Steve pov:
I arrived at the hospital much sooner than
expected, I entered carrying with me a small
Lyon containing food, fruits juice and snacks
for sam, I met with a nurse whose black eye
crinkles as she spotted me,
“hi Mr Steve ” she call out walking hurriedly
towards me as if the ground is vibrating on her
“hi nurse, is doctor matine less busy now ”
“yes” she said stretching out her hand to hold
my other hand
“I’ll lead you to his office ”
“no ” I stylishly retrieved my hands from her
and squeezed a smile
“I know the way to his office, and more so, I
need to check up on my girl friend first” I said
parting my lips a little
She stare up at me with a wide mouth
expression while she blushed with so much
embarrassment but do I look like someone that
cares, I left her standing, while I made my
way towards Sam ward, I could see the
chuckling expression of two other nurses who
were glancing at her direction..
“Gosh so childish, what are these nurses
pulling at ”
I opened the door to Sam ward almost
jamming with a nurse who was just leaving, i
exchange greeting with her and entered,
closing the door gently behind me ,i move
towards her bed and lowered myself to sit at
the edge
I stare down at her for a moment, she was wide
awake now, her face so smooth and beautiful
although looking well spent and pale ..
She smile at me tiredly..
“hi” i smile back caressing my thumb on her
smooth skin.
“and how’s my angel feeling”
“much better ”
“you sure,” she nodded,
I lean forward to place a kiss on her check.
I straighten my form and started to empty the
lylon I bought in,
“I bought you something Sam, you need to
She shifted her head to glance at what I
“pack the rest Steve, I’ll only take the juice
and snacks ”
I notice the way she lick her lips as her gaze
followed me..
I met her stares and squeezed a smile
“Steve hope you didn’t call my parents”
I sat straight and concentrated at the puzzle
expression on her face, I swallowed, blinking
more to my thoughts
Why isn’t she letting it out yet, can’t she trust
me enough now, I sighed and gave her a
negative nodding expression .
“No I didn’t ”
“thanks ”
“I won’t pressurise you on any thing Sam, if
you are ready am very sure you’ll tell me all I
needed to know about Erik”
I noticed how her facial expression changes at
the sound of Erik..
she is afraid of him, and what ever it is,,
isn’t it worth it at least for my safety to know all
about it.. Damn she’s so stubborn ..she didn’t
gave her replies,
I could sense she was out of words at the
way she parted her lips repeatedly without
nothing coming out of it
I pushed my brow up after arranging the juice
and snacks
“ready to eat”
She nodded, I stand and gently help her to sit
straight mindful enough not to collide with the
drip that was passed to her hand
I watched her eat for a while before excusing
myself to go see doctor matine, he was
checking through some files when I entered..
We exchange greeting before he gestured me
to seat…
“looking nice now Mr steve”
I smile
“thanks doc ”
He checked through his drawal while he talks
“your girl friend is doing good now, but please
avoid the re- occurence of any possible event
that might have lead her to that kind of shock
…its risky, it might kill her
I nodded to gesture my understanding
“I’ll try my best doc thanks very much”
“after the drip, you can take her home, but
make sure she gets enough rest,
I will give you some drugs now. Cause it
seems with the result I have here,, her B.p is
a little high”
“b.p” I gapse as my eyes dreaded in horror,
“you don’t have to worry Mr Steve, If she worry
less and get enough sleep it would go back to
He gave me few drugs and the dosage
instructions ..after chatting I stood and
exchanged hand shakes with him
I was about moving out when he called back…
“and Mr Steve, your friends mum, came for
I was about asking him who it was when I
realised it was Caleb he was talking about
“oh yes ” I squeezed a smile
“yes she came, thanks doc” I closed the door
behind me and sighed
Sam pov:
Later at night
I bounced tiredly against the soft surface of the
bed as my gaze followed Steve every
movement, he was much bossier and serious
than I’ve ever seen him, ..
I layed down wrapping my legs forward to my
chest before struggling to speak
“Steve I told you to take me home what’s
wrong with you.”
He didn’t reply, only to walk towards me after
he’s done arranging,
he bent, and lifted me up carrying me bridal
style into the bathroom…
“what are you doing steve”
He didn’t reply…
My arms went around his strong arm as he
place me down, his arms supportted my back
as I found my feet..
My heart was racing at his quietness and
serious expression while I move back but was
stopped shut by the wall..
His gaze scan my whole as he inched forward
tracing a finger from my face down to the
middle of my bre**st..
I gapse
He moved more closer as my fingers curled
into his cloth, I deeply inhale his smell,
fragrant but masculine with a trace of vanilla ..
His strength permeated me as I nibbled it like
an elixer.
He hugged on me tightly
“God I can’t believe I almost lost you today
Sam, I… I”
his lips were trembling
“I don’t know what would have happened to
me if something bad had happened to you ”
I smile softly not really knowing what to say,
My eyes suddenly widened realising how he
had loosened the back botton of my sport bra,
pulling it forward to expose my top body..
He skimmed my whole for a moment before
“you are beautiful sam”
” you’re stunning, geogeous ,clean and s-xy”
I smile a little feeling so embarrassed as
I Closed my eyes for a moment only to opened
them to part my lips softly at what I saw..
God those big biceps
He smile at my shyness and tipped my face up
..he gaze weakened my kneels as I called to
his name softly…
He finally lean closer to place a kiss on my
forehead, tracing it down to my eye, to my
And he stopped staring at my lips for a
moment.. Without second thought he finally
lean closer and took it hungrily… I mo-n with
much passion and desire that cascade through
our naked bodies. The feelng surged through
me as I clung my arms around the hotness
both our body created.
he deepened the kiss and carried me up to his
then do I realise how I love him too much…
too too much to keep any secret from him..

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