Cold But Charming – Episode
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Caleb pov:
My heart sank when the plane finally
descended and stop, I glanced at my watch
realizing its already 1.0clock in the afternoon,
we climbed down the stairs and unto the the
sharp sun which catches my eyes like
It blurred my visions for a while before my eyes
finally blended around it’s glistening beams..
seconds later we were crossed by a black
limo which I recognised as one of dads. The
driver gestured us in after putting all necessary
stuffs in the boot.
Sitting comfortably, I glanced at mum, I could
hear no outrage squeaks or any form of
complain ….
her face was bright and calm, sitting elegantly
as she slide her finger on her ipad…
I adjusted on my seat totally unsettled with the
fact that she and I had to stay silent right from
the plane till now …..
I shifted my face back to the front as my brows
drew together in a shift frown…
I understand she’s trying to be a good mother,
but she got to understand am a grown up man
and not some under age kid she could control,
yeah I accepted the blame that I Havent been
keeping contacts It’s normal to be furious
about that, but it still doesn’t give her the right
to kidnap me back to portharcout like this ..
I was caught from my thought when the car
finally put to slow and stopped. I got down as
the warmth breeze of the afternoon sun
caressed me with its golden glow,
I glanced around and sighed everything was
the same
The beautiful trees, flowers, pool area, the
tennis court, I smile remembering how my
younger brothers and i used to run around the
compound like puppies puppies.
Few maids came to collect whatever mum
brought along,
I could feel some stares on me and i
Immediately felt devastated with the fact that I
had to look much like a gateman than the first
son of the house …
Mum hadn’t spoken yet, I knew she’s still
angry, and I hope she let her anger off sooner
so she would understand I love Sam and I
can’t be without her…
In other not to prove disrespectful I followed
her as she lead me to my room and I
immediately regretted haven done that,
She left telling some men behind the door not
to let me get out.
I turn around and groaned as heat poured out
of me like a sunblaster, the anger and
frustration I felt stirred in my belly as they
threatned to explode,
Despite the aircorditional in
my room, more heat and stench overpowered
me enough to shout angrily
“Mum!!!! What the hell are you doing”..
i ran towards the door but it was locked with
key before I could grab it
I quickened my steps towards my window and
peep only to see her ordering her driver to get
in as they drove off only God knows to where..
Thoroughly disrupted I stormed back to the
door holding to my side steadyly…
” what gave her the impression that am just
gonna run off like fool, am an adult for Christ
sake ”
Gosh, irritation and anger boiled inside of me
while I cursed with the sound drumming in my
head. . ..
I banged on the door repeatedly …
“open this goddamned door ”
“are you guys deaf, open this door”
All my effort of banging the door hard
was totally fruitless
“are they deaf”

Suddenly I smile as this realisation nudges me
I remember I kept a spare somewhere, I
quickly run to search and jumped when I found
I looked at it just like the way I would look at a
Golden Key worth millions of dollars,
My eyes appeared enormous when my gaze
settled at the door feeling irritated that some
men of my stand stood behind that door
watching over me like some seven years old
F-ck ya all
How could mum think of me so low enough to
lock me up like this, what was she thinking
this is total foolishness.

I speed up my steps to the door, unlock it and
angrily ramped out
Dizziness blurred my eye when I hit an iron
“damn” I groaned painfully holding keenly to
my side ,
it took me a moment to realise it wasn’t an
iron I clashed on but the body of two bouncers
holding my arms so I won’t fall
I gasp at the sight of the two men, whose
hands were like iron, so tall with huge biceps
that burged out of their black suits, lean cheek
bones, big nose and their eyes well hidden
under a black glass ..
“where the hell did mum get these horrors”
I stood straight and spoke like the boss
“get your hands off me,”
“you are to stay in your room until the whole
family return sire” one of them spoke
Though I was afraid of their hugeness but as a
man I had to adjust and steady my fears..
Read ” Beyond captivating ” by the same
author ( Op. Amina )
. Stepping back a little I look up at them
“do I look like a kid to you…
Yan yan yan yan till the whole family returns ”
I pointed my finger up at the two in a gesture of
warning …
“this is my house and am the boss here, and if
you do not get out of my way, am gonna make
sure you both loose your jobs”
“it’s an order sire, now get back to your room ”
“what did I just hear you say” I throw back my
words at the one who spoke,
“did you just order me”
“am counting the round of three sire, respect
yourself and enter your room,”
I laughed although it was fake, I briefly look to
my side and back at the one tackling me
“so what you gonna do, ehn, what you gonna
do, now get out of my way ”
I try squeezing my way between the two when
they grab me like Tom would grab Jerry…
“yeee” I shouted at how their hold felt on me
like iron
“get your hands off me ”
I fought to get off from their hold but they were
too strong,,
I thump my legs repeatedly on the floor,
groaning stubbornly at the pains from my
wound, they dragged me in and yanked my
butt on the bed
I rubbed on my arm while i shout back at
“you gonna regret this you fools ”
They slammed the door on me, I ran towards
the door again while I continue shouting so
they could hear me.. .
“you guys thought you are huge right come in
here and face me bastards,
“come na I go finish Una now now, I go
squeeze una like pumpkin”
I realise all my efforts of shouting and ranting
were totally in vain,
Getting tired of shouting I tiredly staggered
towards my well laid bed and scurry on it..
where the hell is Andrew and John …
Of course Andrew might be somewhere making
out with some sl-t, while John…
Gosh I know have been such a fool not to keep
contacts with my brothers too…
What was I thinking… Of course sam had turn
me totally crazy,, I wasn’t thinking straight…
Or maybe I never thought it was necessary
I pray they get back soon so they could save
me from these hoodlums ….

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