Cold But Charming – Episode
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Hiii guys I feel so reluctant to end this,,
But what choice do I have I have to end it
I just don’t wanna leave you guys yet…
But I assure you I’ll be back sooner than
Love you all guys
Sam POV:
This past eighteen days brought nothing but
perfect radiance to my world…
After witnessing the trial of uncle Eric who was
later confirmed as one of the
deadliest assassins in the society ..
He was sentenced to death along with his
“You all are to be thrown into a tank of boiling
water until death.. ”
Court!!!!! ”
My hurray was the loudest
Everything became so real and alive… .
I began laughing at little things,
I show interest in most things and
everything I never really paid attention to…
I became my “lively and cool babe” as Steve
would address me whenever i walk right into
the VIP ward he’s been shifted to..
either I walk in smiling broadly at him. . Or
placing my hands to my hips and talking
I became the cool charming and jovial Sam
with so many interest and beautiful personality
i never believed I possessed…
Talk of the eye of guys whenever I walk with
my high hill and flaunting my new hair style
along with it.. my white teeth wouldn’t stop
glittering towards any passers by…
“Waoh hi pretty” a guy moving towards his car
wave at me a day I was walking Steve into the
cafe for a meal
“..hey dude, Can’t you see, she’s with a man..

Steve call out angrily but pity the guy only
shakes his head and smile broadly towards our
direction ..
“Steve, come on you don’t have to get jealous
he only greeted me ”
“greeting my foot Sam,am very sure
if am not here that guy would definitely ask you
out ,
am jealous that it okay, am jealous ” he
admitted angrilly
Totally alerted he did nothing but struck his
eyes wide out at any guy who stare at me
suspiciously while we eat,,,
The existence of Steve in my life makes it more
romantic and beautiful…
each passing day brought me nothing but Joy..
i get to know more about Steve,
His likes and dislikes.. His best food, best
color and so much more
… After visiting hours of his and my parents i
most times waited to spend the night with him
How do i describe this, sometimes we kissed
our self to the stuffing we barely noticed if any
nurse was behind the door knocking their
hands out…
Steve fast recovery was a miracle itself… His
wound heal so fast from major to minor…
Coworkers and friends came to visit, gradually i
get to meet most of his friends…Matthew,
Andrew, Joshua, Akim, Rolland , slim dude
,and Jacob
Those guys are the most craziest guys have
ever met…
Being among so many guys felt so wield the
first time they came to visit but getting to know
them made me realize how friends can be one
of the most important people in ones life..
I saw how Steve mingle along with them I get
to see his jealous and crazy attitude, how he
onetime rescued me from his friends who were
all but admiring the way I look.
that day was the first time i heard Steve
speaking pidgin so fluently ..
God, his relationship with his friends was hell
of a crazy one, I felt so small and odd
sometimes they came to visits… the craziest
among them was Andrew whom Steve told me
to be Caleb’s brother …
The guy is nothing but an hush hush, so funny
He get to receive calls twenty times a minutes,
at the sound of chick.. his other friends would
all but shout at him until they kick him out….
I hardly believe the sound of my laugh
sometimes i found myself laughing
uncontrollably along with them.
i visited Steve’s parents more often presenting
gifts and much more of my attention..
Steve sister became more of my kid sister and
best friend , sometimes after checking up on
Steve I take her out for shopping, show her
things big sis would do for a kid sis….
Every one of these days meant so much to
Now Smiling broadly, today was supposed to
be the day Steve gets discharged from the
i noticed as the crack of sun peaks out through
the curtain of my room.
Walking bare footed
I opened the curtain so wide and smile as the
first rays of the sun graces the Earth.
the clouds become lit with fabulous, warm light
as the rising sun announces a beautiful day..
“Wao, why do I sensed today would be so
perfect… ”
As quickly I found my way to the bathroom
A smile tickled my lips as i sank down into the
warm water, stretching my long graceful legs
before me

i closed my eyes and cocked my face up,
absorbing its warmth,, then sighing with
This was everything i wanted… A Good life,
with the existence of a man … I mused with a
tingle of excitement, directing a silent message
of thanks to God and my parents for sending
Steve to me
… He loved me right, fought for me right,
defeated my enemy right what more could I
wished for….
I just can’t wait to See him
I got out of the tub,
after applying all sort, and searching
through my cloths i end up putting on a long
fitted blue shinny gown with a white high hill.
I finished it up by hanging a white bag To my
wrist ..
Fully ready i was making my way out when my
eye catches the sight of the calendar.
