Cold But Charming – Episode

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Caleb pov:
Guilt fluttered all over my face knowing how
fully well I completely forgot about ann… She
was such a wonderful friend…
A very good one , how could I have just
forgetten about her like that..
for a moment I could only stare as she blink
back tears…
Her smile was slow and warm
filled with those innocent girly look I saw the
very first day Andrew brought her home..
I can’t believe it’s been 10 long years and it
felt just like yesterday..
But how much I miss that girl …nooo
My eyes locked onto hers
for a moment. ..
Her sight sent tremors of delight racing through
I can’t believe I forgot all about my pains and
My heart was beating fast now as I gasped…
she isn’t a girl anymore,
But a sinfully s-xy woman ..
I try getting back to my senses but I couldn’t ..
I swallowed hard , I have never referred any
woman as s-xy in a long while except Sam,
My heart wouldn’t stop beating as I met her
I stare down at my trouser and surprisingly
glared back at her
i frown ,
How’s this possible ,,
Sam is the only woman that has ever turn me
on at the mere sight of her
now Ann,
I felt a burning surge as I bit my lower lips, she
isn’t talking, probably waiting for me to say
something first ..
I tried focusing on my pains and not the way
she looks so spelled bound..
i can’t believe she’s as s-xy as anything even
with her bruised face

I remain speechless, my stares meeting her
love, tempting dry lips, how I wish I could just
get out of this rope and sucked on them, wet
them, seized them…
I shifted my gaze down wards to her boob’s,
Damn….i had to close my eyes and opened
them again
What wrong with you caleb
I realised my hands were tied so tightly to the
theres no way I could move them,
My whole form hurts, but with all the effort in
me, I moved the chair with my legs, it took few
second but I successfully got to be in front of
her..our legs only mere inches apart.
I frowned and stared at her bruised face …the
room was dark ,I couldn’t see much…
I gulp back pains as I remember those hot slap
I overheard yesterday, all of that on her face,,
Damn those people, f**k them..
I noticed her breathing has accelerated a little ,
I narrow my stares back to her eyes this time,
she was looking down at her laps,
I had to smile she has always been that shy
“hi beautiful” I finally spoke..
I sensed her fast breath evaporated
with a small smile ,
“hi C. J”
At the sound of her soft voice for a moment the
pains in my wound seems to varnish into thin
“I love how that sound,”
She was trying to laugh but was cut shut as
she groans in pains ..
“Ann, you are hurt, ”
“I would be lieing if I said am not , ” she let out
a breath..
“how did you get here Caleb, thought you
traveled out ”
“yes I did, I came back about a year ago”
“a year ago, ” there was a surprising tone In
her voice
“yea am sorry I neither said my good byes
then or get in touch with you after I came back,

I realise her sober thoughts intruded right in
her voice when she finally spoke
“oh … How much I missed you caleb”
Her response emboldened me .
It shocked me, it was like the entire planet has
just been blowed into a smithereens.. Silence
descended as we both stare into each others
No lady has ever said that to me, not even
when I had spoken to the woman I’ve loved all
my life.
But this elegant woman in front of me, why
does it feels like she was the one I’ve craved
and loved all this years ..
All sort of feeling raved through me at the sight
of her being hurt and wounded…
My stomach knotted and so so wish I could
strangle whomsoever did this to her”
“Ann….” I gritted my teeth ..
“who is behind this, I was at a club last night
when I eaves drop on these people
conversation and tortures.. .i didn’t know it was
you they were torturing
I was trying to escape when one of the grabed
me …
I tell you they gave me the beatings I have
never experienced in my life ”
I felt her eyes searched mine as her breath
accelerated once more..
“hope they didn’t hurt you much C. J, are you
in pain, are you okay …. Are you ”
“I’ll manage Ann, ” I had to cut her words
Now frowning
Is all this real or my imagination ..
And why do I have this feeling I should start
seeing this woman as more than a friend,
if God says we’ll get out of this mess..
Maybe I should give it a try, hopefully I might
forget about Sam..
Or may be …..
My heart was there hammering all the while as
too many thoughts run through it
I licked on my lips once more….
Could this be love…
What about my feelings for Sam, how can I
relate that..
“it’s Mr Lewis ..Caleb, he’s an evil man, ” she
My mind skipped
“Lewis ….you mean the same Lewis …sam
“not Sam dad but the brother Erik lewis”
“what , ” I nod limply into space
so he was the one who stabbed me “I fumed to
myself… ”
“what’s wrong with him, what did he want ”
I glanced back at her unable to stop staring at
her alluring lips,
“I don’t know Caleb, he just derive pleasure in
evil, he is such a wicked soul, he’s gonna kill
us ” she sobs
“I don’t wanna die caleb”
I glanced around and let out a breath..
I try squeezing my form around the rope but
my side hurt like hell.. I hope I wont I die of
Seeing her so scared and hurt
All I could do now was be a man and give her
hopes .. Although it hurt me, it hurt me so much
to see her like this..
I moved my chair now beside her ,
“ann, am sure people are out there looking for
us, you won’t die… We both won’t okay”
I stare down at her lips, and gave her form a
brooding look ,
what am I thinking,
years ago …
i could only love one girl and that was Sam
and I was hell sure I dreamt about her minutes
ago .
And in the next minutes I can’t seems to get
this damsel out of my mind…
God what’s wrong with me
My thought got interrupted when the door
suddenly flinged open.
A tall guy with locks and high boot came in all
smelling of smoke .
He carried a lamb light and place it high on the
Ann shuddered and spoke softly…
“Caleb move back a bit ”
I was fast to do what she said before he turn to
us.. My eyes widened at him
“mmmm” his eyes shadowed at Ann for an
instant then hardened…
Why is this bastard looking at her that way..
“spike” he called out..
He cracked his neck and adjusted himself to lit
a cigarette
Another beard guy also with lock came in after
him, rugged look, dark, with two narrow eye
that went right in like skeleton.. also wearing a
top boot with half licked cigarette on his
hands.. Both with red shirt which has the head
of a skeleton printed on it
“Shabana xup”
The cigarette dangles from shabana lips as he
skimmed a long intimate look at Ann..
His voice was thick.. And hard
” shey you no see that geshi ni, I Don dey eye
am since yesterday , ”
Spike moved and sat at a corner
“shabby, you know say boss no go like make
we do that kind thing without his go ahead na,
commot your eye ”
All the while, head was banging..
I stare back at ann who was also trembling like
Christmas chicken..
Heat, thick as boiled sugar cane surged
through my veins… My breath choked ,,
It’s been long I called to God but right now..
My head knew it, my heart knew it, my whole
form knew it that I have to….
God I just want this people dead, Or you take
my life first, I can’t watch them touch Ann, I
can’t take this… please God please, ..
Shabanna ignored spike, he laughed and
moved further, first he stood in front of me for a
while and bend slowly..
God he was so ugly..
Heat as red as the glowing end of his cigarette
shot right on my face
“fine boy,” he pursed for a moment and
“roooooooarrrr” he puff out his smoke
Gosh I got shocked, is he a dog, a lion or what
..this guys I so much hate them
goooooooshhhhh, he stood straight
I briefly closed my eyes and blew out a breath
…but the rage expression on my face was
nothing to write home about ,,

