Cold But Charming – Episode
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Sam pov:
Laughter echoes through the room,,
I stood faceless and startled by the demonic
sound ,
Gently I looped my head around.. …
It was a deep dark room..
I blinked and narrow my gaze as a sudden
light pierces the room …
My heart quickened as the silhouette of a man
became visible,
A ruggedly handsome man…whose looks
defines the meaning of charms
….he looks down slowly and up at me.
A low lazy smile eased up the edges of his
mouth ,
Surely, he was the first man my heart beated
for ,
The man I love more than my life…
His tempting smile was like a cool sun on my
face but yet why does it feels so terribly cold …
He was reaching out
and in an instant all went dark..
I glanced around in fears..
I try calling out to him but seems my voice only
died down around me.
I quieted my breath ,,
I heard a soft padded steps moves close as it
drifted against the rough floor..
The laughter continues with scrape of metals,
the piercing sound was like a sting against a
rail …
So sharp and horrible
I jerked my head around at a sudden sound
The light came back …and there he was,
Wounded with blood drenched cloth..
My gasp became a cry of frustration …
Helplessly I watched his kneels gave out on
My eyes widened in horror
“I’ll always love you Sam”
He whispered
I scream out of my sleep in fear , my eyes were
moist and terror shadow when I sat upright..
My heart racing as I glanced sideways
The room was quiet..
I was alone,
Oh noo
I gasped as my heart instantly sank in…..
“Steve !!”
“God Steve, ”
I pull the blanket around me and ran into the
“Noooooooo, ” I shake my head in horror from
side to side..
I warned him not to go, no it can’t be
Stunned and dizzy
A sob obstructed my throat still not wanting to
believe he actually left,,
With trembling hands I swallow hard but yet
those strapless tears kept falling
“nooo Steve,” I staggered towards the wall as
primal fear erupted me
the shock on what I saw in the dream was
enough to make my kneels goes out on me ,
I slid to the ground until my buttocks landed on
the hard ties
…oh no Steve ..
My heart ache like fire as it spiral into a tighter
and tighter coil. I squeezed my hands against
it and cry more..
My eyes darted to the wall clock..
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. …then towards the stool where he neatly
arranged some fruits juice,
foods and table waters,,
a fugitive glance at the note he placed beside
it confirmed my fear..
I crawled towards it and grabbed it .
A strangled cry escaped my throat as I gazed
at it with blurry visions,
” babe I have to do this, hope you try to
understand reasons
And please I don’t want you to start crying
Am only doing this for you, me and the lives in
Someone has to stop Erik ..
I can’t just sit back and do nothing..
But I promise I’ll be back immediately I get the
botton to those bombs
Don’t do anything foolish, wait for me..
I love you more than my life …
I Swallowed hard,
And for a brief moment, time was suspended,
the sound rearing up in me was like a deep
I stiffened and stood in stunned disbelief,
totally puzzled by fear, totally unsure as to
what next to do.
the acheing feeling slowly returned to my limbs
I stood shakily and wandered into the bath
room, eyes downcast,lost in thought. My fears
seemed unfathomable;
The pains inside of me was devastating. Then
I realise This discomfort was my own,
It was something I have to hold on to,,
something that became dimly impulsive..
Steve meant more than very special to me.
the thought of loosing him didn’t just strike my
heart It blow on me like thunder…
I buried my self into the warm water as i
trembled more..
Panic struck me,, I couldnt do anything but
cry… His marks of love making stay glued to
my body, I close my eyes yet all I could hear
was his soft voice…
“think about now and nothing else.. We love
each other only that matters right,, . Your uncle
doesn’t exist, nothing existed but us Sam.. ”
My scream pierces the room as hot tears fall..
My uncle is gonna kill him.. I told him not to go
I splashed my hands on the water repeatedly
..the dream was real.. This wasn’t the first
terrible dream I had about him..
How can he just walk right to the devil and told
me not to cry…
How can he just left me like this..
I can’t sit here and do nothing,,
I rushed out of the tub and ran inside,
wiping off my tears..i glanced at my watch its
five past eight…
I grabbed my bag and scattered my cloths
everywhere ..thankful, I brought a leggings
along, as quick as possible I put on my
underwears and jerked in the leggings and
I grabbed the car keys and made my way out..
am coming my love.. If you die, then we die
Steve pov:
Fully dressed
I walked out of the bathroom and glanced
sideways … sam peaceful baby face catch my
attention ..
I smile softly as my eyes drank in her beauty
one last time..
Her skin was smooth and soft
she was the most beautiful woman have ever
seen ,,,… so geogeous and perfect…
she was the best thing that has ever happen
to me in years..
I just wish she hadn’t seen that message
Andrew sent
But still I have to get back there tonight
I have to get those botton, probably I might
have the opportunity to save Ann and Caleb
I moved closer to the bed .. Analysing her one
last time ..
I just wish I could kiss her right now,
I wish I could tell her I’ll be back soon ..
But I know all too much she wouldn’t let me go
if I wake her up .
