Cold But Charming – Episode
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You know how this season is always so tight
guys … But nevertheless I had to squeeze my
self to upload this… Compliments guys.
One more episode to go…
Sam POV:
At dawn the shooting pains from too much of
tears sent my form aching…
I mo-n and cry out ..
I realize I had fallen asleep on my mums laps
through the night..
I sat up all trembling as she offered me cold
table water.. The cool
flow of the drink soothed me, but the shocking
memory of what had happened to Steve
persisted in my head, Mo-ning softly I
wrapped my arms around myself .
“Mum” I cry again this time she drew me into
her arms
“Its okay darling, I believe Steve is a fighter,
he will be fine ”
In that instant i recalled a statement she had
once made about helplessness, and those
people who fought it,
If only I had told them about Eric,
if only I’d shared everything with them maybe
non of this would have happen..
Steve wouldn’t have took those bullets for me..
. .. And no body would have gotten a share in
this whole mess
But how was I to know… I was only eight and
Eric threatened me, rather i kept it hidden from
“I did this, i caused it all.. mum”
“Its not your fault darling, Eric manipulated an
eight year old mind its normal for you to get
scared, sorry my dear, we were at fault not to
I closed my eyes and rested my head against
my mums Shoulder taking comfort in her
nearness ..
feeling tired of everything and life itself.. i
stood up seconds later after wiping off the
tears in my eyes ..
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. My eye felt hurt and swollen.. But how could I
not cry , life without Steve is meaningless…its
as good as nothing, he brought happiness
back to my life,, he saved me from my
demonic uncle … I just can’t bare the feeling
that he’s laying in there in a critical condition
because of me..
“Sam, calm down okay ” she said softly
I glanced around the waiting room
I realized we weren’t alone anymore…
I recognised the men at the far corner talking
to a much smaller nurse to be my dads and
Stevens .. Their face looks disappointed and
Guess there was still no news about Steve’s
well fare.. Leaning on a chair at the far end
was a beautiful middle aged woman and a girl
about sixteen , who has quite resemblance
with Steve
I glanced up at them and sniffed..
pain and nausea devoid my Strength.
Both their face were pale despite the growing
warmth of the day ..
Steve mum walked towards me..and gather me
into her arms..
I accepted her embraces and cry hard into
” am so sorry we met in this kind of situation
ma’am ”
“Its okay my dear, .. Steve will be fine okay,,,
we just have to believe in God ”
She released me from her hold and smile
between tears …
“He’d told me a lot about you, i admit you are
much more prettier than the way he described
I nodded and cry more
She sniffles while she cleared the tears in my
face ..
“Its okay darling ”
” here Kate come over here” a pretty girl whose
brown eyes were more like Steve stepped
forward .. Her face moist and dull ..
She was like a beauty from beyond, I was
right about Steve family… Their good looks
were more like an unspeakable charms that
could lure the heart into nothing but love
“Kate, meet Sam ,,,,, your brothers……… ”
Kate cut her mums word
With tears she walked right towards my half
opened arms while i gather her close..
I could sense her nerve tangled as my own…
“Steve must have really loved you, big sis,,,
can I call you that ”
I nodded in her arms and cry more… Both my
mom and Steve’s patted us from behind…
“my pretty angel” Mr Gold voice was heard
seconds later while I went ahead to sort
comfort in his arms too
“Its okay dear, ”
Mrs gold was surprised
“Have you guys met”
“Yes ma’am,”
“Yes dear, they were together the day I saw
I move to embrace my dad who also gave his
reassurance that Steve would be fine..
Later in the day..
My heart keeps diving and blood pressure
kept in its wake ..
I struggled not to cry again from too much of
tears already…
I keep getting reassurance from everyone yet
no one is coming out yet to tell us about
The men kept up their pace through the
morning until they left..
Gradually the day went by..
My mum, Mrs gold and Kate who’d eaten in a
cafe near the hospital came in with food.. But
guess I couldn’t eat cause it would have been
impossible to swallow with a limb that felt as
solid as rock in my throat..
I only sat, hoped and prayed that Steve would
fight to stay alive …
Hours go by, yet my fear and pains increases
by the minute… i sat there silently, staring,
brooding at people who kept offering
reassurances but not the result I so much
needed to hear
We watch as the nurses left, the shift
changed, new nurses came in on duty.
Their manners were more brisk and efficient
but they kept telling us to wait patiently for the
doctor .
More nurses arrived on the floor to make
afternoon turns…
Slowly the waiting room began filling up with
other patient family members who’d come for
visiting hours…
My dad came back twenty minutes earlier
before Steve dad.
I began growing impatient, the feeling that
something bad had happened to Steve struck
my mind..
Tears were falling all over again. I wipe them
off and struggled hard to keep them from
trying to occupy my mind instead I glance
around the room across the
far corner i catch the sight of a little boy
running a truck toy back across the green and
white tiles.. His pregnant mum sat patiently
nearby.. The sight of the boy make me
fantasied I was the pregnant woman sitting
there while we patiently wait for Steve..
