Cold But Charming – Episode
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Caleb pov:
I pulled the car few feet away from a club and
rested my head back on the seat,
Anxiety darkened more of my gaze as I switch
on the car light to glance at my watch.
it’s ten o clock
Damn, I groan hitting my hard fist on the
steering wheel,
my family are crazy, Totally crazy,and I swear
I can’t take this bullsh-ts anymore..
First it was mom locking me up like some
And now dad slapped me for Andrew..
Who is he to confront me,
Who are they to judge me for Christ sake,,
I love Sam with all of my heart and why is it so
hard for them to get it into their thick skull.
I thrashed my fist repeatedly on the steering
gnawing and nagging at myself for being so
Why watch Sam stupidly all these years
without giving it a trial just for once Caleb and
yet you look like a total fool to watch some guy
kiss her right in your face,
of course Andrew has the right to taunt me
…yes he taunted me cause I failed .
I failed dammit, my family, my world, my
responsibility …and most especially my
heart ….
Oh God Caleb you are such a fool ,,,
gosh I need to clear my head so I could think
of a way to get that Steve guy outta my way, I
can’t let him have Sam…,
She’s mine, mineeee
Blinking back tears I Wipe it away stubbornly
and get down from the car,
slowly and open eyed I made my way into the
club, music was pounding as everywhere was
flowing, ladies bumping, men smoking and
dancing, the inside was red and hideous,
some were even copulating right on the stand,
Beers everywhere as booze float through the
room …
squeezing my way out of the crowd, i sat at a
corner feeling more than a little melancholy as
I widened my eyes ..
God the club was full of teenages,
what the heck is this world turning into these
days …
I ordered for a beer and drank slowly drowning
down my pains as I feast my eyes here and
I haven’t had a cigarette since I came back
from the state and I was sure I needed one
Luckily they sell in the club as I order for a
I took one and lighted it before slipping the
remaining in my pocket,
More louder echoes wailed through the room
as the music was changed to
‘One corner’…
Girls howl, boys eyes were huge as they
banged most of the girls to any corner,
I had to laugh, I was enjoying every minute of
my stay here, more howling as some were
twerking to the rhythm all alone
“bad gal” I laughed loudly at a drunk girl who
pushes out her naked bums out for an albino
guy to bash on…
Portharcout is hell of a one bad city, I just
can’t believe it has turn this worst..
The club was rocky and full of life… I was
sitting almost for an hour now, drowning in my
third beer, when an who-e catches the sight of
me , I watched her walked forth as she smile
seductively ,,.
long eye lashes, too much make ups that
glitters like gold, catty eye contacts with very
huge bre-sts dressed in short satin skirt and a
V-neck crop top showing the tattoos that was
perfectly sketched right beside her abdomen,
“looking for a good time handsome” she
offered a coy smile
I had to think of an answer, sure I was so
much after a good time but wanted it with
Sam…just Sam ..
“I don’t know ” I said playing her game
“what are you offering”
With her hand planted against the swell of her
hips, she sidled closer to me, her cheery lips
easing onto a sultry smile..
“anything your little heart desires “,
She bent forward and planted her palms
against the table and as she did this her bre-st
but almost tumble out of her top ..
“am ready to offer you anything”
She sat beside me, suddenly grabbed my right
hand and place it on her huge bre-st…
Rubbing and smooching my hands on it
“feeling it ehn, baby, come on”
I closed my my eyes as I drill in the
enthusiasm.. All I could think of was Sam, her
beautiful face, and how it would feel to have
perfect br**st against my hand.. To cup my
hands on it and kissed it, to have her mo-n out
my name in the edge of organism
I yanked my hands off her and stand…
“what” she widened her eyes in shock
“who’s Sam,”
“another time” I struggled to stand while I
made my way out
She called back at me
“hey you don’t know what you are missing out,
planning on taking you to the next level”
Missing out, did she say missing out
Yes am missing out, cause Sam is the only
woman that could ever give me the best feeling
in the world…
No amount of wh-res could do that.
Oh lord how much I missed watching her
I glanced at my watch to realise its past eleven

Damn I need to get back home ….
i fumbled tiredly into the dark night that stands
on earth like the spirit of nile . Everywhere was
cozy and dull….
Just the sound coming out from the club gave
its surroundings a brighter and lively
I hop in and in the next seconds I drove out of
the building ..
Damn, I press on the accelerator trying to keep
the car moving ..
pressing and jerking,
… the car eventually loose it’s velocity and
Gosh what kinda mess is this, its almost twelve
o clock for Christ sake ..
I twisted the key on the ignition once more but
it wouldn’t start
I glanced around realising am indeed stucked
in the middle of two bushes ,
Damn, I closed my eyes and cursed under my
I think I took the wrong route, the darkness
around me felt like I’ve just fallen into a deep
dark well .