It took all the strength in me not to lean forward
and kiss her..
It’s best I do it this way,
it’s best I leave now .
I placed the paper in my hands on the stool
before turning on my heels …
It wasnt as dark outside..
Yet 7.oclock seems like midnight, the estate
was quiet and frigid… the light coming out from
most buildings gave the night a pleasant view..
I walked down the street and there Andrew car
was at the junction Horning at me …
I sighed and motioned forward ..
but was stopped at a point,
When my phone buzzed out in vibration
It was dad,
“hello dad”
“hello son ”
“dad, am sorry I couldn’t make it tonight,
something came up and I had to attend to it ,
but I already called mum to explain things to
her,, she wouldn’t believe until she sees you
dad I bet they are eagerly awaiting your
arrival,, let your fears off and go . Please.. ”
“okay son, emmmm… ” his voice cracked…
“good luck … As soon as am done. , I’ll come
over, promise me you’ll go dad”
“okay son I promise ”
“okay bye”..
I dropped the phone and ran up towards
Andrews car
With deep breath I slid in and glanced Sideway
“sorry for keeping you waiting man , but what’s
wrong… You look awful ”
A sour look twisted on Andrew face
“Its my mum man
she wouldn’t stop crying, am just so upset , I
mean Caleb is the the first son yet he behaves
more like the last, ”
I tapped him on the shoulder while I gave him
words of encouragement…
“since things turns out this way Andrew,, then
we have to work on the next possible solution
And that’s what we are about doing right ”
He nodded
“So let’s go”
He twisted the key on the ignition , tyres
screeches at full length as he drove out
towards the main road
The whole drive took exactly twenty minutes
Andrew packed at a corner down the lower
junction of the local street …
I noticed I wasn’t in fear, rather worried about
Sam being at that hotel all alone , I should
have taken her home , but my parents house
was no less safe either..
Hope she’s fine and hid to what I told her in
that letter..
Andrew girly stares followed my every
movement , I pull off my shirt and shove in the
black ones he brought ..
As quickly I poured the chloroform in six
different hankachief, put on a black glove, and
a black hoodie .
I slide in every other necessary stuff into my
front and back pocket , such as
injections,Lighter and a small knife
“Steve, I still think” Andrew said rather
“just shut up man,, stay right at this corner and
wait for the three of us “..
I blew out a breath and got down…i glanced
back at him one last time…
“be at alert Andrew ”
He nodded ..
“I will man ”
I examined him and could see his eyes
tearing, his torment. He was actually scared
for me…
I ignored him and shove into the dark night …
The wind slapped it’s howling breeze on my
face, It felt so cold I couldn’t help but rubbed
on it ..
I adjusted my hoodie and ran right towards the
gate, ..
Damn it was locked…
Then suddenly
The gate opened silently as though someone
has opened it, and right there I knew it was
Richy at work..
I smile and spoke to airs..
Thank you Richy…
I glanced left and right when I entered ,
, I immediately felt an odd chill. It was darker ,
cooler, the smell of the
Large tree was heavy in the air, more smelling
like a decaying atmosphere ,
I crept forward, on alert, trying to get a better
look, i weaved at the back of the large tree in
the compound ,
i stopped, stunned, as i caught a glimpse of
two guys coming out of the bungalow ….
Tall, Dark and ugly men..
I turn to the other side
There, standing alone at the threshold , was a
dog .It was no ordinary dog,, it looks more like
a monstrous, Black eye dog… the biggest dog
I’ve ever seen, with long, curled white ears .
Long dripping tongue,, Nearly the size of a
bear, it kept barking…
The stupid thing might have noticed my
presence… As it kept barking at the direction
of the tree..
The guys went towards the deck and in the
next moment, no other but the mysterious
devilish monster came out with an hem in the
mouth… ..
He inhaled the hem repeatedly and puff the
smoke to airs
He patted the barking dog and glanced
He glanced up at the direction the dog was
barking at . I peeped a little and cursed..
My tension grew so thick, I squeezed but still
ruggedly stood there
He was moving closer as he narrow his stares
towards the tree… He kept moving but was
stopped shut when his guys calls out to him..
“boss, ”
He jerked his head sideways and turn right
ahead to the parking deck …
The bastard is going out
What a right timing…
The two guys both moved towards the gate…
Who left and who doesn’t left along with him I
do not care to know ..
I immediately seized the opportunity
.. I crawl into the dark and made my way to the
back yard…
The locked door at the back yard opened once
more …
I thanked Richy silently and made my way in..
The entire house was furnished with a taste
and style one.. The decor was traditional, very
cozy but yet looked so ugly , everywhere
smells of gin and cigarettes
Where is the bastard room and is Caleb and
Ann really here …
I bolted forth and towards a dark corner, I
searched at alert
suddenly at the far end of the corner sounds
echoes,, as quietly I ran further …
I pushed on the door it was locked,
As usual, the door creaked open again …
Wao , thanks richy
I entered,
The room was dark with lamb light placed at
the top corner of the wall.. ..