Few seconds our face lighted up, we jumped
when a doctor who Introduced himself as
Abraham.. appeared at the door way, a tall
distinguished man was at his side
He shook hands with my dads and Steve’s
We all stare at him eagerly while he speaks.. .
“he is really a lucky guy sirs.. cause the bullet
went through a dispose tissue in the Side of his
belly, underneath his triceps, the operation
went successful well, he’s alive but he’s yet
to regain consciousness, I just want you guys
to stay patient till he does, maybe tomorrow
he’ll be awake by then …. But he won’t be
discharged until two to three weeks time,, so
he can get proper care and treatment for his
wound.. ”
At the sound of that, my heart skipped in
beats.. I watch as the men embraces the
doctor, while both our mums gave
thanksgiving to God.. I hugged on to Kate
tightly and smile… A cooling relieve rushed
through me, a relief that brought happiness
bubbled from deep within… My Steve is alive,,
oh thank you God
“Can we see him just for a minute doctor” I
heard myself ask the doctor eagerly
The doctor smiled towards me.. He hesitated
for a moment before he speak
“Okay I’ll only allow one person but make it be
brief ”
i glance around meeting eye with both of our
parent , , I smile at Kate also whose stare
were also intent on Mine..
I clear the sob forming in my face and nodded
a thanks
I moved with the doctor who led me to the ward
he is in .., ,
I opened the door slowly and blink back tears..
He was in an hospital wear, looking as
handsome as ever…
His skin was pale and plastered in the nose,
forehead and jaw.. ..
his face Looks more younger more like a boy
of fifteen.. His hands were lying on the sheet
on either side of the bed.. I pull a lime green
chair up the bed, sat down
and slowly took his strong right hand into mine
I kissed on them repeatedly and stare up at
Oh God how much I adore him !
I adored the way he coaxed me into a
softness i hadn’t known i possessed. i adored
the way he brought me out of myself. i adored
the way he made me feel free and beautiful, . i
loved his smile, his eyes,his body. i loved the
warmth of him when he’s near.. the strength of
him when he
hugged me, the fire of him when he released
my passion in answer to his. In his arms, i was
I love him for staying alive for me, he has
always been that bold type, so strong,, and
someone more larger than life ,
its just felt so odd to see him like this …
” I can’t wait to see those perfect brown eye
of yours again Steve, those beautiful eyes
that tells me how much you love me.. The eyes
that speaks of nothing but love whenever you
look at me.”
I felt the movement in his finger.. Eagerly
I glanced up at him but his eyes were closed ..
Few seconds later
A nurse opened the door..
“Ma’am ”
And I knew right its time I leave, I stood up,
stare down at him one last time, slowly I bent
and place my lips softly to his…
“Thank you for saving my life Steve.. And
thanks for staying alive for us all,, I love
I glanced back and followed the nurse and
right out to the door.
Stave POV:
Soft sound drifted towards me, the distant
click of the clock counting off the seconds, the
padded foot steps against the tile floor .
the scent was that of the disinfectant and
something else I couldn’t name.
It cost me a surprising energy to lift my eye lid
and glance around.. The first thing I saw was a
round clock on the wall, then a television
mounted in the corner, a railing like that of a
shower looped around the bed..
I realize I was in the hospital… The last thing I
remember was getting shot and awaking to see
Sam beautiful teary face..
I said something to her before everything went
I glanced up at the clock… Its 10pm..
A bandage was tied heavily around my
carefully I moan to sit myself up, stretching
awkwardly I reach for the button and rang for a
nurse .
A disembodied voice responded..
“Mr gold, you are awake, that’s wonderful I’ll
be right in … a guy is here waiting though “….
A nurse arrived seconds later.. Taking along
some instrument
Her wide friendly smile was enough to put me
at ease..
She thrust a thermometer forward and stare
down at me…
“Mind, am to put this in your mouth”
I nodded
while I watch her thrust the thermometer in my
“You said my friend is here a female or a male”
i asked the minutes she gauge out the
temperature out of my mouth..
“In a minute sir ” she smile gorgeously and
reach her tiny hand to my wrist . She stood
quiet,,, concentrating on my pulse for a
moment before she continued .
“Your family just left about five hours back, we
never expected you’ll wake up so fast, but a
guy name Andrew is here to see you, If the
doctor permits him, I’ll send him In”
I nodded and smile up at her
“Pls, I would prefer you let him in”
Few minutes after the nurse left…the doctor
came in.. He introduces himself and ask few
questions .. the calmness and smile on his
face made me realise he was indeed glad for
my speed recovery…
.. We exchanged conversation and after he left
Andrew came right in with a sober smile on his
“Glad you are awake man” his deep voice
crooned from the
i smile up at him while I stretch my neck to
glance behind ..
