Cold But Charming – Episode
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This episode has no string attached just some
moments of love for
Steve and Sam.. Hope you guys love it..
Thanks for reading
Steve pov:
I felt the way she was reacting to my c-resses
and right there I knew she wanted me as much
as I wanted her, but deep within I knew this
isn’t the right time, and hurting her would be
last thing I ever wanted to do .. Summoning
every ounce of restraint I pull away from her
lips slowly and gently place her down ,
My dark gaze held hers for a while as I
skimmed her body once more..
she blushed and smile, and for a moment it
came to me, if she doesnt feel something or
to trust me she wouldn’t have allow me strip
her like this , I mean
she wouldn’t have allow me kiss her more or
less touch her .. But with this realisation that
settled deep in me I hope she let her worries
out and tell me all I needed to know about her
uncle sooner,
I took the towel from the rope and wrapped it
around her, she took it from me ..
“Come on, sweetheart, you need to shower,
eat, take your drugs and rest”
I moved towards the tub,
help her run some warm water and gestured
her forward to come prepare
Then, I started to unpack her bathing
I was busy doing this when I heard her gapse,
I look up at her only to see her eyes widened,
not looking directly into mine but downwards
“Steve look at you”
“what” I said
I followed her gaze only to realise she was
looking at my privates which was so obviously,
hard and begging to make it way out of my
“woah sh-t” I shouted covering it with my
“God this is so embarrassing, Sam … Gosh,
hope I didn’t scare you”
I staggered backwards holding my hands
intently to itit, I stare at face which about to
explode in laughter, while I took a side walking
steps gently enough ..
Before turning and jogging back to the room,
I could hear the way her laugh fill the bathroom
“Steve, you know you could be funny
sometimes” she call out
I bounced my weight on the bed and smile
“pooffff, thank Goodness I can see she’s
getting much better”
“Steve, come in here and help me with my
towel” she calls out
“I can’t ” I call back only to hear her giggles
once more,
gosh is she really kidding me now..
lol, hope she knew what she saw meant the
way I want her ..
But to think of it am only making myself suffer if
I keep doing this, looking at her that way..
Kissing and touching her hotness without
actually doing…..
Gosh OK.. I stand up moving towards the
standing mirror
No striping from now on promise yourself
I warn myself in the mirror and tapped my
finger on it..
Minutes later
I was setting the food on the stool when she
came out of bathroom with a towel wrapped
around her, I swallowed at the sight of her
exposed thighs..
And damn I was fumbling with my hands not to
tremble when she speaks,
“Steve do u bring my pajamas along with you”
Gosh she smells so good, citrus mixture
banana fragrance, and damn she’s so clean
and spotless
She calls a little louder now
“oh sorry, yes, no I mean yes, ehmm what did
you just say”
“my pajamas” she said again chuckling at my
I gestured towards the direction it was, she
turn but damn I couldn’t help but watch her butt
sways ..
I swallowed hard while the surge of sensation
run through me
gosh I want her so bad, wanted to erase the
fears Inside of her and replace them with
excitement and joy
I raised my eyes to glare up at her seconds
later …
she was already putting on her pajamas and
her braid tied high up inside an hair net, I
smile up at her and shrugged to sit
straight patting the space next to me so she
could come take her seat
“you have eight pills of drugs to swallow Sam,
hope u aren’t the type that get scared of
“Steve drugs are always bitter, I wish I don’t
have to take those, but do I have a choice ”
she said sitting closer to me..
“I need to go get a shower too but make sure
you finish eating most of this things before I get
“I’m not a glutton Steve ”
I smile at her before making my way towards
the bathroom,
I came back bare chested with my boxer clung
to my waist and a towel wrapped around my
hair i was drying my hair with one hand and the
other to pick up my night body spray, I could
swear her gaze was following my every
I avoided her burning stares, went back to the
bathroom and towards the mirror to finish up,
I was doing this when I saw her lean closer to
the entrance glaring at my body with this
expression I couldn’t read
“let me help you with those”
I was staring lips parted as she took the spray
from me ..damn I could do nothing but watch,
She sprayed a little on my chest and rub on it
I close my eyes to swallow the tingling feeling
her touch created ,,
“Sam, you’re turning me on” I whispered.
She didn’t give her replies, only to keep staring
up at me with a soft smile curled on her lips
I watch her turn around slowly to my back and
in next moment I could feel her lips nibbling on
my bare skin. heart rose in the sharp
intake of breath ..
