Chapter 13 After her hysteria and shock, she was able to embrace the idea of getting married on the same day she had been proposed to. Good thing she had just had her hair done for a photo shoot; a photo shoot she later discovered was fake. It had been put up by Sade just to make sure she looked glam for her wedding. After the helicopter carrying Judith, Sade, and Rosemary flew off, another one landed and carried Tony and the camera crew from the reality show. Everything was captured on camera for the reality show; from the proposal, to the air flight, to the full wedding, which was held at a ocean view front of a mansion in Ikoyi, which belonged to the owner of the network that was handling their reality show. The reception followed immediately in the large compound of the opulent home. Only close family and friends were invited. Judith had started out pre shoot session for a movie, which she was meant to be a bride in; she found out that day that that was also a fake job, set up by her agent, Tony’s friend. The glamorous wedding dress she was meant to wear in that movie ended up being her real wedding dress. A catholic priest officiated the wedding, and D Banj and Tiwa Savage performed at the wedding reception. It was a bowl. As they slow danced to Tiwa Savage’s ballads under the white tents outside the white mansion, Judith looked up at Tony and asked, “How long did it take you to plan this?” “Umm! About four weeks.” “Hmm.” “I got lots of help from Sade and your agent.” He said, and just at that moment, Judith saw Sade smiling at her in the crowd. She smiled back at her. “Sade is such an angel.” “Yes. She has a great heart.” Tony said and it was his turn to catch her eye in the crowd. They smiled at each other, and just before they broke eye contact, he thought he saw a longing in her eyes. “So…I guess we live happily ever after now.” Judith said and smiled at Tony. “Yea; happily ever after.” He repeated slowly with his eyes on her, and then they both broke into a laugh. The End


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