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Am so so sorry for the clashes of spellings you
might have passed by in this novel guys..
I was reading from the beginning to noticed all
the typing errors are really too much,
but still It’s unedited yet,
But after reading to the end here on ebony
I will upload the complete edited part on watt
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Steve pov:
For the life of me I dare not move, I dare not
make a sound,
Holy lord,
My heart was pounding so hard I almost melt
into arches,
I heard his foot steps as he moved slowly and
now standing at the back of his jeep..
He let out another wicked laugh and
cracked the boot…
My eyes widened
“oh my God”
the next I heard was Andrew shaky voice..
“emm excuse me sire” Andrew called
“Andrew ”
I let out a silent breath when erik pressed back
the boot .. I squeezed my form and kissed the
cross on my neck…
That was close
“what do you want ” Erik barked..
Andrew pov.. .
I glanced ahead and cursed silently as he
pulled his jeep to slow,
Holy shit .
I glanced around the express away
This can’t be his destination ,
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. It can’t be,
I watched him get down from his jeep and
glance at the direction of his boot…
At the sight of that I realise Steve might have
been completely busted..
As quick as possible i pulled the gear and
parked behind a car by the side of the road
Although I didn’t know who this man was, but
at the sight of him and his strange attitude
earlier, you could tell he would be as
dangerous as he looks..
I shut the door and ran a little further. ..
My heart skipped at the sight of a knife… I had
to quickly bend beside the car in front of me,
he glanced around and hides the knife in his
He walked slowly now to the back of his black
jeep and let out a deep laugh
I ran forward and slower my pace when I get
I steady my breath and stood few feet away
glancing left and right like I was looking for a
taxi ..
i thrust my fingers through my hairs, now
watching him from the corner of my eyes..
Oh no do something Andrew
“krrrrrrrrr” he cracked his boot
“Excuse me sire” I interrupted rather shakily
He pressed the boot back and glance side
ways at me…
I stare at his deep dark expression, which now
holds a rising temper..
“what do you want ” he barked…
“actually sire I lost my way around here”,,
“sooo, find your way then” he scowled turning
back to the boot..
“Actually sire”
I was about opening my mouth to talk further
only to see him move backwards, his brows
rising up in a lined furrows.
His gaze was at the back of his jeep as though
something invisible just came out of it
“Richy who the hell owns the phone in your
hands ”
“stop playing with that phone already, I told
you to go meet mummy and have your bath”
I widened my eyes at the sight ,
I got so scared …
I slowly moved backwards and turn …almost
falling as I raced back to my car like fire
“God ” I staggered holding on to my chest as I
pant in and out ..

“Gosh, what the hell was that, I always hate
horror movies I can’t believe I just saw one
horror scene just now ”
I puff out a breath and fearfully turn my face
back to the direction…
He already moved back to the driver seat
pointing his finger back angrily as though he
was referring to someone…..
“this man has gone totally crazy, God he
needs psychiatrist help”
A chill passed through me at the thought of
what kind of game Steve is actually playing
with this deadly man.
We can just get the police to hijack him so he
could confess wherever the hell he puts Ann
and my brother ..
I hissed and tapped my self on the head .
” stupid what about evidence. He did nothing,
mere accusation wouldn’t solve anything … I
hope Steve is able to do something at least
get an evidence so we could just report him
I raced round towards the drivers seat and
quickly starts the ignition …….
After I watch him drove out…
I took a turn to the express way
few seconds later my phone buzzed out …
“hello mum”
” Andrew any news about caleb”
“mum Caleb is fine, you know what I’ll call you
“Andrew ”
“mum okay ”
I disconnected the phone and dropped it on
the seat beside me..
Still with a racing heart I pull on the gear and
zoom forward…
Steve pov,
I wipe the Sweat on my face
I can’t believe he wouldn’t even turn on his A.
C all this while,
I took a deep silent breath and I squeeze my
form wondering what rubbish he parked in here
to make it so tight and stuffy..
gosh my legs and arms hurts like hell ..
Whatever had happened back there I was sure
with the way he spoke, the anger and the throb
in his voice
It’s like a ghost is tomenting him …
Serves him right
And Andrew …i was sure he fled like a b-tch,
leaving me like this.
What if the ghost hadn’t scared erik off this
boot, Andrew would have left me…
Goshhhhhh whom ever this Richy is, I just
hope you help me fight this to the end..
I bit my lips and clicked on my phone when a
silent message entered ..
It was Sam…
“hello steve were are you any news about Ann

