Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 9
Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Dav got closer to Kevin and placed his hand
inside his pocket
“Hey dude” Kevin said with a smile but Dav was
so mean
“Stay away from that girl, I won’t like you to
come close to her” Dav replied
“Is she your sister or girlfriend?, and why should I
stay away from her?”
“I will answer you that, if I see you close to her
again” Dav did not give him the chance to say
anything else, he left, Kevin entered his car and
drove off.
Stella sat down on their bed breathing heavily,
she was worried on what her boss was about to
tell Kevin, is she going to loose her job?, she was
sweating all over when Rose walked in, she
dropped the clothes that she was holding and sat
besides her
“Stella, what is wrong with you, you are sweating
all over” Rose asked looking confused
“I guy gave me a lift”
“woh! is he cute?”
“Stop that, our boss saw both of us, I don’t know
what he was about to tell him”
“Don’t you have the right to mingle with the man
of your choice, he has no business with that”
“What if I loose my job”
“Nothing will happen, maybe he was just trying to
know him”
“I pray so”
“Let’s go to the kitchen and prepare dinner”
Stella stood up and left with Rose.
Dav sat outside the house drinking and also
operating his phone when Stella came out with a
plate of food that she was about to deliver to
“Good evening sir”
“How are you”
“Fine sir”
“Who was that man that I saw you with?”
“I don’t know him sir, he just offered me a lift”
“What happened to your transport fare”
“I added it to the one that I used to buy the food
“Try and take extra money instead, let that not
happen again, he might be dangerous, you can go
“Thank you sir” Stella left felling little relieved.
Stella was peering oranges for Susan,
“Drop the knife, go inside and get me water to
“Alright ma’am” she went inside returned with a
glass of cold water, she handed it over to her,
Susan collected it from her and poured it on her
“How many times had I told you to stop serving
me cold water”
“I’m sorry ma’am” Stella replied with tears, she
wanted to leave
“Come back here and finish peering this orange”
Stella sat down felling so cold.
Stella sat besides the gate with tears in her
eyes, Paul was consoling her when they heard a
knock at the gate, he opened the gate, Stella
was surprised to see Kevin, she got up
immediately wiping off her tears but it was too
late, he had seen it
“Stella, are you okay” he tried to touch her but
she adjusted
“Please stop coming here” Stella went inside
“Please tell her that I need to see her” referring
to Paul
“Please start leaving, she don’t want to see you,
don’t let our boss get you here”
“Alright, I’m leaving” Kevin left and Paul closed
the gate
“You people want to put my beautiful Stella into
trouble” he hissed and went inside his house.
Dav sat at sitting room watching movie when
Susan joined him
“I want to talk to you Dav”
“I’m listening”
“I love you with all my heart, why do you hate
about me, why don’t you love me”
“To be honest with you Susan, you are such a
beautiful girl that any other man wishes to have,
but my heart does not beat for you and there is
nothing I can do to fall in love with you, even if
the world comes to an end, I can’t marry you ”
“you are hurting me!, why are you doing this to
me, I hate myself for loving you”
“I’m sorry Susan but I can’t” Susan started
crying on top of her voice that attracted Mr
Anthony to the sitting room
“What is going on here”
“I don’t think I can do this anymore sir?” Susan
replied with tears
“David, what happened?”
“Dad I will be right back” he left
Dav got to the kitchen where Stella was cooking
and grabbed her hand
“Sir?” Stella looked up and her eyes met with that
of Dav
“Come with me” Dav dragged her out from the
kitchen heading to sitting room.

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