Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 8
Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Mrs Anthony entered David’s room to talk with him
“Good morning mom”
“How was your night” she replied sitting on the bed
“Very sweet mom” he replied sitting up
“I want to have a talk with you”
“Okay” he replied looking at her
“Your father told me about your refusal to marry Susan, what is your reason for that”
“Mom, I only takes Susan as a sister because of how close we had been since childhood, but instructing me to marry her is what I don’t understand”
“Listen son, Susan is a born princess because her parents treats her as one, they gave us permission to move on with you because she has also confessed that she loves you”
“No mother, I can’t marry her, I don’t even love her, when I see a girl that I will marry, I will surely know”
“Let me tell you something that you never knew, her father is going to give your father a contract of fifty million, he is going to do that on a condition which is you getting married to his daughter”
“This is all crazy, how can I marry someone that I never loved, she is so arrogant and annoying”
“Think about it son, I know that you won’t like to have problem with your father” Dav did not say anything, he watched his mother out of the room, she was about to open the door when he heard a knock, he opened the door and saw Stella
“Good morning sir”
“How are you today”
“I’m fine sir, the breakfast is ready”
“Alright I will be there” she left and Dav returned to the bathroom to brush his tooth.
They all sat together at the dinnen, Susan sat opposite Dav, she had been staring at Dav, his parents saw everything but did nothing, when Dav became tired of her staring, he got up and left without eating, Susan wanted to leave with him but Mr Anthony stooped her.
Rose and Stella was inside their room talking
“I told you Stella that just one day, our boss will be mine alone”
“How do you mean?” Stella asked looking lost
“Have you not heard?”
“Heard what”
“How can you hear when all you does is only to work”
“Are you not telling me?” she asked getting angry
“Our big boss wants his son to marry small madam but he refused”
“How can he marry someone that can not even cook for him”
“I always knew that our love is for real, no one can put asunder”
“Rose I have an advice for you”
“what would be the advise”
“Don’t ever have it in mind that our boss can come so low to marry you even if he doesn’t marry small madam, so I advise you to live a normal life, give yourself the chance to love someone else”
“Is this your advise?, if not that you are my friend, I would have sent fried thunder to you ”
“I’m just advising you oo, before you loose good people chasing what is not real”
“Let’s eat, miss adviser” Rose opened the plate and they started eating.
Stella was on her way back from the market, she was struggling with two bags that was containing food stuff, she was still going when a car stopped, she stopped, a young handsome man got down from the flashy car
“Hello beautiful girl, where are you going”
“Good day sir, I’m going home”
“Can I give you a raid, is not good for a beautiful girl like you to be walking under this hot son”
“Thank you sir, I’m fine”
“Please come inside the car” he pleaded, Stella finally entered the car
“My name is Kevin, what is your name”
“I’m Stella”
“What a beautiful name, can I have your contact”
“I don’t have a phone, here is my destination” he packed behind the gate, they got down from the car, they were still talking when Dav opened the gate, Stella ran inside the house and Dav walked over to Kevin.

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