Chapter 12
4 Weeks Later
Things had been going smoothly till one night
when Judith got tempted to go through Tony’s
phone and found out he had been keeping in
touch with Sade. There were no text message
exchanges between the both of them, just
phone calls, so she wasn’t sure what was really
going on. But the recent and numerous phone
calls between the two had her worried. Her
happily ever after story was now more like
happily never after. She got paranoid and
reached out to one of Sade’s coworkers at 123
who promised to help her out with some
underground investigation.
It was a regular day, she had just gotten her
hair done early in the morning, in preparation
for a magazine shoot she had been booked for
the next day and was heading home when she
got a call from Rosemary, her informant at
Sade’s office asking her to come to a certain
location for answers.
As she drove down to Kings College Lagos, she
wondered what she was going to meet. This
was the secondary school Ikenna and Tony
had attended, and she wondered if there was
something she was missing.
Tony’s blue BMW was the first thing she saw
when she arrived at the school, and when she
looked closer, she saw Sade’s black Corolla
parked in front of Tony’s car. She parked on
the other side of the road from their cars and
sat in her car for a while, trying to steady her
heat beat. Her mind raced. She wondered what
was going on inside. If this was a hotel, she
wouldn’t have needed to think too much to
know what was going on. But this was a
school. What the heck are they doing at a
school? She said to herself. She braced up;
smoothed out the grey gown she had on and
stepped out of her black Range Rover.
As she approached the big white gates of the
school, she realized she hadn’t asked her
informant how she would get into the school.
What would I tell the people by the gate that I
came to do? She thought to herself. The two
young looking security guards at the gate let
her in with no questions asked. Judith smiled
back at them as she walked into the premises
of the prestigious school. She had forgotten
how popular she was. The security guards
were in their early thirties and would probably
have watched a few of her movies, which
explained why they didn’t ask her any
questions. But she still didn’t know what was
going on at the school. Apart from a few cars
parked here and there, the whole place looked
Judith was about dialing Rosemary’s number
when she saw her up ahead, waving at her.
She walked towards her lanky informant in the
blue gown, her beating fast again. She almost
lost her footing as she walked up the three
steps that brought her up to the elevated
corridor of classrooms Rosemary was standing
on. Rosemary quickly grabbed her hand and
helped her up. With no word exchange,
Rosemary led her to the back of the
classrooms, where a large football field was in
view. Immediately she saw Tony in the middle
of the field, she knew what was going on, and
tears rolled down her eyes. Rosemary
chuckled, held her by the hand and led her to
the field. Halfway to the center of the field, she
stopped, and let Judith continue on her own.
Tony was wearing sunshades; he took it off
and hung it on the ash colored long sleeve
shirt he had on as she approached him. When
she was a few meters away from him, he pulled
out something from his jeans pocket and went
down on one knee. She stopped for a minute,
turned her face to the side, and stood still with
her palm covering her face. Then she wiped
the tears from her eyes, put a smile on her
face, and walked up to him.
“Judith, will you marry me?” Tony said with the
ring held out in front of her. She smiled down at
him and said, “Yes. Yes Tony, I will marry you.”
He held up her hand, located her ring finger,
and slipped the diamond encrusted ring into it.
It fit perfectly. The ring sparkled under the
sunlight when Judith lifted up her hand to
check it out.
As Tony got back on his feet, there was a large
celebratory roar all over the place. Judith
jumped from shock. When she turned around
she saw students in all the empty classes, in
different color checked house wears, clapping
at them with smiles on their faces. Her whole
reality TV camera crew was also in place,
recording everything. Rosemary and Sade
were by the sidelines, standing beside some of
her other friends, smiling at her. She turned
around to face Tony and leaned forward to kiss
him, and then hold him in a tight embrace. “I
really love this. Thanks for making this
“There is more.” Tony said, and she pulled
away from him, searching his eyes for answers.
Just then, a faint rotor noise could be heard in
the sky. The sound got louder with every
second. She looked up and saw a black
helicopter approaching their airspace. The big
black chopper started a slow decent, blowing
air everywhere. She held on tightly to him as
the helicopter descended, sending paper bags
and small pieces of paper flying in the air. It
landed about 100 meters away from them.
Judith was still looking up at Tony for answers
when Rosemary and Sade got to their side.
“Congrats.” They echoed.
“Go with them.” Tony said out loud over the
loud sound of the helicopter. “You need to get
your wedding dress. We are getting married
“What?” Judith said as her phone fell to the


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