“not yet babe ”
“but are you sure you are okay ”
“babe, am fine I’ll be with you soon. Had to
run some errands ” .
“are you sure you are okay, cause my mind is
saying other wise, ”
“babe, calm down your man is fine I’ll be with
you soon, okay ….. i have to go now, but are
you sure your devilish uncle didn’t hurt you”
“no Steve, he only came in with a sharp knife
in his hand and laughed, mum and dad were
surprised they definitely questioned him on the
knife. .
But the next he brought out was an
orange, he’s such a trickish man, he came to
threaten me and ends up fooling mum and
“calm down babe, I won’t let him hurt you, just
stay right there okay I love you so much ”
She sends a smiley
“Love you too”
I closed the chat and glanced up at the sound
of his laugh..
I silent my breath and listen…
“Man Desmond, I hate you, I hate, l hate you
so much…
after taking the life of that stupid lover boy. .
your daughter death is next whether you like it
or not.. ”
He let out an horror double tone laugh
At the sound of that, my stomach knotted… As
quick as possible i pressed on the record on
my phone, squeezed up my form and place it
high on top of the rubbish he occupied the boot
damn it, how could I have been so stupid not
to realise he’s still gonna cause hovoc even
after taking my life”
But why did he hate his brother so much,
thought he hated Sam instead what’s really
It was like the ghost was present again
suddenly his voice breaks into a racking
“let me tell you what happened Richy, if you
think am a bad father, I’m not,
Stop following me, I’m not a bad person
Read ” Beyond captivating ” by the same
author ( Op. Amina )
. ” he shouted and cried…
He pulls the car to speed… My phone almost
fall, but I was fast to catch it…
I hold on to it tightly and silently place it back
to the top of the nonscence he occupied the
boot with …
“God Richy, I thought he was my brother, but
I never knew he was my enemy, he took all I
had away from me, all of you, your brothers
and your mum.”
It was like the ghost spoke back to him asking
about how it all happened ..
“Okay okay promise me if I tell you how. You
would stop following me,”
“you would be at rest Richy, am only avenging
your death. Desmond took you all away from
He was silent for a moment, My heart suddenly
skipped when he let out a deep scream..
“stop arguing with me Richy, am your father, I
knew every damn thing that happened…”
I was actually shaking with everything I was
eaves dropping on,
My heart let out a pounding like never before
so the ghost was his son, so it might be the
ghost actually knew I was here,
God the ghost is helping me squeezed all his
secret out…
Is this real life or fantasies, so ghosts who
torments really exists..
Whereever you are Richy. I know I can’t see
you, and I know you’re trying to stop your dad
too, but I just really wish you could show
yourself to me once after all this is over…
you’ve really helped me a lot… Thank you so
much …
“shut up Richy ” he argued
“Desmond always had everything ahead of me,
fame, women, he passed out of school ahead
of me, he acquired wealth ahead of me …he
acquired everything ahead of me despite being
his senior brother thought it was faith right at
first,, but when he had the only thing I have
ahead of him…
Mine crumbled and varnished, and that was
you guys, when he had Sam, that was when
you guys died and then did I realise that
accident had happened so he could be ahead
of me again, I wanted to kill his daughter but I
thought of it and hold back,
I wanted to torture Her.
I wanted to make her life miserable before I
would strangled her to death….. so Desmond
would know how pained it is to loose a child…
I thought a grown up child would be the most
painful one right…
He laughed between sobs…
“Richy, am only avenging your death.,, don’t
worry if am done here I’ll come join you guys,
your mum and your brothers, hope they are
fine ”
“what!!!!, you don’t know where they are, ”
“so you choose to keep tomenting your dad,
cause you are not at rest right, it’s a simple
thing to do. Just go to your grave and rest,
Richy go. , go now”
He let out another laugh…
“good boy ”
All possible thoughts drove away from my mind
at the discoveries,
I was so shocked to the extent, I thought I
was gonna die of fear …
I just don’t know what to start thinking
This ghost has really done his part, its now left
or me to protect my woman in every possible
way …
If he’s planning to hurt her, then I must plan
for a way to get her to safety tonight .
I struggled and stretched my arms to pick my
phone , I clicked on the record and quickly
saved it…
Your downfall is near Eric
His jeep finally pulls to stop ,, he got down… I
struggled at the back of his boot , it was
opened as though someone has opened it ..
I blinked rapidly and squeezed my form up to
peep through the glass.. I glanced around,
the building was a bungalow, probably the
house he lives in,
I saw a guy met him half way as he led him
further …
There was anger all over his face when he
stormed in….
I opened the boot slowly and got down..
My whole body hurts from too much bending ,
but for the life of me I have to get out of here, I
slide my phone into my pocket and tapped on it
At the sound of gun shot, my mind skipped in
beats , I wanted to run right inside the
building.. But something in me stops me….
Don’t you dare Steve
I turn Instead and ran towards the gate…
I hope Ann and Caleb are safe..
But still I must find a way to come back here
tonight,, probably to come search for the bomb
botton ….
But first I have to get out of here for now…
I raced at the sight of Andrew gesturing at me
I kissed on my cross once more and raced
So help me God …

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