Chapter 11
Judith came from behind him and wrapped her
arms around his waist. The unexpectedness of
that made him jump. She chuckled and laid the
side of her face on his back; a smile quickly
formed on his face. He placed his hands on
hers and they just stood there, not saying
anything; as if communicating in the spirit.
Judith and Tony had gone from acting like
lovers to actual lovers. It was no longer an act
for either of them, everything was natural now.
If anyone had told him he would end up falling
in love with his friend’s kid sister ten years ago,
he would have called them crazy. But she was
his world now; his whole world. The day she
walked into his life was the day everything
started to work out for him. It was fate; it was
meant to be.
“You’re thinking about that night, right?” She
asked all of a sudden, and he nodded. “Tony,
you have to forgive yourself. It really wasn’t
your fault.” She added. Tony’s mind raced
down memory lane again; he saw a flashback
of Ikenna’s lifeless body on the hospital
gurney. As much as he had tried to erase that
memory from his brain over the years, the
image was the first thing that popped in his
head every time he thought of that night. “God
forbid you had stayed around and also got
killed. That would have been a worse
It was odd to him that she was the one trying to
help him forget the incidence when it was her
blood brother that had been killed that night.
He turned around to face her, and she put her
arms around his neck. The smile on her face
melted his heart. He couldn’t resist her beauty.
He leaned in and kissed her.
When they pulled away and he stared at her
beautiful face again, an idea slowly crept into
his head. The thought of it made him smile.
“What?” She asked, with a quizzical look on
her face.
“Nothing; let’s go home.” He said and held her
hand as they walked back to where their car
was parked; A smile remained on his face all
the way to the car.
As they got into the car, Judith turned on the
inner lights of the car and she reached out to
the back seat to check for something. She
stopped to look at Tony as she was about to
turn off the lights. “You really have to tell me
what’s making you smile like this.”
He looked at her for a while before saying, “I
just realized how much I really love you.”
Judith smiled shyly, turned off the car lights
and looked ahead. “I love you too.” She said
without looking his way.
Tony turned on the car, let the engine warm for
a few seconds before driving off. A smile was
still evident on his face, but this time he was
smiling at the fact that Judith still didn’t know
why he was initially smiling.


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