“Just shut up Steve” I said as this tears rolled
down my face
I knew letting any one get closer to me as
more of a risk in exposing whatever it is I was
hiding, yet it was some how irritating to let
desire have an edge over me…
As I arrange more of my things into my bag, I
could feel his presence behind me,,
“don’t you dare come any closer Steve” I
warned as this tears of regret rolled down my
As he trys to stop me from what I was doing I
snatched myself away from his touch
“am sorry Sam, I truly am, I shouldn’t have
barged in on you like that ”
After arranging my things, I stood in silence for
a moment and wipe away my tears trying to get
rid of this weakened state he just saw me .
I picked the phone up and ranged Mr
“hello ma’am ”
“cancel all of my appointment today, am
taking an off.
“okay ma’am ”
I dropped the phone as I took a deep breath
I hear him said softly in a low shaking tone
“punish me Sam, slap me , punch me am
gonna take it all in, but please forgive me, it
won’t happen again”
Ashamed and angry at myself I bolted towards
the door and slammed it right behind me
without looking back.
Caleb pov:
I watched as she drove back inside her
compound and wonder what might actually
prompt her earlier return,,
Well I was definitely glad at the sexy sight of
I watched her every move from my dark room
while she locked her car and moved towards
that mansion..
I wonder sometimes how she’d manage to
stay in a house as big as that all alone
well it would only make it easier for no one to
hear her scream while I screw her endlessly .
You do not have to rush caleb tonight would be
best to get your plans done..
I realise how her love had truly turn me into a
monster, but I wouldn’t mind, eighteen years
had been damnly long enough and if turning
this way for a while the only way I could use to
get her,,, so be it…



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