Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 11
Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Stella was on her way to visit Piggy at the
hospital, he was seriously ill, she was walking
when a car stopped behind her, she turned
around and saw Kevin smiling at her.
“Is good to see you again pretty, can I give you a
“Okay” she entered the car
“Where are you going”
“I’m going to see my brother in the hospital”
“Alright, I will go with you then” Stella did not
ague, her phone rang, that was Rose, she picked
up but did not say anything
“Stella, madam found out that you left the house,
please be careful on your way back”
“Thank you, I will” Kevin looked at a small old
phone that she was holding
“You told me you never got a phone”
“I borrowed it from my girlfriend”
“So what happened the day that I saw you
“I want to get down, please stop”
“I’m sorry if I got upset you, listen Stella, ever
since I set my eyes on you, I couldn’t think
“Can you do me a favour?”
“Anything for you”
“Please stop talking”
“Okay” he stopped talking, they finally arrived at
the hospital, Stella rushed to her brother who
was laying hopelessly
“How is he mother” referring to her mother that
sat behind Piggy
“Nothing has changed”
“Oh God!” Stella started dropping tears
“What is wrong with him” Kevin asked
“He is SS” Stella’s mother replied with tears
“He will be fine” Kevin used his handkerchief to
clean tears from her eyes, her phone rang, Dav
was the one, she picked up
“Stella, where are you”
“I went to see my brother in the hospital”
“Special care”
“I’m coming to pick you up”
“I will be fine”
“No I’m on my way already” she hang the call,
she looked up at Kevin who was staring at her.
Dav got to the hospital, he opened the door and
saw Kevin
“Rose told me how you left, is he okay now?”
“Nothing had changed” Stella replied looking at
her mom who was looking confused at the two
“Mom, this is Mr Anthony my boss and Mr Kevin
a good friend”
“You are welcome my sons” Dav was jealous
already, he was really angry at Kevin but he
doesn’t want to show up same to Kevin
“Mom take care of him, I have to go now” she
opened her purse but Dav stopped her, he dipped
his hand inside his pocket and gave Stella’s
mother twenty thousand naira, she greeted him
“Stella let’s go” he grabbed her hand, Kevin
could not stand it, he drove off, Stella and Dav
drove home.
Stella was walking with fear behind Dav, Susan
was the first person they met at the door
“Dav, are you not going for the wedding, we had
been waiting for you”
“I’m tired, I need to rest” Susan was staring at
Stella when Dav took her inside holding her
tightly, he met his parents at sitting room walking
“We had been waiting for you”
“I’m tired mom, I’m not going” he was about to
take Stella to their room
“And you, where are you coming from?”
“I..” Dav took over from her
“We went to see her sick brother”
“David, are you insane?”
“I’m okay dad”
“Let’s go” Mr Anthony was referring to his wife,
they left with Susan.
Rose and Stella was inside their room talking
“Thank you Rose”
“What are you thanking me for”
“You have done much for me”
“Stop that, any way, I have something to tell you”
Rose replied brushing
“Come on tell me”
“I’m in love!”
“wow!, that is great, tell me more”
“He is very handsome, we are planning to get
married very soon”
“Are you going to leave me?” Stella asked looking
“Come stop that, you are in your house already,
tell me, if you leave here, where else are you
“Rose do you think, it will be easy for me”
“Small boss is here, he can take you out of here
even now, if he wants to”
“Seriously I’m confused, I have another guy, he is
very handsome and rich, I’m totally confused”
“Give your self the chance to fall in love with the
right person”
“Hmmmm, you are now teaching, lover girl”
“The worst mistake is falling in love with
someone that never loved you, Philip is giving
me the best love ever” she replied holding her
chest with eyes closed.
Dan was inside the sitting room watching football
match as he drinks, he went inside to bring his
phone, Susan came out looking around the sitting
as if she wants to do something bad
Wait oo who is crazy in this story, who is funny
and who is smart???☜☆☞
To be continued.

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