Today is Saturday, I was supposed to get my
period today…
I moved towards the mirror, Steve was right,
he noticed everything…
most things about me has changed,
My face is as smooth as olives.., full bre*st,
and more lighter skin
I smile towards the glass remembering how he
was putting his hands on them when he told
me… Yes my br**st has became fuller… But
those are the signs I get during ovulation
Sighing deeply…
I glance at the wall
Sh-t its past ten… I made my way out hurriedly
meeting with my mum and dad ever smiling
“Hi mum, hi dad thank God you guys are
ready, remember Steve is to be discharged
today” I walked careful taking a step by step
towards them
“Yes darling but didn’t he call you ”
mum and dad said at the same time
I tap on my phone hurriedly… And smile up at
“No he didn’t”…
“Well he’s been discharged from the hospital
since last night” mum said while moving
towards the sofa to arrange something’s in her
bag …
I stare at them surprisingly…
“What!!!, I left him at the hospital around nine
last night, he didn’t tell me anything, I mean
no body told me anything, what’s all this all
about, I have to call Steve right away I can’t
believe this ”
blinking rapidly I searched through the phone
in my hands
“Calm down baby, he told us to bring you right
to this address”
Mum raised up her phone towards me while i
glanced at the text on it
“So” mum said slowly
“since you are all ready… And looking so
breathtaking then I think we should get going
I stare at both of them suspiciously and frown,,
“Okay let’s go, but Steve would get a slap for
what he did”
“He took a bullet for you, don’t you think a slap
would mean nothing ”
I roll up my eyes while I watch both of them
laughed out loud..
“Would you please let’s get going now mum”
We made our way out and into the car…
The reception was a specially reversed
one, one of the most classy one in town.. I
moved in between the chattering group of
people.. Steve friends, co workers, families…i
glance around surprisingly..everywhere was
beautifully organized and decorated
Kate Rushed to me at instant glance.. I hugged
her so tightly and stare down at her
Her black hairs was wound into plaits and held
by a speedwell
“Wao you are looking so Beautiful Kate, where
is Steve ” I said hardly hearing my own voice
“Haven’t seen him too” Kate replied
“Is someone celebrating a birthday”
“big sis to tell you the truth I have to idea”
I glance sideways to speak with Mum and dad
only to see them both at the far end
exchanging greetings with Steve parents …
What’s all this all about and where the hell is
Gosh feeling nervous already, inner heat
covered my form while I allow Kate take my
hands along with hers we made our ways into
the hush of crowds
Most faces around were all the ones I
The guys were in suits, while the ladies were
all in gowns..
Steve friends were all looking so perfect and
manly …
I smile towards them as normally Andrew was
surrounded with four different chicks.. They all
looked up at me and I immediately felt all airs
vacated in my lungs.
With in seconds they all surrounded me
saying their Hello’s and commenting on my
I wasn’t given a bit of chance to talk, or ask
about Steve I could only stare and laugh at
whatever they say..
“Hey,” i heard a voice from behind I turned and
smile broadly, surprised to see Caleb looking
so handsome in an arch suit,, I recognized the
lady beside him to be Ann…
Of course they had both came to visit Steve
one or twice at the hospital
.. His eyes was calm on mine his voice quiet, i
could bet he is totally opposite to Andrew
“excuse me ma’am please have been
searching all around for an angel in a blue
gown and white hills emmmmm could you help
me locate her please”
he said smiling broadly towards me
“Oh really ” I raised my brows and glance
“I think that angel might be me”
He Nod and laughed out loud.
“You are really beautiful Sam ”
“Thank you Caleb”
I extend my greetings to Ann also whose
hands was locks into Caleb’s…
They both looks so dazzling together…
I watch as the waiter served wine all around…
How couples stood at every corner of the
room.. They were dancing slowly to the music
while I move around greeting all of the guest
including Stevens parents…
I could hear the repeated, pounding of my
heart banged so loudly i hardly hear myself
think. The rapt audience
didn’t help much either
“God where is Steve”…i murmured angrily to
myself ….. i mean it when I said am gonna
slap him,
Kate suddenly tugged my arm i stare at her
and turned around, my mouth flew open. There
in the center of the spotlight in the middle of
the dance floor was Steve
“Steve” I gasped
He was looking so tall and breath taking .. . he
winked and smile broadly towards me, he was
so handsome to the extent I had to open my
mouth in wonder.. He had a different stylish
hair cut… A beautiful black fitted suit neatly
hung to his strong body… His face was just as
sparkling like the fire flies.. So clean and fresh
I glanced at the crowd around me feeling very
confused and shy…
I saw my parents at the far corner smiling…
Gosh they left me all alone to myself .