I quickly switched on the car light and
searched the car thinking randomly on what to
do, luckily I found a small touch, I opened the
door and get down, there was nothing but this
uncomfortably eerieness in the moonless night,
the stars watching over the world as they stood
in the meadows of heaven, differents sounds
penetrating into my ears from the bushes, the
hooting of owl, the flute voice of the
nightingales, the mixture of croak and grunt
sounds of the frogs,
I shivered with more fears than chill as I
quietly ran to open the car bonnet,
heat rose in me like a flood raising towards a
I push on the battery, checked the oil
passage, the radiator, the panel fuse,
everything was in place…
Mother of Christ
I ran back to start the ignition once more but
damn it still wouldn’t start
I racked my hands through my hairs and curse
I glanced around,
The sight of the day, full and hidden behind the
chain of dark colored clouds brought an
unsettling feeling to my mind. The bushes were
nothing but scary… The owwwwww sounds of
airs around makes the pains in my wound
pinched so bad ..
Gosh I need a painkiller.. My system got
disrupted as all the horror movies have
watched surfaces right in my face, it was like
am watching them all over again,.
I jumped at the sound of crickets ..
Gosh my heart was pounding so hard I could
barely steady it…
Sweat broke across my face as I shakingly rub
it off
I moved to close the car bonnet, locked the car
and glanced around once more,,
This place is very risky, as risky as it is I still
think I need to find help, there should be
houses at that far end …
Intermittently I was cut from my thought when
I heard a burst of gunshot from the route I was
thinking of taking ..
Holding my breath i quietly made my way
through the narrow way of the bush, I jumped
inside, careful not to loose balance .. I ran like
fire ..
Scared and worned out I staggered towards a
wall holding unto my side with heavy breaths, I
realise am out of the bush now, thank God
Vigilant to where I was I narrowed my gaze
forward and saw some numbers of big cars
parked at a building …
Eager to get out of the cold night… I made my
way further and into place, the door was wide
open as tables and chairs were spilled around
occupied with guys and girls, I glanced at my
watch it’s already one in the morning…
A number of ladies paraded around in tight
fitting skirts and low elastic style blouses.
Some delivered drinks, others brazen touted
their wares and openly invited attention
Don’t they sleep around here.
Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw and
gestured at one of the mistress serving drinks
“hi sorry, what are they doing around here,”
She laughed
“oh, nothing,..just that clubs are always wide
open around this town particular on Friday and
Sunday till dawn ..are you new here”
“oh no, emmm .. Actually I live at hotline
“hotline, Oh thats an hour ride from here,”
My eyes widened
“am hour ride ”
“yep, anything the matter ”
“actually….. ”
I was thinking of what next to say when I
realise she already left me standing and
bouncing forward towards the others to dance
to the rhythms of the music..
My blood ran cold at the discovery,
I was sure I didn’t drive that long before I
arrived at the first club…
Feeling much like hell, I try remembering
mums number so I could borrow a phone at
least to calm them down, but I couldn’t …
God am so useless…
I made my way further inside, feeling so tired
and sleepy like hell … With a banging head I
went through a passage and saw an empty
I could sleep in here and find my way home
tomorrow.. I entered and closed the door
Slouching down on the floor i rested my head
back on the wall,
At least am safe for now..
My heart suddenly skipped, when i heard the
sounds of laughter coming out from the other
Are they partying in the room too
And the next I heard was the voice of a girl..
No a lady
Crying and pleading …
“Tell me” a thick voice shouted
Jeering me fully to life… I stand up as quiet as
possible and moved towards the door that
connects were I was with the other room …
“I don’t know what you are talking about ” the
female voice replied shakily.
I wanted to jerk the door open, but I dare not,
what was really happening I wanted to know..
It’s like some one was torturing a woman and
Am sure the loud music outside wouldnt let
anyone hear this..
Should I call the police, damn I slide my
hands into my pocket and out remembering I
have no phone on me. ..
“I will kill you with these if you don’t tell me
why you were meeting with Desmond lawyer
today, is his documents with his lawyer”
“please don’t kill me I was only meeting him for
a different reason please please I don’t know
about any documents ” the lady replied in a
teary voice …
“so why were you meeting him”
“nothing” she replied crying louder now,
At the sound of a hard hit I was sure some one
slapped the lady as she winced more louder in
pains ..and Desmond why do I get this feeling,
I think the name sounds some how familiar..
“please, please” she cries
What the hell,
What heartless people could torture a woman
like this
I try steadying my breath once more while I
clenched my fist hard….
