Cold But Charming – Episode

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Steve pov:
I groaned inwardly bolting forward towards the
side of the road to get a taxi
Few minutes of turbulent welcome from my
colleagues was hell,
God those guys are something else, they
wouldn’t leave me alone
.seriously ..
I can’t believe they aren’t even getting their
ass worked up on Ann disappearance,
only asking stupid questions about my
relationship with Sam.. Goshhhh…
And that Cindy girl what was that all about
Flash back
Without further delay after glancing back at
Sam ..I took few steps forward and call back
at Cindy..
“Cindy, come-on. . Let’s get out to the main
hall. ”
She fastened her step and grab my hands …
“Steve wait ”
I glanced down at her and study her for a
She looks different and smells faintly of lilacs
yeah she looks good but what,
“I’ve missed you” she sounded as if she was
about to weep ..
whats all this …
we hardly even talk before I left ..
I watch her bite her lips and eyed me s-
“see” she gently took my hand and place it on
her chest I had to shift my gaze away at the
sight of her exposed bre-st..
“my heart is beating for you Steve, this is the
way I’ve always felt since the first day I set my
eyes on you” her tone was soft and s-ductive
I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth
“cindy, get back to your senses and leave my
hand, any one might be coming… even sam”
She frown blinking her catty eyelashes
“It’s surprising that our ever cold miss
Samanthan could fall for you with in a week
and how many days,”
she snorted out
I squeezed my brows and sounded matter of
“watch your mouth, I don’t want you talking
about her that way ”
I yanked my hand off and took a few steps
She ran up once more stopping me again,
without giving me some breathing space she
tiptoed and placed her lips on mine..
“taaaaa” I pushed her back while I glance
back to make sure anyone is not coming .
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. I turn back to her and spoke hoarsely
“what the heck is wrong with you Cindy, Sam
is someone I can never play with, much less
toy with her emotions …
I love her more than my life, so would you stop
being so silly and excuse me,”
I bolted to the main hall leaving her there all
stunned and shocked,
I thought I’ve always day dream of screwing
her with those simplicity and flawless look but
that was before I left …not anymore, not now
that I met sam
The day had gotten dawned hot and drenched
with humidity. As the heat it brought shimmered
to my form
I know lying to Sam about heading to police
station is hell bent.
But I have to fight this, I have to be strong for
her.. I need to get to my apartment and think of
how to defeat this uncle of hers without anyone
dieing …
I just have to get away from here to make up
with some plans cause after seeing that fuse
inside mr Lewis office, I was sure he took care
of his plans so well.. Those bomb are real…
I retreated further to the upper side of the road
when an SUV slowly drove by, reversed and
parked in front of me..
“steve” the voice call out
I guided my hand to the piercing sun and bend
The glass was slided down .. Surprisingly it
turn out to be no other but the ever champion
male sl-t who could date 100 girls with in a
month …this is so surprising
“Andrew wao it’s been a while”..
“come on hop in Steve, hope you ain’t in a
hurry ”
“no not at all”
he drove inside the company and towards the
parking deck
“And you why are you here, coming for a
“not really” he shook his head
I nodded and glanced back at the back seat,
he noticed this and smile
“man, what the hell are you looking at,, chicks
huh, you checking whether I got some chicks
at my back seat.”
I scan his ever s-xy look once more and
tapped him on the head..
“common man I was only glancing back,” I
replied cooly
He smile faintly ..
“right now, if not for this mess my brother got
me into I should have been banging my third
chick at some hotel right now ”
Smiling wryly I cleared my tone
“remember you ain’t the only guy that got a
d*ck man, Good God andrew you are such a
b-tch right from school ”
He laughed..
“common Steve on normal occasions you
could have well meet one or two chicks with
big butt at that back seat, but my big brother is
missing, we’ve been looking all over for him
since last night .. That’s why I came around
here to meet with the daughter of the person
who owns this company, Martha or Sam
“Samanthan” I corrected
“yes SAMANTHAN he continued, God you
can’t believe my bro has been all over this
chick……… ”
“woman” I corrected once more
He stare at me shaggily before he continued
“Caleb has been all over this girl since he was
a kid Steve, you can’t believe it. ”
Suddenly the conversation hit too close at the
sound of Caleb, caleb…
Caleb was Andrew brother .. God I can’t
believe this, and him being missing could …..
Could he be the second person that horrible
man kidnap… thought his mum came for him,
how did he….”
My eyes widened surprisingly as I stare back
at andrew …
“you have a big bro, I thought the only brother
you got was john”
“I got a big bro man just that he didn’t situate
around here for years, he just came back
about a year ago, chasing after this same
chick he’s been heads over In love with since
ten years old, what kind of love Is that
imagine, my mum just brought him back from
Abuja yesterday, we got into a Lil fight, so he
left angrily, and hasn’t been back home ever
since, I have to leave the police station and
come here..

