30minutes later
I yearned after my nap and stand
Today was the most wretched day of my
life, feeling irritated, lost, bewildered and
alone than I’d ever thought, I can’t believe it’s
been thirty long minutes and no one is back
home yet ,
I just hope mum never talks to me again..
I struggled and was making my way into the
bathroom when I heard a knock from the door
I shouted angrily
I quickly steady my posture when I heard a
female voice, the door opened slightly and a
nurse made her way in,
I look past the door and saw the two bouncers
still standing there looking more like robots…i
pointed my fingers towards them,
“you guys are gonna hear from me, you are
gonna regret what you did”
Smiling at me, she close the door and stretch
her hand towards me while I took it gently
enough not hurt her soft skin …
“hi Mr Caleb, am nurse amanda”
I blinked rapidly, it’s like something in my
brain just snap into reality when I glanced at
her ..
“hi, come in”
I quickly dusted my bed
“please have your Seat”
“thank you sir, so nice of you… ”
“my mum sent you right”
“is she back home now”
“no, I don’t think so, I honestly wanna
apologize for being late, cause she called me
about forty minutes ago… ” she twisted her lips
“oh no problem,”
She was searching my body and my brain was
quick to realise it was my wound she’s
searching for..
“oh here”
I lifted my cloth up,
She moved towards me, and touched the
surface of the bandage softly …
“Your mum told me its a knife pierce so is the
bandage changed today,, ”
“oh yeah, this morning ”
“well i don’t have much to do then, what about
your drugs have you been taking them, ”
“oh yeah, I think I forgot it back in portharcout
but I would ask mum about it when she gets
back ”
“okay” she stands,
You will have to lie to your other side now
cause I need to loosened the bandage a little
And as she does this , my brain suddenly
snapped at a realisation
I swear mom had sent a female nurse on
God that’s it, mum!!!,
Why can’t she understand my heart is with
Sam only…
No matter how fine or s-xy this girl maybe she
still can’t beat to Sam…
It’s Sam or no one else… Hope mum
understands that sooner
“it’s done sir, I have to go now ”
I struggled up, adjusted my cloth and walked
her to the door…
“Okay thanks nurse,”
I shot the two bouncers a dismayed look once
more giving them another threatning warnings
before closing the door behind me…. ..
Stupid robots
At night
It was like they planned the whole family
meeting…i can’t believe Andrew and John are
in this too ,
I watched mum, dad and my two younger
brothers exchange telling glances, and
suddenly there gaze shifted memotorarily at
“What” I gazed at them randomly
“I don’t think tonight is the right time to hold
any conversation, it’s almost 9.0clock, what
ever you guys wanna talk to me about let’s just
wait till tomorrow, I wanna sleep please”
I said standing on my feet
I saw andrew shook his head as he stood up
“no bro, you gonna sit your butt down there
and hear whatever dad and mum wanna say”
“my God ” my brow lifted contemptuously in a
“how dare you talk back at me Andrew”
He nodded through gritted teeth
“so what, ehn so what”
I gulp back anguishness
“you are crazy”
I could hear mum shaky voice from the back
while dad and John stood up to stop us
Dad spoke this time…
“Caleb your brother is right, it’s best if you sit
and let’s talk about this,, I mean how can you
abandon your family to chase over a girl… Its
stupid caleb”
“it’s love dad”
“shut the f**k up caleb” Andrew shouted
“no no ” John shouted,
I landed an hard blow on Andrew well shaped
pick lips before John could stop me..
All the while mum was watching us with
bewildered expression pleading with dad and
John to stop us ..
more anger smoldered on my face perilously
while andrew keeps tapping two finger on my
chest as he spat out more words
“Thats the best you could ehn, weakling, do
more, come on”
I grabbed his collar, as our face was now mere
inches away
“watch your mouth son” I blurted out
His smile was cold and shallow as he threw
more words in a mocking tone.
“ugh, our big brother is in love John, where is
she then, huh huh tell us now
you left home unannounced for months after
you came back from the states Caleb, where
the hell is she,”
I squeezed my hold tightly on his shirt,
strangling it to his neck ,,
John was trying his effort to get my hands off
him all to no avail..
Suddenly dad jerked his hands between us as
I felt an hot slap landed on my cheek….
“dad” I groaned painfully
Mum was crying all the way …the entire
atmosphere became suddenly crowded as the
maids came out to watch with astound
inquisitiveness looking totally dismayed with
unreadable expression all over there dark
faces ,
I hold on my cheek and divided my
disbelieving gaze among my family,
“you guys are impossible”
I grabbed the car keys on the table
“Do not walk out on me caleb” dad shouted
angrily …

“stop this bro”
I pushed John who was trying to double cross
me roughly and stormed out
“Caleb!!! ” mom shouted
But it’s was too late to stop now, the car
engine fire and echoed off as I drove crazily
out of the compound and into the dark dead
To where, I swear I do not know either….
