Cold But Charming – Episode
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To all of you guys following this novel, wanna
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Steve pov:
I glanced up at the wall clock placed at the
corner of the room realising how time had gone
by so fast .., I stand up feeling relieved and
ready to go get myself outta of my gorilla form,
I glanced down at her sleepy face one last time
admiring the way she snore peacefully ..
“Gosh, thank God she mange to sleep after
assuring her there’s nothing she could say that
would make me leave .
My lungs tightened as I drew a tired breath
I’ve never been so sure in my life with my
decision and never am I taking it back, I
wanted to stay
To stay and get involved in this whole mess,
not just as anyone but as someone who loved
and care about her,
Whatever it is she’s so afraid of letting out
about her uncle, I knew I have to solve it, I
have to let the toughness and tenacity in me
out, I have to be strong for her…and that’s all
I needed to do even if it meant to die trying.
I lean forward to place a kiss on her fore head
before moving towards the door and closing it
gently behind her ..
I speed up my steps noticing the way two
younger nurses were chuckling at my look,
Really, I roll up my eye and frown..
Haven’t non of them seen a guy wearing two
different female slippers, they knew I came in
with an emergency, why are their expression
that way for Chris sake,..
I got outside successfully, I swear if looks
could kill, I should have died right inside that
hospital, I opened my car and climbed into the
drivers seat.. started the car and drove off the
parking lot and through the express way,
I hope I get back before she wakes up…
few minutes of driving
I blow a breath as I turn into the narrow
winding estate leading to Sam mansion, i
geared up from my never ending thought as a
car light flashed from behind, ..
I notice the car had been behind me since I
left the hospital, but the busy express way full
of so many cars made me ignored it..
Why is it still behind me, I peeped through the
front mirror, and rolled down the glass
I could see the way it’s spedding up so fast,
suddenly it zoommed on my tail and rammed
into my rear..
I cursed under my breath ..the car was black,
the glass totally tinted. Damn I couldn’t even
see who it was
who’s this bastard is he or she outta control
ramming into someone like this in day light”
I zoom forward away from its tail making a
zigzag turn to confuse whom ever it was,,
I wanted to stop my car and confront the
bastard, but I couldn’t get the space cause
whom ever it was didn’t intend to stop either, it
sped up, the stretching of tyres made a much
louder noice from behind while it rammed into
me again.
I gritted my teeth, grasping the steering wheel
with my hands which were now full of veins.
I swear whomever the bastard was wanted to
kill me not minding if he end up dieing too..
I rack the gear and pulled into speed ..
“Jesus Christ ”
The driver was speeding along with me,
Is this a car race or what ..
“why are you following me bastard, you will get
us both killed” I shouted more into airs, gosh
this isn’t helping,
I just wanted to know who it was.
A chill slithered up my spine as the truth hit
me, what If the driver was Sam uncle, or the
Same person who had stabbed Caleb, and
eventually put that irritating dead dog there to
scare the hell out of Sam …
God they knew am with her and coming for me
too, oh hell, if they think I would run off like a
sacred puppy, they missed it,,..
I sensed he was trying to run me off the road
but I jerked the wheel to the right to avoid
careening into the embankment, then I swing
my car onto the smooth driveway and towards
Sam mansion..
I speed up glancing over my shoulder as the
car light beared down on me..
“Gosh, what the hell did Sam do to deserve all
this.. Why would he wanna hurt her , gosh this
is irritating…
The car sped up, moving closer on my trail..
I hit the accelerator and shoot forward, he lost
control for a moment and skimmed on a tree,
The skid gave me enough time to throw my car
into the mansion and towards the car park ..i
got out and slam the door,
I covered my head while I raced inside at the
sounds of gun shot ..
Gosh the person had a gun and why is he so
gullible, pulling a trigger in an estate, I
slammed the door lock before letting out a
deep breath..
Sweat brims all over my face as I move
towards the curtain to peep out the window..
“gosh , I need to call the police right away.
