Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 4
By # Cynthia_Chi_Godwin

David sat outside the house alone when
Susan joined him, he did as if he did not
see her, Susan stood before him.
“Dav, I’m sorry for what happened” Dav
did not say anything and she continued
“I was doing all that because I just want
you to give me attention for once, please
I’m sorry” David dropped his phone on a
“Is okay, have a sit” Dav held her hand
leading her to a chair besides his, Stella
carried some dirty clothes walking to the
washing machine, she got to them and
greeted them with tears in her eyes
“Stella, why are you crying?” Dav asked
looking at her
“I got a call from my mother that my only
brother is sick”
“Is that the problem?”
“Yes sir”
“After washing the clothes, you can go and
see him”
“Thank you very much sir” Stella greeted
wiping off her tears
“Don’t forget to inform me before leaving”
“Okay sir” Stella left with the clothes
“Dav, are you planning to let her go”
“Yes Susan, she have to see her sick
brother” Dav replied
“Alright then, everything is in your hand”
“I will be going to sport club with Ken, do
you care joining us”
“Sure, that will be fun” Susan replied with
a smile, they continued drinking until
Stella came out with a small hand bag, she
stood before them
“I’m ready sir”
“Okay” he dipped his hand inside his
pocket and gave her some money, Stella
collected it from him and greeted him
“When are you coming back?”
“Next tomorrow sir”
“Okay, you can go now”
“Thank you sir” Stella left the house.
“Susan get ready let’s go” Susan ran inside
the house happily.
Stella got to their house and met her
mother Edith sitting besides her brother
Piggy, Stella dropped her bag and rushed
to her brother
“How is he mother”
“I gave him some drugs but nothing
“Let’s take him to the hospital” Stella
grabbed her brother’s hand
“How are we going to pay the hospital
“I have some money on me” she replied as
she tears dropped from her eyes, she
carried Piggy up and left, her mother
followed her.
Rose had worked much, she was tired
already, she sat down at the entrance to
have some rest, she finally slept off, Susan
walked to her with a load of clothes and
dropped it on her, Rose woke up
immediately and stood up yawning, David
also came out seeing what was happening,
he stood there
“Susan what is that”
“I just gave her my clothes to wash”
“She is the only one on duty, why don’t
you give her a breathing space, just go to
the washing machine and do it yourself”
“David?” Susan called out looking
“Rose, go inside and have some rest okay?”
“Thank you sir” Rose lazily entered inside
and Dav left as well, Susan was very mad
she felt like crying.
Rose was awake all the night thinking
about Dav, finally he had given her
attention for once, she wished Stella was
around so that she can share the good
news with her, she finally slept off and
entered into the dream world, she went to
wonder land with Dav, they had a lots of
fun together, Dav finally brought out a
ring to propose to her, Susan ran out
from none where and snatched the ring
from him, Rose rushed to her with great
annoyance, she grabbed her hair and the
both started fighting, Dav was trying to
separate them but they kept fighting, just
then, alarm from the clock woke her up,
she turned on the light and found the
pillow pissed off everywhere, she was still
angry about her dream, she was still angry
at Susan for spoiling her happy moment
with Dav when she heard a knock from
the door, she jumped down and started
arranging everywhere as fast as she can.
To be continued.

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