“now tell me ” the thick voice commanded
“my friend needed a private investigator, sooo
I was meeting him for an help” she said shakily
echoes of laughs rain through the room, they
laugh so hard, I could hear some banging their
fist against the wall as they laugh more harder
, the thick voice commanded to stop as the
laugh finally cease into silence…
“really ann, so who’s this your friend who so
needed a private investigator ” he said slowly
“I….. I………” the lady stammered
“who, and don’t you dare lie cause I’ll
definitely find out”
“who” another slap echoes
“Steve ” she shouted in pains and tears
The man laughed out once more…
“oh so it’s lover boy. I think he’s gonna
prepare for more then, hahahahaha”
At the mention of Steve, I staggered
back, shock almost made my kneels goes out
on me, my mind buzzled with so many
questions at a time, who are this people, and
Steve that foolish guy how is he connected to
this man and this lady, Or maybe he isn’t the
one… Yes that’s it ,he dare not be the one,
cause I was sure as heaven this man knew this
Steve well enough
God this place is alot more dangerous than I
ever thought, I need to get out of here..
I turn on my heels, I was about making my
way out of the room, when the door flung open
, my eyes widened as my heart started to raise
in double folds, I swallow hard not to make my
fears over came me…
He was wearing a red out fit with a big
skeleton image on it, blue faded jean and a
tight boot with hard soles that were worn down
He studied my form for a moment and drew a
deep laugh further into the room…
“you’ve been eaves dropping bastard,” now
he frown…
The further he walk the angrier he became,,
“no no ” I shook my head both in fear and
“I came in for a little nap ”
I spoke fast, reasoned hard and with each
frantic steps he took, I realise i can actually
turn the other side and ran for the door,
breathing in and out softly I prepare for my
With a racing heart I counted inside of me…
One, two,…
I was about taking a full step and towards the
door when he back headed me on the face,
God, I hit on the wall, blood filled my mouth as
I blinked up at him,
Shocked and stunned by his violence,
His wicked grin looked as if he’d relish hitting
at me …
He shouted this time
“boss I think we have a scape goat here ”
Unknown pov:
Sunshine glinted through my window as I
climbed out of bed
pacing with my hands against my hips I
clutched the phone intently to my ears while I
“don’t you understand how much I love this
girl, I paid you an huge amount to get me Sam
and now you are there ranting to me on phone

“you need to calm down i just found out she’s
staying in an hotel with the guy”
“that’s it I don’t wanna see that guy around her
any more, just get me Sam, that’s all I needed,
and if it meant taking him down so be it… What
are you waiting for ”
“it’s done then, she would be with you sooner
than expected”
I disconnected the phone and smile
“that blow meant nothing Sam,
And stopping Maggie from work meant nothing
either, have never missed my target before,
so why would yours be any different ”
Laughing, I put on my jogging outfit;
made my way out of the house and into the
clearer sight of the day …
Sam pov:

I woke with my head nestled against Steve’s
shoulder and his strong hands tucked
protectively around me, I felt both cozy and
shielded from the outside world until I
remember my dream.. The knife dream, how
uncle Erik had stabbed Steve
A sense of urgency filled me as I roll away and
sat up,
Gosh inspite of feeling so light after sharing an
eighteen long years burden, some part of me
is still as scared as anything ..
how Steve had called to me tiredly in the
dream that the pain was too much to endure ..
I would rather pray to die first than watch steve
get stabbed right in my face, …
After making a silent prayer, I felt Steve
movement at my side, he stirred and touched
my waist slightly..
“hey you are awake ”
“yes ” I said softly
He struggled up and sat
“and how are feeling now”
“much better” I squeezed a smile
He stare at me with this indecipherable
expression all over his face while he excused
himself and left for the bathroom..
With his eye bag and tired looks why do I get
the feeling that he didn’t at all..
Hope it wasn’t what I told him last night that got
him scared,
No he didn’t look scared but tired..
He came back…
“Steve, you need to take me to the hospital
today I need to go check up on caleb”
I saw the flickers of jealousy all over his face
as he glanced up at me
“was told his mum came for him” he dropped
the towel on his hands
“oh really thats better then”
He moved towards me
“Sam, are you sure you are okay now, cause
a lot happened yesterday, so am just
………….. ”
“yes I am steve, and don’t you dare stop me
from going to work, thank God you are my
personal assistance now….so while I rest at
the longue area in my office, you would do
most things I needed to do, how about that ”
His smile was teasing, he was about opening
his mouth when his phone rang I could sense
the urgency in his attitude as he grab it,
“hello, ”
His eyes widened when he dropped the
“Steve what’s wrong”
“it’s a call from portharcout Sam, a friend
parents called the office that she hasn’t been
at home since last night, she is missing, ”
He racked his hand through his hair as he
paced with a frown
“Ann is missing Sam, I need to get back to
portharcout ”
Unsteady on his feet, he walked into bathroom
and out, carried few things, as he rushed here
and there,
He stopped and glanced at the shocked
expression on my face
“And you should start getting ready
Sam, cause am not intending on leaving you
behind ”
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