I ran upstairs to get my phone it took me a
whole five minutes to find it inside Sam locker,
I was about dailing 199..when I heared the
sound of siren from afar . The noice was faint
but could be heared much louder now,
“I hope they are coming here ”
I rushed back down stairs and moved the
curtain aside to have a clearer view at what’s
happening outside…
The police car was parked off the drive, while
five of them talked with some few neighbours
who had came out with horror and talking
randomly at the dread that just happened…
They must have called the police at the sound
of the gun shot but the car, my inside knotted
when I noticed it was no longer in sight, the
bastard fled at the sound of the siren..
I ran up hurriedly to put on my cloths, lurched
downstairs and towards the scene .
“hi ” I shook hands with a man, much of the
same height, but with much bigger biceps,
mustache and rugged look…
“am steve” I showed him my I. D…
Working at Lewis group of companies … Was
transferred from portharcout down here a week
and some days back
“I’m sergent Henry ”
“nice meeting you sergent”
I could hear the way other neighbours were
complaining bitterly
“even in day light we are longer safe”…
I chatted with Henry about the stalker, how he
try to run me off the road, the sounds of legs
last night and the morning event leading sam
to shock.. I took them towards the dog scene,
they coughed at the smell, took some
pictures, and asked me some more questions
Minutes later, another siren screeched as
their vehicle careening to a stop.. Henry
gestured towards the Patrol officer,,
“do you catch up with the criminal” he said
“no sir”
“and the plate number”
“the person must be someone who had been
here constantly for him to get away that easily.
Check for any evidence around whether he left
some thing before running off
He turns towards me,
“thanks for the info Mr Steve, we’ll have to
keep track of this estate and this mansion in
particular from now on, leave the lights on
whether you are around or not, our
investigation would start immediately,
I shook hands with him,
“that would be great, thanks Sergent”
“no problem, we are doing our job”
He gave me his private number,
“instead of calling 199 just call my number if
you notice any thing strange okay ”
“thanks i will”
He sprayed the surroundings with some
chemical that cease the dog smell and
gestured towards the other Sergent to come
pack it,
“the rain might have wash away any detection,
but we’ll still try searching for any possible
finger prints if it likely tally with that of few
criminals who broke out of jail some years
He opened his phone and headed back to
meet the other sergent, I immediately seize
the opportunity of their presence and went
upstairs to Sam room, I took a short shower..
Few minutes I was all ready to go back to the
I took a bag big enough to pack some of Sam
cloths, underwears, shoes, her bathing
equipment, and some other assesories she
might need,
I lock up the glass that connects the balcony to
her room and went downstairs, I left all the
lights on …and out towards my car.. I dropped
the bag in the booth and climbed into the
drivers seat…
I zoomed off with the police who were just
leaving the scene and out to the direction the
criminal took … I made my way to the left and
zoomed up right into the winding express way
Unknown pov:
“I heard about the mess you create jaguar
How could you be so stupid, ”
I shouted through the phone while I paced
across the room sweating profusely …
“boss is gonna kill us all. If he hear this, we
are all done for ”
“I was furious, I lost control”
“shut up fool, who told you to chase after him
in day light at first
cause I didnt remember when boss ever gave
the instruction to run him down .. ”
I rain big curses on him before trying my
possible best to calm my breath
“where are you jaguar ”
“they already lost track of me though, but the
police are still all over now, I have to pack the
car in some bush and escape,”
“pack what, you stupid boy” I cut the phone
and throw it angrily on the sofa..
“dammit we are meant to be attacking
coddedly without leaving tracks, boss Is just
gonna kill us all ”
More anger stirred in my belly, I bounced my
head back on the sofa, thinking of what next
to do …..
Caleb pov:
The air conditioner was cool, chilling my skin
with it’s cool airs. I struggled and shifted my
head to the other side, my eyes were closed
while I dreamt of Sam and how geogeously
she’d appeared in front of me ,
The sight of her so near makes me shudder,
My mood changes coherently at the thought
that Steve guy …who the hell does he think he
is…let me get better fast i would show him the
stuff am made of,,
I struggled again as the pain beside me
pinched so bad, I groaned and turn slightly
sitting comfortably to settle the pains …
Yes am sitting why am I sitting, am i dreaming,
well am loving it then..