I watch him moved towards Ann.. He was
staring at her like he would swallow her up at
and moment .. He lift up his dirty hands on face
and c-ressed her cheek slightly..
“Omo spike this girl soft oo, she go sweet die”
God my whole system went awry, I couldn’t
think, couldn’t blink, my veins rushed out to
see what was happening as I squeezed my
form on the chair.. The words that lingers came
out of my mouth anyway
“don’t you dare touch her ”
And it shocked me, even when I had seen that
Steve guy kissed Sam I hadn’t spoken out like
this.. I was all but feeling awful and disgusted.
He turn back to me angrily and gave me a ring
out blow right on the lips …
“Good God ” I winced
“how dare you talk back at me ”
He landed another hot slap on my face
I spat out some blood ,
I stare back at him and grinned storbbonly
before spatting blood right at his front..
“you are a gold digger”
At the sound of that he grabbed my ear and
twisted it so hard, I ruggedly hold my screams
as hot tears rushed down my face..
God it was so painful..
Ann screamed in horror
“leave him alone, you are hurting him ”
Spike was there at a corner watching the whole
stuff.. He was laughing and smoking the living
day out of himself..
Shabby landed another hard blow on my face,
this time I flew along with the chair to the right
angle of the room…
“caleb” Ann screamed once more ….i groaned
in pains but still storbbornly
Turn and smile up at shabby
“come on, ” I lashed out. .. He bolted towards
me and grabbed my cloth, I could only watch
as he slapped me
Left, right, left right..
Goshh I was so so defenseless with my tied
hands, everywhere instantly turned double as
the blood coming out of my head sprink along
with the slap,
Left, right he continued
Ann scream pierced the whole room as she
At the sound of that I felt so awful but still…… if
its the only way I got to distract this guy from
her, then am so willing to get the beating ..
“eeee don do you shabby, shey na beating
you con do for here or you con bang ” spike
Shabby suddenly pushed me away and there
my head banged on the chair as it slid much
further into the room, I was laying on my side
now, everywhere hurt so bad, my head bang,
my body aches, my wound pierces, it took me
few seconds to get back my visions only to see
the bastard whispering to Ann’s ears, he
laughed and moved to the back to loosen the
“this geshi get big butt, uhhhh”
My gut tightened at the sound of that, I
struggled and pushed my self ..god please
Ann… Ann doesn’t deserve this, I kicked and
“you bastard don’t you dare touch her.. ”
I stare at ann’s eyes which now full of fears
and terror.. God they threatened her..
“dont you dare listen to their threat ann let
them kill me if they want to”
“oh God, ” I cried out loud as hot tears rushed
down my face.. This was a moment of truth for
me, the moment I knew Ann was the one have
been loving all this years, it wasn’t Sam it was
Maybe that was why God shut my courage off
Sam totally,
Maybe that was why I had to watch her
secretly for good eighteen years without doing
nothing .
This was a moment, for all my previous
imaginings, that i would not have believed
possible, a moment of rare and exquisite
horror that would last in my memory forever.
It was Ann., God I stopped loving Sam a long
time ago, it was her.
I kicked and shout as I watch them order her to
kneel with her ass up..
She stare back at me and blink back tears
“dammit Ann, don’t you dare”
My face was horror, blood covered and
Shabby holds her now free hands as She
moved slowly and bends ..
And there the door suddenly fling open..
And in the next moment we heard the sound of
gun shot as shabby suddenly layed flat in cold
blood, Ann eyes widened at the sight as she
raced uncontrollably towards me,
She bents and carried my head to her laps..
She wipe off my blood stained face and sob..
“c. j are you okay,”
“I am not”
With trembling hands she touched my eyes
and stare into them..
“I’m not because, God really answered my
She nodded and smiled through tears.. ..
She was opening her mouth to say something
when suddenly
We both glanced up at the sound and gasped
“oh no not again”
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