Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 1
By_ Cynthia chi Godwin
Mr Anthony was a wealthy man, he lived
in the house with his son, David, his wife
Rita and his friend’s daughter Susan,she
came for a holiday, she had been living
with them as one family, Mr Anthony also
had two maids that carry out all the house
David was good looking but does not talk
much, he had a friend Ken, he always
hangs around with him, his parents don’t
give him chance of mixing with others.
The two maids, Stella and Rose where
inside their room talking
“Stella, let’s share our duties before going
to bed” Rose said sitting up.
“You are right, share let me choose” Stella
replied also sitting up.
“No, I will choose first”
“Alright, I will share” Rose noaded in
“prepare all the meals and tidy up the
house or wash all the clothes and runs any
other little chores sent by the family
members” Stella concluded looking at Rose
to make her choice.
“I choose the first option”
“Hmm, so you want me to face small
ma’am’s trouble today”
“Have you forgotten that I did it
“Alright good night” Stella replied turning
to the wall.
“Stella” Rose called out lifting her head
“What is that?”
“Have you noticed how handsome the
young boss is”
“How is that my business?”
“I’m in love with him”
“Rose, do you know that you are insane”
“Is it because I’m saying my mind”
“You are in a dream world that can’t be a
reality, I’m going to sleep” Stella turned
her back against her, Rose made an ugly
face at her and lays down.
David and Susan sat outside the compound
talking when Stella walked across them
with sweeping bloom.
“Good morning ma’am, good morning sir”
she greeted them
“How are you Stella?”
“I’m fine ma’am” Stella replied and left.
“David, what will be our plan for today”
Susan asked dropping her tumbler on the
“I’m planning to visit Ken my friend, he
has a sister too, maybe you can make
friend with her”
“I’m not used to mixing up with people,
so I don’t like the idea, can’t we do
something more interesting”
“like what?”
“What if we go for party?”
“I don’t go to parties” just then Stella
came out with a waste basket, she was
walking fast when she hits her leg against
a stone.
“My leg oo!” she screamed in pain, David
rushed to her
“What happened” he asked looking at her
bleeding toe, just then, Susan walked up
to them
“Hey, don’t you watch your steps, must
we notice you?” Stella jumped up
“I’m sorry ma’am, it was an accident”
“Susan, she is right, accident can happen
at anytime” he touched the wounded part.
“This is serious, you have to see the
doctor” David said helping her up.
“David?, she is just a maid”
“There is nothing wrong with that, we
treat them equally” Stella had her head
bent down.
“Stella, get ready, we are going to
“I will be fine sir” Stella replied with fear.
“Get ready and meet me in the car” he sat
down and Stella walked in leaving the
basket behind.
“I don’t believe that you are treating those
maids equally” Stella went to the black car
and stood besides it.
“I will meet you when I’m back” he picked
up his car key and left adjusting his shirt,
Susan let him go but was very angry.
Rose was in the room when Stella entered
the room, she was not walking normally to
Rose’s notice
“what happened to you, I saw the basket
outside” just then Stella sat down and Rose
did the same
“I was hurt but small boss has taken me to
“That is amazing!, did you talk with him?,
did you touch him?”
“You are crazy Rose”
“I wish to have that opportunity”
“Good night Rose, I’m very tired” Stella
lays down leaving Rose who was smiling
silly, she finally laid down still smiling.
The next day, Rose was coming back from
market, she was holding a lots of stuffs,
she saw David standing besides his car and
changed her footsteps, she was staring at
him when she fell down, she screamed
hoping to get assistant from David but he
ignored her and drove off, Rose was angry
with herself, she angrily walked inside.

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