I turn my head a little, thought I saw moms
pink scarf just opposite me, I took it and
sniffled it,
“oh how I missed my stubborn rugged mom” I
“snap out of your dreams Caleb” a voice said
I jerked upright panting softly, it was like am
been bugle up on space, why does it feel like
am on space.
And the feeling strucked me, we are on plane,
a private plane to be precise. And that voice
seems to be like mums,
It can’t be
I closed my eyes and open them again trying
to fix my brain back to reality.
But yet it takes longer than usual to process
the voice I just heard,
My throat felt dry as I breath in and out..
“here caleb”
“Jesus Christ” I jumped at the sight of her but
was hooked back with the seat belt while I
groan in pain.
“mom what the hell, ”
I settle with the pain beside me and glared
side ways at her as she stresh a glass of water
towards me..i took it gently watching her
narrowly while I frown she was sitting
comfortably on her seat, her leg crossed, with
a news paper gently placed on her legs…
“mom what the hell are you doing”
“you understand better Caleb, so shut up and
rest we’ll soon be in portharcout ,”
She picks up her news paper and continue
glaring at it, I could swear she was only
looking at the pictures cause of the serious
expression on her face which notifies an
unexplainable fury.
“mom, but how did you get me into the plane
without me knowing, ”
“cause I told the doc to inject you”
“what,!!! Mom see you don’t have the right to
take…… ”
“just shut up Caleb, shut up” she shouted
“How could you be so cruel,” she continued
“you left home, it’s been almost a year now,
you didn’t call nor leave a note and heaven
knows I’ve been calling your number, but you
kept ignoring them, and do you realise the hell
I went through before i find you in that
hospital, it took me weeks but when I finally
find you
Just look at yourself ” she gestured towards
me, skimming my form like she just saw a pig
“mom I… I…… Sam”
She holds her hand out to stop me
“you do not have to explain, I read all you
wrote about her in a journal you hide behind
your closet, ”
“what’s all this about Caleb, all your life, why
would you sacrifice your career, your dreams
only to chase after just one girl you still
couldn’t get”
“mom I love her”
“Just shut it , you are a very good looking
young man caleb, we your parent are rich, and
what else do you want, I mean you can get any
girl out there at any time.”
“mum we are talking about love here”
“this isnt love anymore but stupidity caleb,
you can’t get yourself involved with her. And
that’s final”
I sat straight shocked at what she just said
“You are my son Caleb, I will see no pit and
allow you fall in it,
if I once told you I needed a grandchild, you
should understand better now I didn’t meant
from her,”
“mom you dont have the right to choose whom
i want to be with ”
“oh then you should do what’s right and not
just neglect us all, your dad and your siblings
are worried for Christ sake and look at you not
even looking slightly apologetic”
“mom, you don’t understand how I feel about
this lady, it’s much at stake if I leave”
“Sam is someone you can never be with ”
“Why mum, why are you doing this, you know
you can’t tie my legs from going anywhere
even if I get back to portharcout ”
“and what if you do not have access to any
credit cards what would do then”
“mom” I clenched my teeth together feeling
irritated at what she just said
“enough Caleb, twenty minutes more before we
land, let’s save our conversation till then,
cause we still have a lot to talk about, like how
you got stabbed,”
She shifted her gaze away from me, wipes her
newspaper, and place it wide enough to read.
I groaned angrily and study her for a long
moment before finally conceded with a nod, I
hold on my side firmly and gritted my teeth but
deep with in me, I know I won’t give up Sam
that easily, i can’t let my effort of watching her
secretly all these years go in vein,
I am ready to sacrifice or do anything to have
her.. I mean anything Just to make sure she
ends up being in my arms. Even If it meant
killing someone…
Smiling with my thoughts, I lick on my lower
lips and sighed
if I do not get her, no one will,
Steve or what ever don’t worry ehn you will
hear from me soon…

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