He raised his brow and matched his heavy
boot into the room..
“Man you checking for chicks right, huh,
chicks ”
I smile up at him
“guess I do”
“You do not possibly think I would bring a
chick right to the hospital…man, am I that
bad … I never realize have gone so terribly
worst through the years… Gosh ”
My smile was slow and pretty sincere .
“Worst to the core Andrew… You are an
obsessed fool when it comes to women ”
He laughed..
“Man you are so mean, i wouldn’t deny that but
anyway I had to rush down here when a police
gave me the news”.. ‘
I nodded …
“You took a pretty excellent part in calling the
police Andrew, it really help in taking that
psycho down really ”
“Yes man really but that’s a pretty brave stuff
to do for a chick…… ” he said rolling up his
I raised my brows up and frown
“Andrew!!! ..”
He laughed
“Oh woman… I mean lady that’s a slip of
tongue man… Am sorry ”
” Sam is not just anybody….I will make it
clear.. She is my life and if I hear you address
her like that again am gonna ring the nurse to
get your ass kick out of here”
“Oh man you wouldn’t want to do that,,
but talking of the truth that nurse gat this you
know, she’s damn hot”
he said moving towards the bed
I bit my lip and smile while i watch him reach for
a seat..
” you’ve gone totally wide Andrew … so how
Ann and Caleb”
“Mmmmm Well Caleb’s is in a pretty bad
shape, but He’s going good, Ann on the other
hand .. she kept insisting her bed to be shifted
into Caleb’s ward… You know what…..
i think I suspect those two,, ”
I smile … i could feel his now serious gaze
stared pensively at me
“But are you sure you’re good man…
“Am good Andrew… …”
.but I needed a favor from you man, not an
immediate stuff though, ”
“What’s that man, ”
“It should be a secret ok, no telling anybody ”
The next day :
Eager to get the hospital ,6.0clock found my
dress.. I hadn’t had a blink of sleep after the
doctor called last night about Steve recovery .
I can’t believe he’s woken up.. God…
Hurriedly I finished putting on a short armless
pink gown with my ever pink baby shoe..
Read ” Beyond captivating ” by the same
author ( Op. Amina )
. I tie up my braid
I could feel my pulse racing, but yet I was
patient to apply some make up..
I just wanted to look more prettier for my man..
after one last glance at the mirror i raced
upstairs to my parents room …I gasped when I
realize they were yet to take their bath .
“Mum, dad I can’t believe this, we agreed on
six yesterday ”
“Sam its just twenty past six, calm down dear,
” my mum replied..
I watch my dad walk tiredly into the bathroom…
“Oh Sam, your dad is getting old…. ”
“dad!!!… its better you guys get freshened up
fast, or am gonna leave you both behind”
” no one is taking Steve away from you Sam so
chill ” mum said playfully
but i was fast to race out and shut the door
behind me ,
as impatiently I started pacing everywhere, i
kept staring at the time repeatedly…
I manage to take the tea and bread the maids
prepared ….
Yet my pulse wouldn’t stop racing,
it took like forever before mum and dad would
get prepared even if its not seven o clock yet…
They also had a little meal and at exactly five
after seven we were all prepared to leave…
the hospital environment was still as quiet and
non crowdy when we arrive,
i made my way hurriedly into steves ward
leaving both mum and dad with the doctor..
I opened the door to his ward slowly and there
he was.. Already up looking all attended to …
From the sound he glanced up from the novel
in his hand..
Greedy for the sight of him, my gazed rover all
over his form…
A smile curled up his lips as his gaze slid
longingly to mine.. And the love I read there
convinced me that, my Steve is really back
i voiced his name in a breathy sound, as tears
of happiness slowly trickle down my cheeks.
“Come here Sam”

” Steve….. Oh god Steve”
I moved closer to him, gentle not to touch his
wound… I directed my mouth to his, not giving
him time to talk or respond while I roughly
planted wet kisses over both his plastered and
smooth face.. All that mattered now was
holding him , kissing him and glorying in the
truth that he lived…
i raised my eyes to meet his which were
searching my face relentlessly.
“oh God Sam”
His smile faded as his gaze touched over my
He was staring at my form…
I anxiously investigated his injuries but he
stopped me
“I’m fine babe ”
“I know but”
“Hey am here talking to you aren’t I, the
wound would heal up in no time ”
A long, tense silence filled the air
As he slid his hands down my waist and down
, my eyes widened
“Mr Gold do you know what you are really
doing anyone could come in ”
He smile seductively
“You are just too beautiful to ignore Sam”
“If you keep that up,then” i kid thickly,
He laughed and wrapped my head to his

“Then what, told you no death could take your
man away from you… ”
I nodded and smile
“thank you so much Steve… ”
“Thank you For saving my life.. ”
“Oh” he smile towards me softly
” no problem ma’am”

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