Cold But Charming – Episode
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Sam pov:
“Enough Erik,, come out you bastard , where
is my Steve, where the hell did you put him,
come out here, you freaky man” I screamed…
I do care what might happen, I know wasn’t
thinking right now, but I just wanted to see
Dead or alive I want to see him dammit…
Have suffered through the years , have taken
all of the pains Erik caused me for so long,,
but not anymore
. Have had enough..
suddenly a white flash was pointed towards
I stood fearless, determined to end it all.. I just
wanted to see Steve..
“where the hell is Eric, what did he do to Steve
dammit” I screamed once more
I glanced up ahead …guys were laughing
inside, clearly they were unaware of my
I felt the anger rushing up in me like waves…
Stubbornly I shouted at the tall guy coming
towards me, … His ugly face ate holes straight
through me.. …
He was no less like a monster .
I bounced my leg hard to the front, so willing to
fight the bastard with all my strength..
I shuddered at a scary dog that stood like a
giant right at the threshold , it’s barking sound
was enough to send sweats brimming off my
face ..i felt my legs trembled at the sight , but I
refuse to accept weakness. ,, am so willing
and ready to end it all..
Am not the weak Samanthan who ates her
wound in private and gets angry at the whole
world cause of a mere threat … Am not that
Samanthan anymore …now that I know love.
Now that I met Steve.. fears multiplied but I refuse to accept
them ,
I jerked my hands forward and squeezed a
“answer me you bastard ”
I face him all alerted while he moves more
closer with his phone touch,
I felt my palms sweating despite the cold,
despite a gust of wind that blew its torches
sideways. I concentrated ahead with my blow ,
knowing his silence was no ordinary bout.
“where is eric” I scolded him once more
Suddenly I gasped aloud, and scalded, half
blinded and agonised,
I staggered backwards it was like a hot ring,
Rock and hard on my face …
The bastard spanked me ..i hold on to my face
and staggered towards the gate
“why you dey shout on top jaguar head , you
dey craze,. ”
I glared wide eye at his ugly face, my visions
weren’t as clear anymore,, I look down trying
to fix my brain at what just happened…it was
like everywhere was spinning.. I squeezed my
eyes shut and open them again, I noticed he
was about to grab me when suddenly a guy in
hoodie strangled him from the back ,
He squeezed his strong grip around his neck
so tight, he started struggling for air ..
With fright I stared at the sight, a thick towel
was again pressed so hard to his nose, he
struggled and struggle hard…
he groaned, fought and kicked at him…
But his hold was intent, hard and aimed..
More like an angry wolf who’s so willing to
bring down it’s prey…
He jerked him a kick ..
And Squeezed his hand more hard to his nose
until he went down unconscious ..he bent and
quickly struck an injection right into his neck..
He left it hanging and turn..
Slowly it was like my head was winging to
airs ,my heart beating in a slow pulse, I
swallowed at the sudden rise in my veins
standing before me all in black was no other
but Steve, my Steve,
With tears, I fling towards him like a sparrow
winging towards safety in a hurricane ., ..
I glanced ahead once more, the guys were all
Merry inside unaware of what had happened..
The scary dog stood there barking aloud, but I
do not care. ,
My Steve is here all safe and healthy…
He wrapped his hands around me and drew
me closer…
“Sam I warned you not to do anything foolish
imagine this bastard dare lay his hands on
I shook my head in tears
” no no Steve am so glad you are safe ”
He released me , and glanced back in alert
.as quickly he drew my hands along with his
and right outside the gate…
“now go back to the hotel Sam, as soon as I
get those bottons, I’ll be back , I promise you ”
“no Steve” exhusted and frightened I flung
myself around his strong arms again .. ,
“let’s go together Steve, please” I cry out into
his chest
He glanced down at me, he was talking
hurriedly, I do not care to listen but keep
staring at him, he was so handsome, I felt my
heart racing.. I moved and shutted whatever
he was saying with my lips,
He hold himself for a second and later sank in,
I sighed and twin my arms around his neck..
