I wanted to tell him but tonight seems to be the
most happiest moment in my life, I just don’t
wanna think about anything or anyone but him,
I can always tell him tomorrow right ..
Watching Steve eat was the most beautiful
sight of all, he’s as s-xy as anything when he
eat, I wonder how he manage to pack those
built body and biceps, gosh does he gyms,
and wait does he has a girlfriend back there in
portharcout, I was forced to ask anyway….
“do you have girlfriend in ph ”
“wait is someone jealous” he said smiling at
“no, I’m not”
He laughed
“I bet you’re not ………well
not anymore, I left her, let’s just say she left
But that’s in the past now”
I don’t know why any one would wanna leave
Steve. ..
Believe me it’s just you now Sam, only you”
After he’s done eating and packing, he
crawled up on the bed pulling me closer to his
strong chest .
“Steve ”
“what else can you do apart from poetry”
“mmm dancing ”
“what” I happily shot my face up at him
“that’s funny you know, so you can dance”
” a little, yeah” his mouth relaxed into a faint
“so, which of the dance”
“break dance mostly ”
“God wao,” I jeered up happily pulling his
hands so he could stand-up
“no no Sam, don’t even think about it”
He send me a warning finger
“am not dancing ”
“well, I want you to,”
“God, babe you should resting not doing all
“am okay Steve, now I wanna watch you
dance ”
“I bet you don’t wanna watch me dance with
just my boxers on ”
“I don’t care, now get down there ”
“nooo” he said bluntly
“please ”
“okay, but I warned you enough Sam, you
started this and you gonna watch me dance to
the end ”
I grinned wickedly “no problem mister”
He got down from the bed,
“okay, check my phone you’re gonna play me
“fine china by Chris Brown ”
I sat straight happily and eager to see his
“okay fine China it is ”
I watch him adjusted his boxers while he
stands so tall and fit in from of me.
“ready ” I said smiling
He nodded while I pressed the play botton…
He started, backwards first, then forwards,
twisting his right hands and taking it to the left,
he jumped on his left leg jamming it softly with
the right, he shifted his head to the back
gulping an air into his throat and down to his
“wao Steve, ” I started laughing
He was smiling at me while he shakes his body
intently to the side taking it with force back to
the front, he touched his waist zigzaging it up
to the head..
All the while, I was laughing so hard
“God you are good steve” ….i clapped softly
He bounced his two legs sideways took it from
the back and roll.
Then he began singing along with Chris Brown
and shaking his body
He jumped and landed with his right leg in the
It’s alright,
I’m not dangerous
When you’re mine,
I’ll be generous
You’re irreplaceable, a collectible
Just like finee china
He started shaking his body and moving
towards me, I gapse when I stared downwards
“oh Steve. ” I covered my eyes
“please stop dancing, Gosh you are good I’m
giving you 110 percent”
“no you are gonna watch this to the end, now
get your hands off your face”
“Steve stop ” I laughed covering my face with
the blanket..
He yanked the blanket off ,and pick me up,
now standing in front of him he continue
singing .. Shaking my form gently along with
You’re my favorite
It’s like all the girls around me don’t have
And the saying goes
Life is just a game but I’m not playin’
Whoah oh,
It’s alright, I’m not dangerous
When you’re mine, I’ll be generous
You’re irreplaceable
A collectible, (Just like)
Just like fine china.
suddenly he dropped my hands and move
backwards, I immediately ran toward the bed,
he grabbed me from behind while he pant
“Sam, I told you to watch this to the end, but
you didn’t, ”
“but I did”
We both laughed, few seconds after
whispering words of love to my ears,,, he
smiled and excused himself to the bathroom
Then I sat on the bed and smile..
Oh meeting Steve was like a dream come

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