Cold But Charming – Episode
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Ann pov:
I was alive, although I wasn’t sure why,
After repeated interrogations and tortures from
the man i’ve always seen as gentle and
Then I was sure I could welcome anything ..
I realise he derive pleasure in torturing..
Pleasures in Power
Pleasure in breaking people’s spirit..
Pleasure in killing,
Even up till now I still do not understand the
reason for his tortures and how I have anything
to do with my bosses document..
I was just an innocent lady working as a
secretary for his own blood brother only to do
this to me just because I met with a lawyer,
can’t anyone meet with a lawyer
Mr Erik is indeed a devilish psychopath ..
Now I know he isn’t gonna leave me alive..he
is gonna kill me… .
After fully knowing his other personality that he
so much Hidded from the world,
Oh lord,
What about my family?, what about my friends
and most especially my dreams of meeting that
special man who will love me till the end of
All of that are just gonna crash right in my face
I wish he just die . An horror death.
Spatting out a mouth full of blood, I realise my
hands were tied at the back of a chair..
With my head down, I ache more with pains, I
could see the small reflection of light peeping
into the room
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. The room was dank and dark,
it was like a solitary confinement in hell.. Just
few blocks of golden light reflected to the room
, I could sense it’s the cast of morning light ..
I exhaled slowly. I knew my eyes were
swollen from their hot slap but not worst
enough to get shut.
I raised my head up at the sound of mumur
and right there I knew I wasn’t alone,
whispers, mo-ns, sounds ,
My fingers tremble,
Are they here again, are they here to torture
me, for several moments my groggy mind
refuse to function .the fear of another beating
got my whole form trembling, until I squeezed
my eyes shut and open them again… And
There in front of me was a man, the golden
light was reflected right on his face..
A good looking man, with damnly s-xy biceps
Being injured, no one would deny he is still a
good sight to watch.
Gosh is he real or an angel sent in disguise..
“Sam” he murmured..
He raised his head up now, it took me several
moment to recognise him, but when I did it
was like the weight of the world felt solid and
rested on my chest .
“caleb” I whispered
Flash back
The place was the most beautiful sight have
ever seen, the mansion was indeed another
heaven on earth,
I can’t believe the first boy that ever had a
crush on me could be living here and still
stoop him self so low to attend that middle
class school of ours,
My high heel boot scrunched over the gravel
as I approach towards the front step slowly..
Andrew call much louder now as he got to the
front door.
“hey Ann, come on walk faster”
I knew Andrew was the type of boy that loves
girls, even been in ss1, he had dated and
dump like ten girls In my class..
But when He took me out three, maybe four
times, each
time coaxing me a little further, buying me
expensive stuff, Guess with my chicken brain I
was sure i wanted to be with him, to do what all
the other girls talked so much about. I wanted
them to respect me too. For a guy to call me on
So When he asked me up to his house I do not
reject cause I heard how filthy rich his parent
I just wanted to see with my own eyes..
Now that am here I just can’t help but look
I straighten my school uniform and walked in
with Andrew, I gasp and glanced around, the
hall was with flaggy floor on a Persian rug
which took pride of the place, there was a
Georgian table standing against one of the
pale washed wall holding a sun burst of
beautiful designs.. Andrew took me two steps
to a double glass door opening a large
drawing room, the room was filled with music,
a blues music,
A guy stretched out on one of the sofas which
flanked the fire place carved for the cold
weather.. but as Andrew came in
He walked over the hi-fi system which
occupied most of the wall and remove the
record from the tape..
His eyes flew open..
“hey man I was enjoying that ”
“gosh bro, I give you 100percent in love, but
could you please stand up and meet my
girlfriend already”
He looked past Andrew and to me His smile
was like wao, I couldn’t help but stare cause
he was shirtless. Framed with beautiful
upcoming six packs ..
“hey” he stands
“hope you didn’t mind, to see your inlaw this
He was glancing at his body…
“oh not not all ”
I hurriedly said squeezing a smile..
Andrew moved towards me and drew me
closer to his side ..
“Ann meet the most romantic big bro on earth,
And caleb, meet Anna my boo”
I saw andrew winks towards Caleb who likely
understand, and I immediately felt so
embarrassed with it, which shows I wasn’t the
first girl he would have likely brought home”
“hi caleb”
“oh Anna, for Christ sake you are so beautiful
nice meeting you ”
“thank you, nice meeting you too”
he roll his eyes and puff out a breath ,
I cant believe he also knew his brother to be a
woman wrapper type..
He glare back at Andrew
“could you manage some coffee for us, hope
you do not mind Ann”
“no I don’t ”
“alright, I got it ” Andrew rushed away.
The door closed behind us and we were alone,
he glanced at me and smile..
“Anna, I can see you are a very beautiful and
responsible girl, to tell you the truth, you are
the number eighteenth girl Andrew brought
home this month, ”
I gasp with a wide eye expression .
“surprised too so I wouldn’t want you snooping
around with him. I just want you to stop dating
Andrew, my brother is dangerous he’s an as-
hole especially when it comes to girls ”
I stare up at him blinking rapidly, is he truly
telling me this
Gosh, I taught it was also one of those lies in
movies…about love at first sight stuff
I didn’t believe them, until I met this guy ..
Gosh I instantly fell for him, he is so sweet..
And heart warming
Total opposite of that d-ck head Andrew ….
I couldn’t help but stare at the way he looks so
fine, with those eye brow and perfectly straight
nose .
I twisted my fingers feeling embarrassed
already, ..he moved and gestured towards the
“sit down ann”
I squeezed a smile..