Steve pov:
I threw off the blanket and scrambled out of
My heart was pounding in skipped beats at the
sound of her heavy pants,
With in seconds I was bending beside her as
she thrashed her head on the pillow and her
leg pummeled the mattress ..
“Sam wake up ”
“no no no” she thrashed her head more on the
I placed my hand on her cheek and press hard
“Sam wake up,”
God what kinda of a bad dream is this
I slapped her cheeks lightly as I watch sweat
brims fall over her face
“I’m here babe, please wake up ”
Eventually the panting subside, she open her
eyes and quickly launched herself into my
waiting arms.
“oh steve ”
“my God sam”
I gather her close and cupped the back of her
head, pressing her tear drenched face into my
Her shoulder shook as her whole body heaved
with sobs.
“Sorry babe, is it that bad”
“very bad Steve”
I continue to hold her tight, patting her back
and murmuring reassurances, I wasn’t
intending to let go until she indicate she was
ready, eventually she raised her head..
“better now ”
She nodded
“I’m sorry you had such bad dream” I
whispered wiping her damp cheek with the
pads of my thumbs
“do you wanna tell me about it”
“he was gonna kill you with a big knife right in
my face Steve”
She stammered on a choppy little breath
“Tell me sam”
She shuddered with terrifying recollection..
It seized her unexpectedly I got scared at first
but she recovered from it as she stare back at
I quickly jump on the bed and drew her closer
to my body,
I could feel her breath fan my cheek as i c-
ressed her hand..
“Steve, he accused me for the death of his
whole family”
“what!!!, how come ”
“I don’t know steve, these people we are
taking about here, I’ve never seen them before
not even their pictures,”
“so how does their death has to do with you”
“I don’t understand any of this too Steve, they
were on there way to the hospital I was with
my mum when they crashed along with dads
two siblings and parents ”
“he promise to make my life miserable like how
these people had died, he took me to a
cemetery when I was eight and told me horrible
things..i was so scared I had run but he later
grabbed me and budge out a dog eyes right in
my face, he promise to have any one I told
cold dead like the dog,
any one even my parent, that’s was why I had
to keep my mouth shut, ”
I cleared the tears in her eyes as she
“I thought of no other way of disclosing the
event to anyone other than getting angry, I
thought maybe If I started getting furious at
everyone. I won’t be tempted to say it out, I
was so scared of letting anyone move closer to
me so they wont die miserably as that innocent
dog. So I started it, although it was so hard
cause it wasn’t my personality, but I had to,
and at night i would be in the lonesomeness of
my room to lick my wounds in private,”
She stopped for a while and continued
“during the years I was studying in the states,
he only call my phone and laugh Steve, I
swear, he wouldn’t say a thing but laugh, he
tormented me with his laugh for years, I had to
keep calling my parents to ask about their well
“maybe he was thinking you would record his
voice if he threaten you”
“yes Steve, that’s exactly what he was
“God he’s so smart ”
“I had to come back home last year December
and take over dads company here so I won’t
be as close to him”
“then it’s settled babe, am here now okay and
I promise I will make sure we see to the end of
all this”
She sniffled and nodded
“promise, you won’t let him kill you Steve, I
don’t wanna loose you”
I smile at her and shook my head..
“I promise I won’t let him mmmm”
Seconds later my phone rang
“who is it”
It’s a private number Steve…
“give it to me ” I took the phone from her and
place it to my ears after pressing the green
botton ….
I could feel his laughing echo from the other
end and I immediately realise its Sam uncle ….
“I knew she told you everything just now lover
boy, ”
This time his tone was like two people were
talking ..
“but I warned her not to” he shouted
All the while sam was staring at me with
bewildered expression as she spoke softly

“Steve who is it ”
“my mom” I lied ..
“prepare for the worst Steve,”
I stylishly excused myself and move to the
other end of the room…
“so what you gonna do” I replied bravely
although scared at the double tone I just
heard, I swear this uncle of Sam is a devilish
horrific man, how the hell did he find out Sam
told me anything Just now ..
“prepare” he laughed once more
I glanced at the phone, damn it’s a private
number, there’s no use of recording anything
“let’s see about that then horror”
He laughed in double tone once more this time
it was like hundred people were laughing, I
couldn’t take it anymore, I had to disconnect
the phone and smile back at sam although my
heart was raising in an hundred throb ..
I try to steady it as I walked back to her
“you should have allow me talk to your mum
I smile as i drew her closer …
“I would call her back in the morning, how
about that ”
“okay ”
She smile softly, I quickly lay back on the bed
as she laid back beside me.
“you are safe now babe okay”
She nodded.. And laid her head on my chest, i
wrapped my hands around her and sighed …
Unable to sleep I stare into space as I
recollected more of his devilish voice
“prepare for the worst steve”
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