Cold But Charming – Episode
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Erik pov:
Portharcout Nigeria
Night before…
Their cloths were blending with reddish blood
that splatters all over like muds,
“wao i feel so good” my expression were
glowing with pride as I gaze mockingly at their
big dead eye.
Their lifeless body lay still cold as ice while I
walk away feeling contented as ever…. I
watched my knife narrowly with the thick blood
that clungs around it before letting out a big
“hahahahahahahahahahaha blood, wao
beautiful red blood”
Pascal and spike were glaring at me
shockingly like I was death itself. . But pity they
don’t understand am the man who destroys life
and still stand to spat on it..
I shook my head continuously
“Wao, I can’t believe I packed their intestine
out with these pascal, their eyes were as wide
and cold looking straight into mine as if they
wanna question me,”
“look at them they wanna question me pascal”
I smile with a dark grin pointing towards the
dead politicians direction
“can they talk now, oh no no no” I inhaled
more of my cigrette and puff out the smoke..
walking slowly and majestically I laughed once
“pity they can’t talk, phew they are cold dead
and far away with God now, may heaven bless
their soul ”
“boss this place is dangerous it’s full of
security, we have to go” spike called silently
“shut up stupid boy, if they come am gonna kill
them with this, you got it ”
I giggled .. My tone was quiet this time full of
pleasures and hatred
“I’ll kill them with this”
I watch my long knife closely and giggled more
Lowering my head, my face
Suddenly let out a dark color signaling the
pureness of anger, I frowned before I jerked
my head up
“ehn ehn what are we still doing here boys are
you crazy”
“but boss, but you, you you” spike stammered
Shut up, what if we get caught, you both stand
there looking like mor-ns
and have you broken all the cameras”
“yes boss”
“let’s move ,…..
As quick as possible, we jumped over the
fence and race to meet shabanna in the car
I slipped into the shadow of my room with
sweat brims from my face to the neck, I’ve
always loved darkness..
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. Pity I wasn’t aware of coming to earth, I
would have love to be the devil himself .
Darkness is beautiful mmmmm
I wipe my sweat with my hands and chuckles at
the thought of my brother…
“Mmmm, mmmm what to do, time to play, Erik
wanna play,
time to scare my brothers little half to death ”
I let out a ruggish laugh and padded across my
room to crack the window open ..the curtain
billowed in, following by an eminently satisfying
blast of the chilly air ….
I laughed a jeering laugh
“it would be stupid to let her die easily right,
the stupid wimp” ..
My lips curled up in a smile when I pick up my
phone to dailed some numbers..
“how far sharp shooter”
“boss that steve guy is still all over your niece,
as am talking to you right now they are both at
her place playing Romeo and Juliet…
I laughed and quickly lighted an hem, I puff
out the smoke tapping my head repeatedly as I
“oh sharp shooter,”
my tone was thick and rugged …
“I told you to let them enjoy the pleasures of
life, they would soon die anyway,, but not
yet….not tonight..
I stand moving towards my mirror to study my
dark expression…
“prepare the dog trick for Sam tonight, ”
“okay boss, small or big dog”
I laughed puffing out more smoke..
“small dog ofcourse”
“okay boss”
I dropped the phone and laughed at the image
I saw the mirror..
Pale and cold …it was moving substantially,,
“Erik” it called
My eyes widened “how’s this possible you are
me, ”
The image laughed
“People dies…beauty Fades…love Changes…
And You Will Always Be Alone Erik”…
“shut up am never alone, my sons and wife
are alive ”
“mmmm, you are just a stupid psycho you that
better than anyone that they are dead, cold
dead and never coming back”
“who are you bastard” I said moving back with
a shocked expression
“you wanna know me Erik, hahahaha”
“Am a restless soul
faces found beyond thy deeds, here in the
dark..deep within your heart i lay,
call me conscience am always here.
“shut up, you are dead”
I frown while I staggered towards my bed..
“yes, that’s why am restless”
It face struck out of the mirror, slow and
creepy it started laughing
“Noooooooo,” I shouted, my hand was fast to
meet my knife in the dark.
“just die”
I throw it angrily.
But all I saw was the shatters of crumbled
glass shrieking it’s own melodramatic laugh as
it scattered into thousands of pieces…
I turned and saw richy crying, his eye socket
were black … Body white as snow and a eye
filled with blood, …
“stop this dad, you are hurting us”
I laughed out between tears ignoring him until
he turns towards the wall and disappeared ….
“don’t worry richy daddy is just catching some
fun ,,,, hahahahaha so much fun
Sam pov,:
Very slowly, my thick eye lashes fluttered open
and narrowed as the Fresh windy cool and
crispy Sunday morning air whistling around me
I realise it has stop raining as the filtered light
of the day entered through the balcony
I struggled as Steve strong arms was still
wrapped around me firmly ..
The sight of him looking so peaceful in his
sleep catch my attention
i stared up at his face for a long moment
marveling once more at his handsomeness,
enigmatic power, and features
quiet enough not to wake him up I kissed his
chest… And whispered
Just when I have always thought love could
never be a part of me, that’s when you came
along and showed me happiness, you are the
reason for my smile Steve, I sniffled..
although I know how dangerous it is to have
you by my side like this, but I couldn’t muster
up the feeling to send you away.