Ann was fast to recognised me as she widened
her eyes in surprise and fright,
I swallowed ,the state I saw them was an awful
one.. My stomach rumbled at the sight.. The
room smell of nothing but blood and sweat..
The heat inside of it was horrible, just like a
one quarter of hell
How can Erik be so heartless, treating human
being like dogs
I glanced sideways at Caleb.. He was the worst
one, badly wounded with blood all on his head
and cloth,
His face fell, he breathed in and gasped out in
painful moans …
“Steve” Ann cried
“Steve how…. ”
Shhhhh I placed a finger on my lips and hid
behind the door at the sound coming towards
the room.
Whomever it is, fused the key in and opened
the door…
As a trained assassin he noticed my presence
, he rolled like flash and landed a kick on my
I fell face down as he moved forth to grab me
again, with all the strength in me I quickly pull
out the niddle in my pocket and pinned it right
to his neck…
He groaned and shouted ..
Like a drugged bull, He roared towards the
door and staggered..
Read ” Beyond captivating ” by the same
author ( Op. Amina )
. With in seconds His kneels and hands went
down paralysed..
Damn where the hell did Andrew get these

I pull away my hood and bounced on him,,
The repeated hard blow I landed all over his
face,, made him cry out loud..
I grabbed his cloth and pull him up.
My face was emotionless while I watch blood
and sweat falls all over him.
I slapped him hard once more
Bomb, those bombs were the hell is the
He laughed and spat out blood..
“i would rather die than tell you fool ”
” speak up you bastard.”.
I spank him another blow..
He laughed once more ,,
It’s useless I hold his head up and banged it
hard on the floor …
I left him wincing in pain..
Quickly I glanced up at Ann and rushed
towards her, I raised my head sideways now
meeting with Caleb swollen eyes,
A frown curled up his face as he recognized
“Steve ” he murmured..
He coughed out blood as I loosened both of
their rope… Caleb fell weakly to the ground
while Ann call repeatedly to him
“Cj please look at me, cj”
They definitely knew each other.. This time
Caleb glanced up at her and smile slowly
…slowly and gradually his visions gave out on
“Celebbbb ” Ann cried…
Hey Ann move aside , I hurriedly picked Caleb
up and supported him to my back..
Come on,, I hold on to Ann’s hand and led
the way out …
Every corner I passed, the door opened all by
God if not for Richy will I even be able to do
this …
We ran towards the gate as the stupid dog
kept on barking..
Andrew shrill tone cut through the air, as soon
as I get to the corner he parked his car,,
I struggled forwards , he got down quickly and
supported me … We both carried Caleb to the
back seat while Ann trembling form jumped in
beside him..
“cj” she kept calling
I glanced up at Andrew and spoke hurriedly,
take them both to the hospital am going back
“what!!! man ….you can’t ” the fear on his face
says it all
I glanced down the street to realise how trully
dangerous it was this time,,
A car full of three to four thugs pull in front of
the gate .they horn repeatedly..
Without an answer one of them got down and
opened the gate while the driver drove into the
compound restlessly..
I glanced back at Andrew …
“I’m going back in there to get that botton,
okay, now go ”
“man, you can’t ”
My head swung up, sending my gaze
into collision with his, it was so determined and
cold now.
“get the hell out of here Andrew ” .
He ran up once more to stopped me,,
“man I already showned the record to the
police earlier,, I told them to prepare tomorrow
at first ,,but when you went in,,I saw the look of
things , I got so scared, I had to call them, ”
I patted him on the shoulder and nodded..
“now go Andrew ”
Without delaying further, I bounced back to
the dark and into the cold chilly night …
I continued on along with the icy airs,, the
night growing darker, I struggled to follow
back the trail i passed ….
I entered the gate,, and quietly I made my way
back to the tree… I
heard distant laughter. I snapped to attention,
I lingered hideously against the tree keeping a
good distance,
not wanting to be spotted.. I watched from the
A twig snapped beneath my feet and i ducked,
worried the sound would give me away..i
looked up
A guy came out to recieved his call, he look
ruggedly big, broad shoulder , with a really
unpleasant voice ..
“hello boss, we don reach portharcout sir, but
we never see pasca ”
I forced myself to focus. I breath in and out
and raised my brows in anticipation ,
This is the moment I have to be extremely
The guy was about going back inside when
Suddenly the gate flung open..
I peep and my knees but crumbled beneath
All my fears surfaced right in my face, my
vision immediately went blurry
I stood , in the silence, my heart pounding, the
tingling in my arms slowly receding,
the energy fading,
I watch her stood there unharmed. …
As innocent as she look.. The banging feeling
in my head slapped me hard..
My whole form trembled ,
Oh God
Roughly and feeling busted I racked my hands
repeatedly in my hairs and cursed more ….
Damn it,
“oh no what have you done sam”
“Enough Erik,, come out of here, you bastard
, where is my Steve,, where the hell did you
put him, come out here, you freaky man” I
heard her scream…
God am finished
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