episode 1
One thing I know is that when God created
me it was never an accident. He carefully
planned and
looked forward to seeing my complete
being. I can imagine the look of love and
adoration at the sight of the work of His
hands.David said it better in his psalm 139.
All my days full of troubles and smiles
ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be. In light and
in darkness alike I cannot hide from your
spirit and to me that’s enough to keep me
afloat this life of mixed ingredients. You
know what people assume about me is not
what I am. They judge according to what
they see but God who searches the hearts
of men knows everything about me.
what people talk about me is their business
and am thankful to them for choosing me
as their employer at a free cost. I don’t live
my life to please anyone because what’s
the use of pleasing others who have thick
slices of their own sins? christ paid a price
too dear for me to worry about that. oops
forgive my lack of manners . my name is
Wangu Banda am from chintheche
Nkhatabay and I want to tell you how I
became a single mother.
To me its like I have always been a mum
to my baby Amanda because I can’t
remember the last time I wasn’t on her
beck and call. I stopped living for myself
time immemorial and am totally absorbed in
my motherhood role. I became pregnant
when I was 16. The funny thing is that my
parents don’t know of Amanda’s existence
and I don’t intend to let them know anytime
soon. If I take her home people will
probably think I am doing my busy working
neighbour a favour. my mum will even
suggest to take her back to the owner on
my provision of an address valid or invalid.
That is the kind of trust my parents have
for me because to them am their golden girl
and I cant miss my step in this life.uhmm
sad. Its a pity what people do to extreme
heights in ignorance of their parents. I
remember when I was nine years way
back home. Our neighbor had a daughter
Viyegzo who was the first girl to go to
secondary school after a decade.
The whole village was happy and they
supported her in everything. Before she
wrote her JCE examinations she came
back home and told her parents that they
have closed the school due to water
problems and will be recalled in a date later
to be communicated. One day I was home
alone when my mum and dad went to our
maize field far away from home. I was in
my room reading my books when I
suddenly heard groans and m0ans
followed by loud cries of a baby. I couldn’t
concentrate on who would leave the baby
to cry like that. The cries grew louder as I
stepped outside. I realised that they were
coming from the grass thatched bathroom
behind the house. As I was approaching I
shouted if their was anyone inside but there
was no reply. I opened the bathroom door
and …..
Oh my God!!!!!!


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