Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 12
Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Susan did not see anyone around, she added one
tablet of sleeping pills and left, Dav returned, he
was about to carry up the tumbler
“Sir, your lunch is ready”
“Alright” he dropped the tumbler, he stood up
and left with her.
Stella was sweeping outside the house when
Susan came out
“Good morning ma’am”
“Leave that, go inside and prepare coffee for
“Ma’am big madam instructed us to sweep the
compound before preparing breakfast” Susan
gave her a sound slap that sent her to the
“You are a maid!!” Stella was crying without
saying anything
“Go inside and do as I said!”
“I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t disobey madam”
“Are you deaf!!” she started beating her, Stella
started shouting on top of her voice, Dav ran out
from the house and dragged her to his body
“What is wrong with you Susan!!, why are you
beating her”
“I’m not surprised, she has grown wings because
you takes side with her”
“Listen carefully Susan, let this be the last time
you touch her, you won’t like what my reactions
might be” Dav left with Stella, Susan kept
standing looking at them with jealousy.
Dav took Stella to wonderland, they both sat on a
swing, Dav was just staring at her
“Call me by my name”
“Yes, we have to be found of each others, the
truth is that, I got attracted to you the day you
went to your Aunty’s wedding, you wore red
dress, you appeared more beautiful I wanted to…
” he smiled at her
“that sounds crazy but I held my self because, I
wouldn’t like to put you into trouble” Stella kept
staring at her feet
“But the frustrations from my parents wouldn’t
let me”
“Why don’t you want to marry madam Susan”
“Because I loved you already” Stella looked up
and met his eyes staring at her.
“I was thinking that… ” he stopped,
“I want you to stop working for my family”
“what will I do then” Stella asked with pity
“I can take care of you”
“No sir…,sorry Dav.. David, I want to be working
on my own”
“If you says so, but trust me, they won’t hurt you
again” Dav got down and carried her down
“I want to show you something” Dav held her
hand heading to cinema, Stella felt so
comfortable not even thinking about boss things,
she has a lots of gists for Rose.
Dav and Stella got home late in the evening, Dav
was so excited like wise to Stella, she knocked
at the door and Rose opened the door, Stella got
inside then she closed it, Stella was smiling from
eyes to eyes
“Gist me girl, I had been waiting for you” they sat
“We had a lots of fun together, today is my
happiest day”
“Did he kiss you?”
“You are crazy” Stella hits her and they started
“I guess you are falling in love, let’s eat”
“I’m not hungry”
“Oh I forgot” Rose started eating, Stella lays
down smiling.
Stella was dusting dust at the sitting room when
Mrs Anthony came out
“Good morning ma’am”
“Come here” Stella walked over to her with fear,
she pinched her ears holding it tightly
“I’m warning for the last time, stay away from
my son, he is high than you”
“Okay ma’am” Stella replied with tears
“Don’t leave this house without my permission”
“I will ma’am” she finally freed her with a hot
“Ahhhhhh!!” Stella screamed in pain holding her
ears, Dav rushed and held her
“She will get more punishment if you don’t stay
away from her” she concluded
“I’m sorry” Dav said resting her head on his
chest as he pets her.
Rose was sent to buy some food items, Dav
went to visit his friend Ken, Mr Anthony went to
work, it was left with Mrs Anthony and Susan,
immediately Rose left for market, Mrs Anthony
and Susan tied Stella up and threw her inside the
car boot, Paul was ignorant of what happened,
he opened the gate for them and they drove off.
To be continued.

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