Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 7
Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
They took Stella to camera room, Dav got up
and followed them, they told the camera man to
review what happened, when it was reviewed,
they found out that someone truly gave the
watch to her, they also saw how the lady
disappeared, her face was not seen
“Look at that I’m innocent” Stella cried out
“It is very clear in the camera, can we go now?”
“We will definitely catch her, we are sorry for
harassing you” referring to Stella, he turned to
the security men
“You guys shall be security conscious for this
not repeat again” Dav left and Stella followed
him, they paid and entered the car
“Listen Stella, I won’t like this to repeat itself
“I’m sorry sir, I never knew that the lady was up
to something”
“Those thieves are always smart, they carries it
to someone else whenever the security men
where about to catch them”
“I have lent my lessons today sir”
“I have something important to attend to but
now you have wasted my time”
“I’m sorry sir” Stella pleaded, they did not say
anything else until they drove inside the house.
Stella was telling Rose what happened in the
“You mean they accused you of stealing, what
would you have done” Rose asked with pity
“All thanks to that camera that proved me
“Thank God that nothing happened to you, what
did my love do then”
“Ahhhh, Rose, do you think our boss will leave
that beautiful Susan and come for you?”
“You and I knew that he never likes her, just
wait and see him come for me Rose” Stella
started laughing
“Lest I forget, help me give food to that stupid
Paul” Stella stood up
“Is he not your boyfriend?” Stella asked almost
at the door.
Stella knocked at Paul’s door, she knocked
severally before Paul opened the door yawning
“I’m here with your food” Paul collected it from
her immediately
“Thank you very much, that wicked Rose refused
to give me food since morning”
“You have the food now” Stella turned to go
“Ste Ste, do you know that you are very
beautiful and kind hearted person, don’t mind
that Rose, you are very far better than her”
“Thank you for that, can I go now?”
“But wait oo, hope our boss is not crushing you
because I can see how he stares at you
“Paul just go and eat your food because hunger
had entered your eyes” Stella left but Paul kept
looking at her
“Where did they get this beautiful girl from,
hope no one else is after her because I’m
crushing her already, chai !” he entered with
the food and closed the door.
Susan sat at sitting room publishing her nails
when Dav joined with smiles all over his face
“I can see that you are happy, so what is the
good news”
“I got a call from my Dad, he said that they are
coming back tomorrow”
“Wow! that is very good” she got up and hugged
Dav called Rose and Stella, he informed them
about the good news and ordered them to
prepare a good meal, the both was very happy,
at least, Susan’s orders will ease.
Mr and Mrs Anthony finally got home, they sat
together and ate with the both maids standing
by their sides
Mr Anthony sat at the sitting room with David
“Son I’m very proud of you, it is even better
than when it was under my control, I think you
should continue with that”
“No Dad, not now”
“That is by the way, how far had you gone with
“I don’t understand Dad”
“We gave both of you much time, and I have a
good news”
“What is the good news” he asked with surprise
“We are planning to get her for you as a wife”
Dav stood up immediately
“I will never marry her father, I will marry
whoever that my heart goes for”
“Susan is type of girl that everyone else will
wish to have a wife beer it in mind that I will
never watch marry another girl”
“You knows me too well father, I don’t talk
much I have what I does in my mind, I will
rather leave this house for you” Dav got without
listening to whatever his father was saying.

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