I eased my head up, eyes shut
tightly, in a firm bid to contain the emotion
raging within me. Damn she trail kisses up my
back.. I struggled with full force control before
I finally turn to her
“sam, ”
I lowered my head, and stretch up my
trembling hands to her face
I was about to part my lips when she stopped
“I love you steve”
She raised her hands to touch me, gosh I took
it and kissed it ,
“oh sam”
my hands slide down her waist…
She gapse while I drew her closer
Touching her smooth face, I closed my eyes
and hugged her tightly inhaling her perfect
“I love you more sam, love you sooo much, ”
I released her from my hold
“give me two minute I would right inside mmm”
“okay” she nodded and left..
I turn towards the mirror and smile..
“You did it Steve, yes yes,”
I began humming silently and shaking my body
in the morror..
One step, two step ,
Uhhhhhh Micheal Jackson mode turn on..
Gbam yeah let’s goooo
Sam pov:
I Walk towards the bedbed, with all kind of
thoughts in my head.. After confessing my
feelings I was so convinced life without Steve
is nothing but meaningless, I wanted to be with
him .. more so I just wish I could protect him
from my uncle whom I knew to be very deadly,
I was sure I wanted to tell him everything…how
uncle erik threatened to kill mom and dad if he
found out I ever told them about him, how he
threathes to kill any other person he sees me
get closer like he killed those innocent
Gosh these few years I always thought of how
to rope the crazy man so he could just die, but
what prove do I have, he’s so smart, and it’s
like he has eyes everywhere, wicked and
Now that Steve prove stubborn to leave …
the best is to tell him right fight,.. I don’t wanna
loose him.. Gosh am so so afraid now that I
realise uncle Erik used that dead dog as a
I was cut shut from my thought when he came
out of the bathroom still bare chested with his
boxers …
“sorry Sam, I hope you don’t mind, I only
sleep with this”
“oh no” I said sitting straight
“i can see you’ve finished eating ”
“and your drugs”
“not yet”
“what!! Sam it’s almost 8:00”
He was now, sitting comfortably not far from me
with his two hands rested backwards on the
“see you went through shock today you need
to take those drugs cause of your low B.P
expecially, it needs to get back to normal”
I wasn’t replying only to keep staring at his
cute face, gosh I can’t deny steve is hot, I’ve
met so many men, but he is ……………
“hey babe, ” he stretch the pills and a glass of
water towards me”
“what Steve, you don’t expect to swallow
those at once”
“you don’t have to babe, you’ll take it two two,”
he said in his most calming tone
I wrapped my arms around myself all the while,
now releasing them slowly to take the water
from him I swallow the pills two, two
squeezing my face bitterly like I’ve just taken
the most dreaded concoction on earth
“that’s my girl” he said in a subdued voice
while I run down another cup of water
“but you are a woman Sam, you shouldn’t be
afraid of drugs” he took the cup from me, and
place it down on the stool .. Now staring at
“you’re gonna get pregnant oneday, what if the
doctor place you on drugs”
At the sound of that I swallow, blinking rapidly
I immediately pour myself another glass of
water, as quick as possible i gulp it down my
throat ,
“haa” I sighed
All the while he was staring at my reaction and
Heat rose in me, I started fanning myself with
my hands
“yes” I said softly staring at him with all flushed
He took my right hand and supported me so I
was now sitting on his laps, he touched my
face gently, gosh I never believe anyone
could make me so disorganised,, … Steve
He puts a finger under my chin, tilting my face
up at him,
he said softly
“believe me babe I would be the most happiest
man on earth if I would be the one to make that
possible ”
I stare up at him the next moment blinking
back tears,
“I……. I….. Steve”
he lifted his hands to my burning face wiping
the tears with his thumb
There was a profound silence for a moment,
goose bumps rose in my face as I stare back
at him
“thanks for making me see this part of the world
Steve you know I …..i…. was so cut up in my
anger world I never thought I could ever be
with a man like this, I mean look at me, you’ve
done so much for me,
i could have died today without you, and I
wouldnt have recovered so fast without you,
thank you ”
“you are welcome ”
I adjusted on his laps touching his chest down
to his six packs..,,
“you are the most s-xiest man I’ve ever met, I
love everything about you”
“so do I” he said smiling
Slowly I lean forward and kissed him, this time
it was slower and longer…
He carried me up with his lips still locked Up on
mine, placing me down gently on the bed.. he
drugged on me for a while before pulling away
and covering me with the blanket..
“I would join you soon babe, let me eat and
pack this mess ehn”
“okay” I nodded at the same time..
I wanted to tell him but tonight seems to be the
most happiest moment in my life, I just don’t
wanna think about anything or anyone but him,
I can always tell him tomorrow right ..
Watching Steve eat was the most beautiful
sight of all, he’s as s-xy as anything when he
eat, I wonder how he manage to pack those
built body and biceps, gosh does he gyms,
and wait does he has a girlfriend back there in
portharcout, I was forced to ask anyway….

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