He pulled me hard against him and held me
close as if he’d never let me go… As if has no
intentions of sending me away..
“now go sam” he said putting his arms on my
shoulder as he broke the kiss
And at the moment too soon, we saw a car
light flashed towards us..
It blinded both our face as we both raised our
hands to block it..
Steve gasp at the sight..
“now run Sam” he shouted..
But It was too late, the gate suddenly flung
wide open and three strong guys came out
knocking Steve right to the ground..
Horror flashed through my eyes as I staggered
back almost falling,
I swung my hands and slapped a guy who was
trying to grab me
“don’t you dare touch me, you irritating son of
a b-tch”
The guy winced and grabbed me in the neck..
He was so irritating and ugly as he clenched
his teeth and holds his grip more tight on my
neck.. .
I struggled and keep gasping for air..
“let go of her” Steve shouted, he squeezed his
form away from the other two guys who held
him down ..
He grabbed my attacker by the leg.
“let go of her” he groaned
Tears was rushing down my face as the other
two guys spin him around and banged their
hard blows all over him..
The car light made it all visible, blood was on
his nose and lips, they held him down and
continue blowing and kicking him repeatedly ..
God what have I done, they are gonna kill
I jerked the guy who was attacking me in the
privates and ran right to push at the one
kicking at Steve..
“steveeeee” I staggered back and fell down
A harsh voice suddenly cut through the scene
The guys stopped their attacks, and standing
in front of the car was no other but Eric, ,he
marched forward, wearing his usual black
outfit, behind him was a guy, as ugly as he is…
He stopped few feet away from us , and narrow
his stares at me, his face was dark, and
demonic… Masked by hatred …he inhale the
hem in his hand and puff out heavy smoke to
“oh samanthan, it’s you ”
I ignored him and scrambled on my kneels
fearfully and right towards Steve who layed
down wincing in pains

A guy grabbed me from behind and made me
knelt on my kneels instead ..
I struggled and kicked to airs
“boss dey talk, you dey craze”
The two guys dragged steve up and shove him
right to his kneels..
He was blood covered …i cried at the sight
and cursed at eric
“you bastard, you are gonna pay for this,”
He laughed and spanked me hard on the face

“shut up, you spoilt silly brat”
Steve glared up and struggled to free his hold
stubbornly from the guys holding him..
“sammmm” he shouted…
I saw the tears and dread in his eyes as he
cried more …
That was the moment that triggers my brain
back to live
A moment I knew how stupid and foolish I was
for coming right down here after he warned me
not to do anything foolish…
A moment that cast all of my worst nightmare
right in my face,
A moment I knew how my dream is about
coming to pass
God am so sorry Steve.
Eric brought out his knife and stared at it with
so much wickedness, he laughed once more
I hung my head and stared up at him, feeling
so furious and disgusted
” your father’s good faith and my bad one is
taking you to your grave Sam, he’s always the
winning one while I end up losing, I hate him
for that,”
He inhaled his hem once more and puff out the
“I lost my family the very first day you came to
earth and it was then I realise my brother is
created to win while am made to loose sam,
hahahahah ”
his laugh sounds obsessed, more like
someone who has totally turn crazy
“but If I kill you , and send you to your grave
now….me and my dearest brother will both end
up with the same faith right”
“you are disgusting” I spatted out
Suddenly their faces except Eriks got alerted
and shaky when the sirens of the police rented
through the far end of the street…
It seems the two guys grip loosened on Steve
hands , I saw him suddenly free his hold and
strike both guys with his elbow..
He flew up sharply and landed a kick at the
one holding me..
The guy rolled and fell to the ground…
“now run Sam”
Eric was trying to throw his knife at me but
Steve was fast to knock him off ..
I stumbled through the night, chilled to the
I ran like fire towards the police car..
