt soaked with sweat. Right there, we decided to cancel clubbing that night cos we won’t enjoy it, so we went back to the bar section, but this time the place was less crowded so we took tables outside and merged them before bringing our chairs before ordering for another round of drinks. “ogbeni, the way dis nite dey go so ehn, i wan detty myself,” i said before i went to get a guiness stout(1759/Odeku) and a bottled groundnut to go down with it. When i got back, everyone at the table were laughing, i don’t know what transpired and was about to ask meekest to give me update of what happened while i left when one of the girls in our table just stood up, staggered a bit before she started twerking while we all laughed. Shayo na bastard o! “This is just the beginning, you neva see anything!” i said as we all continued laughin


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