Cold But Charming – Episode
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Sam pov
I quest on the reasons why I shouldn’t go with
Steve but found none,
its like faith has brought us together, imposing
my problems with his and his to mine..
And now that I knew his intentions .
Deep inside I was glad, cause now that have
found him am all ready no matter the
circumstances to go with him to wherever, I
mean anywhere,
I was Fully dressed in brown cotton pants and
blue sailored top, I glanced at steve who
places his phone to his ears, while he hurriedly
spoke through it, a lot of calls and messages
has been bombarding his phone which makes
my heart skips in beats and felt so sad for the
missing lady,
with the look Steve wore the entire time it
seems the situation has gone more worst .. He
already parked all his stuffs and mine
I could only sit patiently beside the bed and
wait for him..
He glanced at me fully ready with this stress
flickers all over on his face,
I try not to concentrate on how handsome he
looks in his tight fitting jean and blue silk
tailored shirt that was opened to the mid point if
his chest,
But the weariness in his eyes says it all
showing how much he really care about this
he wasn’t looking straight to me .. Now that he
spoke, I knew he was hiding the shakiness in
his voice which was so obvious …
“Sam are you ready ”
I shook my head while he reached for my
hands and drew me closer..
He placed an hot kiss on my forehead and
drop to look straight into my eyes…
“sorry for the inconveniences… ”
“no problem,,.. ”
he squeezed a smile and led me out
We were about climbing down the last flat
steps and towards the reception when he
suddenly grabbed my hand and shove me to a
Alerted with his barely showing Adams apple
moving up and down…
“Don’t move, silent your breath sam”
he instructed in an urgent whispers.. And right
there I knew something was wrong, i nodded
as my muscles tightened warily
Now that our body was so close as anything, I
couldnt help but inhale his perfume and
masculine scent ..he places a finger on my lips
while I nibbled it with heart, I could feel his
stares on me now wishing I was able to read
his expression
Apaced he pushes my head to his chest while
he pressed his body more tightly to mine …
God he’s so strong
At the sound of boot passing by and ascending
up the stairs, right there i knew that was the
person we were avoiding …
With the stiffness in my heart, something in me
tells me… Uncle Erik found out I told Steve all
about him..
Now he’s after him
Gosh what have I done to deserve all this
punishment from uncle Erik
Now fitting my hands tightly to his we move out
hurriedly and ran towards the car
in the next seconds we were off …
“what happened back there Steve, is that my
uncle ”
Trying to calm his breath, he glanced back
checking if anyone was following us, he push
the car to speed
“Sam pick up my phone and dail Henry, …” he
said ignoring my question..
Trying not to push him further, i hurriedly pick
up his phone, and felt this clunky sound in my
stomach when I realise its been locked with a
password ..
Wondering why he locked it when there was
none on it last night.. Squeezing my face to a
frown I typed the names that first came to my
ANNA, ANN,, but both came out with a wrong
He caught me anyway…
“I can’t believe you could be getting jealous in
a kinda situation like this Sam. The password
is your name, just type Sam… ”
God, my face got heated at the moment, I
realise I was opening my mouth repeatedly
without nothing coming out it,
The call got connected while I reach it out to
him, suddenly the deserted estate road of the
hotel turn an eerie sights which got my heart
skipping in terror.
Steve spoke hurriedly through the phone,
passing forth the estate address and all
necessary information before dropping his
phone , ….
Suddenly a pick up truck raced up behind us,
the head light blinding then screeches around
us and rammed into Steve side..
I shrieked as Steve clutched the steering
wheel with steely grip trying to maintain control
“Sam hold on” he shouted
He steady the gear and zoom forward..
My eyes all widened as I placed my hands on
my racing chest, I glanced back ward only to
see the pick up trunk speed up and rammed
into the side of the car again which sent us
bouncing off the road ..
“dammit ” Steves shouted and pressed the
brake which went ahead and skid into a light
post before it stopped ,,
“oh my God Steve ”
Glass shatters on the drivers seat and pelt
Steve as the air bag exploded..
Metal scrunched I could hear the front bumper
folded. Steve ripped away the airbag and
reached side Way to see if I was alright.
“Sam are you alright ”
he was searching me with all kinds fright
filming all over his face,
“oh my God” I touched his face at the sight of
few cuts bruised right beside his lips and
Tears was on my face now , when the door
suddenly flung open,
A tall, big beard man trys to drag me from the
car while he pointed a gun towards Steve…
“how many miles do you think you can get
away with this fashion car of yours, ” he said
Scared to the throat, I screamed and push at
him trying to free myself from his hold,
“get away from me ”
But he jerked my arms and yanked me to the
“f-ck you woman ”
“sam” Steve shouted
I could hear his curse as he kick on the
stucked door repeatedly before jumping out…
“sam” he raced towards me but was stopped
shut when the guy pointed his gun towards him
“i was told to bring the lady man..and if you
choose to die, dare take another step forward.