. ”
“but i didn’t expect to see you here thought I
heard from Ann you were transfered or
something, and talk of Ann have been trying
her number she isn’t picking,”
I struggled on my seat with my finger on my
lips thinking all sort, this feeling of irritation and
churning anger boiling inside of me , this is
getting too much, how am i gonna do this so
caleb, Ann and everyone wont loose their life
to this
I gulp back anguishness as Andrew continued
“do you know if the chick is around or
something ”
“a woman ” I corrected angrily this time
“hey man come on, a woman is a chick, a
chick’s a woman ” he said playfully
You relate Sam like that again and am gonna
get your ass crawl out of here Andrew…
He laughed
“common man Sam, chick, chick sam”
My hard blow landed on his shoulder as he let
out a painful grin..
“wait…..dont tell me you are also in love with
this girl”
“for Christ sake, she isn’t a girl but a woman
Andrew ”
“seriously man, what about Jessica, Celine,
Beatrice ,vivian.. Those chick you’ve f**cked
man you just gonna let them go like that ”
I sent him a jaggy look
“you are a complete nut case Andrew common
have some respect for those ladies”
“you know what” he continued thickly
“I really wish to meet this chick who sent both
you and brothers heart racing off the hill …i bet
am gonna steal her away”
He opened the door and raced out before he
could get another one of my hard blow,
He came in again..
“come on man, get down and lead me in ”
“I think I know where Caleb is..
At the sound of that he suddenly lurched
himself in and sat straight..
I turn my head and obviously almost spit in half
at his sight, he was coming out of company ..
As always with his dark outfit and
unreasonable Laugh,
Why is he always laughing.
“gosh this man is going crazy ”
And Sam my God is she okay,, I glaced at my
phone and saw five missed calls …
Two from Anita and three from sam..
“Richy get down front the driver seat ”
Erik said harshly..
I quickly wine up and and drop down the seat,
I was fast to gesture at Andrew to stay quiet
and do the same thing I did..
I dailed her number and spoke quietly
“sam, are you okay”
“steve that horrible man came, I think he only
came to scare me”
“stay put babe, did he hurt you”
“no no Steve, mum and dad is here ”
“okay, stay right there with them I would be
with you soon, love you”
“love you too” the phone got disconnected
I peep as he continue tapping at the glass as
though telling someone to get down…
This man has turn totally crazy,
“no one is inside that car” Andrew said quietly
“get the hell down from my car Richy, go meet
mummy, daddy needs to run some errands ”
The door quietly open by itself as he turn to
talk to space..
“Richy, go now and bath, you are such a
mess.. ”
His horror attitude scares me, but still there is
still so many lives at risk here… I need to strike
to action immediately ..
The realisation on what to do came to me and I
quickly turn to Andrew,,

“Andrew there is no time to explain anything,
am going out to hide in that mans boot so he
could lead Me to where Caleb and Ann is”
“Ann,… Caleb…. What…the hell are…. ”
“hey no questions, just make sure you trail his
car, be as far as possible so he won’t caught
you,,.. Stay at a far corner so you can pick me
up, when I ring you ”
“okay man ” Andrew gasp
“am in”
I peeped once more, After making sure Erik
has entered his car, I got down quietly and
raced to the back, thank God his boot was not
I quietly open it and gestured at Andrew to
stay alert while I entered and close it back
quietly …although it was so tight but for the
lives of my loved ones I had to squeeze my
form in
In the next seconds I heard the sound of his
laugh, as he drove out….
Few minutes I think I got busted when my
phone suddenly let out a ring.
With sweat brims all over my face,, I cursed
and quickly off the phone and place it to
God it was anita..
Damn anita
His car suddenly pulls to slow as he stopped
and I knew right away heaven is calling and
it’s finally here
I heard the sound of laugh and that of a knife
“someone is at back of my boot” he laughed
and got down..
I heard his foot steps as he moved slowly and
now standing at the back
he let out another wicked laugh.. As he
cracked the boot
“gram, O my God”
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