God this is so embarrassing
All of a sudden the spot light glared
on me, I glanced up and saw Steve reached
his hands out on the dance floor I gave every
one a slight glare feeling reluctant and shy..
Suddenly Kate grab my hands and led me
towards the dance floor
I had no clue what was going on, but I was
sure it was about to be epic.
I stopped when I heard Steve tapped on the
the microphone the DJ gave him
“Sam” he said staring at me
I could hear the thudding in my heart as his
face grew from a smiling one to a serious
he pull me closer to him. His mouth softened,
and his hand took in the white bag
that swirled around my wrist…
Someone collected it as he reached it
he slid his hands down my curves, and hips..
At the sudden quietness of the crowd I had to
look sideways only to see them smiling and
staring at us
“Steve what are you doing ” I said quietly…
He didn’t reply but turn towards the audience
“listen everyone…. i want to share this little
secret with you guys today.. ”
He stare my ever shying form once more
before he continued
“Emmmm” he cracked his voice
“Before i was transfered to abuja as her
personal assistance , you know I always hate
it whenever my colleagues made mention of
her, not to talk of how irritated i always felt
whenever they gossip about her….
I never paid any interest you know….
Cause the more I hear it, the more I hate
her…. ”
The cause of gasps from the crowd, matched
with mine .
Steve continued..
“I felt so terribly worst and sick the first day Mr
lewis announced my transfer and i started
questioning God why me … You guys should
know how terribly worst i must have felt …. ”
He smile
The crowd laughed, I did also but with little
sob in my eyes..
“but when I set my eyes on her, “.
He turn towards me this time
” bossy or not, I don’t know how but I instantly
fell heads over in love with her…God i never
believed in love at first sight until i met you
Sam… ”

“You’re everything I need” he said.
“Everything I’ll ever need. And I’ve needed
and loved you, Every single
second I watch you bloom from a wild and
angry Sam to a lively and charming one.. ”
I choked out a half laugh and half sob.
“You’ve been my sunshine, my babe, and a
woman I don’t want to live without.
it doesn’t matter how long we dated, a day,
two day, weeks…
A long period of dating proved nothing, a life
time of loving and staying together does… And
I believe we are qualified for that”
“I want you to spend the rest of your life with
me, ”
“Marry me, Sam. Marry me and give me
Steve held open a silver box and my hands
but rushed to my face to cover my mouth that
hung open
I felt my eyes go wide. Felt my heart kick hard.
From my peripheral vision i was aware that the
entire audience was waiting for my answer
while they
“Are you going to reject me in front of at least
seventy of our closest friends and family?
Steve asked lightly.
I looked into his eyes and realized he wasn’t
nearly as calm, and unruffled as he was
pretending to be,
“No,” I said.
Steve expression grew very serious, and there
was immediately an absolute silence in the
he repeated, clearly trying to figure out what
exactly i was saying no to
i flew right into his arms and hugged him as i
screamed yes! He stand and twirled me around
while he laughed out loud..
“God Sam ”
He placed the
elegant ring on my finger and kissed me
passionately in front of everyone. I turned and
smiled towards the crowd and back at Steve
who pull me into his arms…
“For saying yes may I then have the pleasure
of this dance ma’am”
I wrapped my arms around his neck and
“the pleasure is mine sire ”
I buried my head in his chest while the the clap
around almost busted my ears ..
“oh Steve thank you so much ” I said softly
“Thank you for everything ”
He smile s*ductively….
“thank you instead sam ”
Steve POV…
few days after I proposed to Sam I found out
she was fifteen days gone…
I became the most happiest man on earth
When I heard the news ..
It felt odd but she actually conceived the first
time we made love…
I get congratulations from friends and family..
everything just happened so fast…
I was gonna be father… i threw a huge party
among my friends for that…
Now its been six months after our wedding…
I walk into our bedroom and stare at sam
beautiful form for a long time
“What ” she said when she noticed my
Smiling broadly i Slide on the bed and
caressed my hands tenderly on her heavy
“And how’s our baby boy doing honey ”
“Kicking ” she said smiling..
“Steve Do you hear that ”
” what No ” I said staring eagerly at her
“He’s saying hi to his daddy ”
I laughed and drew her closer
“I can’t wait to have him in our mist Sam… I
love you”
“and I love you more for making it
possible…Steve.. ”
I nodded and smile …
“he’s the first among twenty that’s yet to
come, ”
“What!!!! ” she shouted
“yes ”
I laughed and kissed her stomach..
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