I shake my head towards Steve screeming at
“don’t you dare take another step forward
please Steve , please ”
The beard man was obviously stronger than he
look as he pulled me towards the black pick up
Not still wanting to give up I clawed and kick at
Steve pov:
My heart nearly rip out of my chest at the sight
of Sam being drag towards that dirty trunk
Sam shouted warning me not to come
forward. .but over my dead body will I allow
some ugly tyrant drag away my woman right In
my face, I would be damned if I ever allow it..
Adrenaline rushed through me as I bent and
speedily took a back fleet forward and attack
him knocking us all to the ground …
Sam screemed as the tyrant lost his hold on
“Sam get away ”
I watched her pushed to her hands shakily as
she crawled to the side of the road
Fury raged in me ..with a clenched fist I
punched the tyrant hard in the mouth,
He groaned wanting to point the gun at me but
I was fast to grab his hands to the sky as he
pressed the trigger and shot repeatedly to airs
I twisted my hold on his hand as he suddenly
lost balance of the gun,
“you bastard” I punched him right on his face
this time. ..i watch him roll as he swung his fist
up and connected an hard blow to my nose..
I cursed while we roll each other to the dirt
trading punches..
“trying to take away my woman , am gonna kill
you ”
my rage was able to enhance my strength as I
over powered him,, gave him a hard right, and
straddled him..
He bucked, struggling to get off from my hold,
I stretched, grabbed his gun and shoved it to
the side if his face
”tell me who sent you bastard”
“wait please don’t shoot ”
Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Sam slide
her braid to the back of her ears and push to
her feet
“Sam, are you alright ”
“yes she said in a shaky voice ”
I turn back to the tyrant, tightening my grip on
him and kept the gun aimed at his head
The sounds of siren could be heard now from a
distance now .. Horrified look flickers all over
the face of the Few people who came out of
their dormitory to watch the whole scene..
The tyrant eyes widened as an unsettled
feeling takes over his form, he struggled as I
pressed the cold gun hard on his face
“wait please don’t shoot ”
Suddenly he smacked me away and try to
race, Henry ran and gave him a shot..
He groaned as one of his legs gave out on
him, he holds the wounded spot on his arms
which was now covered in blood while Henry
gestured towards the other detective to come
wadle him into their custody …

I dropped the gun and raced towards sam,
whose eyes was still in shock…
“babe look at me ”
She glared at me with tears while I grabbed
her into my arms and hug her tight..
“you are safe now ”
I patted her back and wipe off her tears,
Few seconds of comforting her…
I took her hands along with mine and went
back to the scene..
After explaining our travelling plans before the
attack took place,
Henry calm us down, phoned and arranged for
the trunk to haul the car to the repairs while he
stopped a taxi that took us back with our stuffs
along with two officers against any kind of
Leaving the two officers outside,
I unlock the door as she spoke,,
“we should book a flight back to portharcout
Steve, do you have a passport ”
I nodded and drew her closer thinking
someone else might grab her again. ..
My heart fluttered as my chest ache trying to
forget how the stupid tyrant had touched and
drag her..
“Sam are you really alright? Did he hurt you? ”
“no not at all”
With the sound of that my breath hissed out as
I pulled her into my arms
“God Sam I thought he was going to hurt you,
I didn’t think I could stand that ”
She sighed and leaned into my hard chest
Silence stretched as I held and clung her to my
chest, my heart beating beneath her check. ..
She pushed her face up and placed a kiss
against my neck..
With that a sighed escaped me as I dropped a
kiss back into her hairs…
The low sound in my throat, embolded me as
she look up into my eyes touching the cut in
my face slightly..
Her look and touch sent hot desires through
me, she traced her hands over my chest then
lower to tease my stomach as she feathered
one finger over my zipper
“shhhhh” she whispered. Then stood tiptoed
and pressed her Lips to mine…
I hugged her tight and fused her lips deeply to
mine with the emitted guttural groan that sent
both our heart racing ..
This time she released my lips and took my
“I will make a call, in the next one hour we will
be in portharcout. ”
I nodded and smile towards her…
“thank you babe”
Caleb pov:
My name came to me on the faintest breath of
sound.. I rolled my head to other side and
opened my eyes, Sam face was framed in the
small square box of the dark room which only
had a lamp light…
“Sam ” how’s this possible, she is here,, my
heart slammed against my ribs as I carefully
eased my self up trying to ignore the pains.. I
mo-ned with all the effort it cost me to move,
oh God the agony went deep,,
“hey ”
Little more than her beautiful dark eye showed
through the box, but it was enough to send joy
crashing through me, this gift. This wonder of
seeing the woman I love brought me incredible
“how is it you are here when”
“hey Caleb, she whispered….my eye suddenly
flew open as my throat went dry, I can’t be
dreaming …..nooo nooo.
I glanced fearfully at the dark room seeing how
my hands was tied to the back of the chair with
a thick rope
I was definitely not alone .
I stare up at a woman as she coughed out
Beautiful and elegant
With bruise of wounds on her face and lips
I definitely knew this woman… I knew her but
Where, where, my heart skipped as I
remember ,
“oh God Ann”…
She smile through tears
“I thought you wouldnt remember my face,
Caleb ”

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