The first and second one speed towards the
With tears I panted and stopped the third one .
It was no police car. , but my mum and dad…
With fright, mum opened the car and I rushed
in while dad also raced towards the scene..
“mom how did you” I said shakily
She was trembling while she talk
“just two hours after you left, one of your dads
friend who was a police, called him that a guy
named Andrew came to report at the station
about erik…
How his friend Steve had tracked him and
recorded his voice…
It was right there I knew it was Steve
Me and your dad had to rushed down the
station ..we were surprised when they played
the record…
We never believed it , it was a shocking
moment for us sam…
We were there until the guy called the station
the second time,,
Your dad wouldn’t believe it , he wanted to see
with his own eyes how true what he heard in
the record was Sam… ”
“he’s such a wicked man mum”
I hugged and cried into her arms when
suddenly the car pull to stop.

Desmond pov
My heart slammed when I got to the scene ,it
was a moment of horror for me, I felt so aching
and heart broken to see my only brother
standing with so much redness and hatred ….
I blinked several times and rubbed my eyes,
He looks more like a possessed demon in his
ever black outfit
My hands were trembling, while i pondered
with words.
I stood there, reeling, hardly believing it all.
How was this possible?
The only brother I have Surely I was wrong …
The police matched all his goons to the car..
Both the crippled and agile ones… He was the
only one standing now with a botton on his
hands …
I passed by the police who pointed their guns
at him
“move away from me”
he shouted
“or am gonna press this botton, all your family
is gonna die I swear”
I moved closer to him unable to still believe
what am seeing..
No one has ever told me I also lost a brother
right on the day my parents and sisters died…
It all seemed so
foreign to me, so unattainable.
“Erik why”
Erik laughed, an awful, evil laugh …
I’ve always seen that look in his eyes when
ever our eyes met but guess I never paid any
attention to them..
I felt my throat tightened, Yet instead of fear,
I felt anger, a desire for vengeance ran up my
I ran heavily and knocked him right to the
The button flew from his hands while we
exchange blows…
“you bastard you dare threatned my daughter ”
I shoke him on the neck..
Steve pov:
I released sam from my hold at a sudden
Sam gasped at the direction of her dad sudden
knock out against Erik…..
I ran ahead to grab the bottom that flew away
from Erik hand..
Without delay I immediately pressed the
disconnected botton …
I sighed and glance around .
Three police men rushed ahead to stop the
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They dragged them apart and hold them from
behind,, Sam dad rolled up his kick once more
while he shouted at erik,
Erik evil face was spinning around as though
he was looking for something, once more
again out of control,
He struggled away from their hold, while he
They dragged him forward suddenly he jumped
and pull out a gun hung beside a police man
waist and pointed it right at Sam who was
moving towards her mum
I watched with horror, and raced towards Sam
“Sam!!!!” my scream was obliterated by the
sound of the gun..
I flew and pushed her sideways and there I
took the bullet in..
I staggered back and widened my eyes in
The fear of dying sent my heart racing..
I fell to the ground while the chills around dried
up my throat.
The pain was something I wouldn’t wish for
anyone, it was so unbearable..
I heard voices, they were so close but
seems distant, a shout, sounding as if it were
worlds away. It was followed by several
other voices, shouting my name, their cries
absorbed my brains . It took me a moment to
understand what had
Happened, I lay there, on the ground
watching how my life slowly crawls out on me..
Few hands dragged me… But all I could see
was the dark sky ,the stars and moon were
waving at me..
Sam voice came to me like a siren ding, soft
and lilting, tender and healing
I realise I was still alive, I glanced up with
shoking breath and saw her frighten face fill
with tears and fright..
…I smile up at her …. I already risked my life
for her that was enough to show how much I
will always love her right in this life and the
next to come..
Then slowly I closed my eyes as a slumber i
could no
longer resist embraced me
A slumber that took nothing but my soul away
from me..
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