“oh thanks ”
I stumbled across the sofa ..
“I never said you should stop being friends
with Andrew, cause you are always welcome
here anytime, but let the dating stuff cut, ”
“okay, It will, thanks Caleb ”
“you’re welcome”
Andrew came back with the coffee, and we all
had a lot of time chatting and getting to much
more about each other . I found out Caleb was
in ss3 attending one if the richest school in
town .. Guess the stuff like having a family
eye follow Andrew every movement made him
reject attending the same school with his
few weeks of getting to know Caleb was like
getting stucked in a love triangle when I heard
about his long drowling love for his childhood
friend and also one of his classmates.
the more I visit Andrew in pretence to see his
brother, the more I get to like him and get used
to him whenever he came out to say hi,,
Being around Caleb was the most sweetest
feeling in the world we do gist and laugh on so
many occasions, we became such good
friends I get to know his dreams and much

. guess he likes me but wasn’t attracted to me
in that other way…. . But I didn’t give up i kept
hoping ..
But the thing was he never talked about this
girl he’s so much in love it, and I never try to
squeeze it out of him until he decided to talk
about it …guess he never talked about it until
he left
My long love was caught short when I heard
he travel out of the country to study entirely a
different course from his dreams and I start to
wonder what the hell happened to those
dreams of becoming a Nigeria famous actor ..
Cause he has the quality, the look, the
enigma and the talent…
That was when I knew the two years of
building a long love relationship mind with
caleb had all drown to sea…
I had to lick my wounds alone and forget about
this guy whom I knew as my first love, but my
wish then was I hope we meet again..
Flashback ends
Now staring at him all wounded with a swollen
lips, I didn’t wanna believe my eye as it kept
inching so bad, though I do see Andrew on
one or two occasions but he never talks about
his brother and neither do I ask about him….
And now my heart wouldn’t stop racing at the
sight of him, I can’t believe it’s been ten long
years …
Will he remember me, will he perhaps knew
who I was
“hey” I called softly to him
“how is it you were here when” he said still with
his eyes closed
And right there I knew he was talking through
his sleep ..gosh how the hell did he get himself
stucked in this kind of mess, he looks so
wounded and hurt..
I immediately felt so Disgusted with every thing
mr Erik had done while I battled with an
overwhelming bitterness
Hot tears started to fall before I could stop it .
That man is so heartless, so wicked…
“hey Caleb ” I call out again
His eyes flew open as he searched
everywhere in fright and now narrowing his
gaze at me. I sensed he was trying to
remember who I was,
He shifted his head here and there as though
trying to search his brain suddenly he shot his
gaze wide at me and call softly
“oh God Ann, ”
At the sound of that ..i knew right there God
has given me the second chance to meet this
guy….. My first love..
Caleb Justin..
I cough and smile between tears
“I thought you wouldn’t remember my face

Mr Gold pov: Steve dad
I realise my worst night mare is here, when I
glanced side ways to see Steve and a lady, a
pretty one …..
“Lewis inc please” he said
My heart skipped, I wanted to drive off but with
all the strength In me,
I decided to wait,..
Probably this is the way of God is getting back
at me for what I did…
He pushed me right handed into my sons hand
and there’s nothing I could do about it..
I was patient to wait until they enter..
Am a failed father… A weakling, a veterinarian
who had nothing, and still kept doing
unnecessary favour until it landed me into so
much trouble…
Trouble of an huge debt I was unable to
My problem started when
I was first diagnosed with an high blood
pressure, later leading to an heart attack
which nearly took my life…
The doctor warned me to stay away from
stress, that’s why I had to fake my death in
collaboration with my family members so as to
get away from debtors and responsibilities..
I know lying to my wife and children was an
hypocrite thing to do…
But I couldn’t bear the constant humiliation of
people which almost took away my life ..
I flee to the outside world, thinking If I get
better and get a better job doing I could return
but guess a year isn’t enough to get things
right ..
Few months ago through connection I got a job
as a taxi man in the airport, I had to start
managing and secretly sending some cash to
my wife’s account, to settle those debt .
But seeing Steve today
I realise how damn long would i keep faking my
death to the world ..
How long will I keep living alone like I have no
family and children,
How long will I keep been a foolish old man..
I should at least think about my children and
wife before thinking of doing such a strong
thing like faking a death..
Gosh how much I miss them, I can see how
much steve has grown so big and handsome..
Probably this Beautiful lady beside him was his
It amazes me how well I can still read his
mood to realise something was indeed wrong ,,
He was crying, Steve never cries …
He’s such a rugged boy, he barely cries even
when he was a kid,
With that i felt so worst inside..
I felt so angry at myself self, am as good as
I never knew how well he’s doing, or whether
he finds a job yet or not… Probably he might
have forgotten about me by now..
Steve was hurt
How do i get to explain to him, how do i get to
tell him I only fake my death so as to get away
from those debt, it’s such a shameful thing to
I wanted to call to him but I realise he was
already making out with the lady probably
kissing her…
I smile between tears
Some thing was indeed wrong..
Steve, my son,
I can’t help but blink back more tears,,
I’m sorry I failed you son, am sorry I failed all
of you…
I’m so sorry, I hope you do not hate me now
Am a failed father, an incomplete father, a
weakling who couldn’t face my problems but
run away from it…
My heart skipped much faster now when I look
up through the glass
And there our eyes met…
He was blinking rapidly not wanting to believe
what he saw
“dad” he called softly at first
“dad!!!!” …
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