I swallowed as the surge of emotion rose in my
” I love you, and I hope you know that”
Gently enough not to wake him up, i took his
hand and place it to his side .. I checked my
time and realise its almost seven…
“gosh my morning jog”
I quickly got up …and make my way to the
bathroom …
after freshening up, I put on my black stretchy
Drylayer leggings, a sport bra, my sneakers
and an head phone firmly on my ears,,,
“just five minutes jog, I hope am back before
he wakes up ”
I got out of the bathroom glancing at my image
and at ever sleeping Steve through it before
making my way down the stairs and out..
The sky was beginning to fully unbared the
gate of light as it welcomes my skin with it’s
freshing rays,
I lifted my head inhaling the coldness of the air
and the chill it brought to my exposed skin,
quickly I wrap up my up braid and jog a little
…. ..
Few steps of jog I was brought to an abrupt
stop at the sight of blood,, I gapse and threw
down my head phone ,
my face fell faster to were the blood is coming
from .
I could swear my skin became greyed, my
eyes were as wide as they could stretch
…taking a few steps further, panic erupted me
as this shocking waves crawled all
over my system.
I became incapacitated when I saw the dog,,
lifeless, cold with it’s eyes budge of its skull..
Tears rushed down my face as paralyses
shook through me
i stood there as gormless as a guppy, shocked
and shaky,
My face contorted in horror, As i
recalled cutie
“Noooooooo, not again,,, ” I gapsed
I opened my mouth in silent scream
I could feel my heart beat rose in the flickers of
fears, my whole muscles going tense ..i
covered my mouth with my hands at the
realisation of what uncle Erik had done …
“he did thisthis, noooo”
I was shaking my head and moving backwards
in shock,,..
“noo” I shouted
Then suddenly it struck me I felt my whole
body froze, I stood still without moving, without
breathing, without making a sound….
My eyes widened as my kneels gave out on
me, then I realise I wasn’t afraid of dyeing as
much as how painful the process dyeing feels,,
glancing at the pureness of the sky , I smile
between tears.. As everything around me went
Steve pov:
my fears started to multiply in an hundred fold
at the sight of Sam…i could swear my heart
nearly bust out of my chest
Trepidation over came me to the extent all
thought on what to do varnished….
“Sam wake up damn it” I shouted
I could feel the rapid pulse in my system
reverberated through my head
I shook her chin and called repeatedly with
shaky hands ..
“Sam please, wake up”
My eyes widened as it struck me, she must
have fainted at the sight of the dog..
“gosh who did this”
I coughed at the smell it brought, while I
struggled to carry her up …
“yes the hospital gosh,” I raced towards my car
my head was banging all along as I dropped
her to get the car keys… I was so disorganised
when I came back I could feel my legs shaking
at the dulled sight of her …..i opened the door
and quickly place her in the back,
I ran to the drivers seat, thank God my hand
were strong enough to pull the gear ….. With a
sinking heart I pull into express and drove to
the hospital like the world is about coming to
an end.
EMERGENCY I shouted like a mad man when
I got to the hospital,, I race along with the
nurses who took Sam inside with the stretching
wheel … She’s still not moving
‘God ‘ my heart was pounding so fast as I
made a silent prayer ..
I was pacing in the waiting room struggling with
all my thoughts…
I was so disorganised and messed up right at
the moment I don’t know what to do whether to
start crying myself or faint along with Sam…
I couldn’t sit, I continue racking my fingers
through my hairs as I pace,,
I notice some few stares on me…and wonder
what they might actually be looking at..
Read ” Beyond captivating ” by the same
author ( Op. Amina )
. But I was too occupied with Sam thoughts to
I immediately staggered and sat down when
the realisation came to me, I was putting on
two different slippers, which is hell way too
small for my feet, my boxers showing much of
my hairy thighs
“what” I gapse “how could I not notice”
I was holding my head with my thoughts all
along, feeling irritated with the fact that no one
is coming out to tell me what is really
happening to Sam..
I gapse and sat straight as my face suddenly
met the gaze of a much smaller nurse…
I was fast to run towards her
“hey nurse, wait ”
She turned around staring at me in a much
professional way
My eyes fell on her as I struggled convulsively
to swallow panic,
“any problem”
“remember I was here yesterday but I couldn’t
find doctor matine any where, my girlfriend
was rushed in some minutes ago ”
“oh Mr steve” she scan the way I look from
head to the toes as if not believing what she
was seeing,, but to me I really don’t care I just
needed to know what’s happening to sam.
“Emm doctor matine is already attending to
her, but if you need more info maybe you
should ask the receptionist or the staff cause I
need to attend to some other patients now ”
She left before I could stop her.
“really Gosh”
I staggered towards the wall as i scrabbled
more of my finger faster and harder through my
“I promise I would protect her dammit, but I
couldn’t, I failed”
I turn towards the wall and rammed my
clenched fist on it repeatedly
“Gosh sam”
Minutes later doctor matine came out of the
room with two nurses moving sam out of the
emergency room to the ward.
My gaze immediately fell on her face feeling
worst at the on why isnt opening her eyes yet
I ran towards him…
“doctor ”
“calm down Mr Steve ” he said hurriedly she
was in deep shock but she’s coming around
now …..
“doctor wait ”
He went in and I started to pace all over again
but I notice my breath had start ease with the
knowing that she would be fine…
Doctor matine came out with the other nurses,,
as I could hear the way he eased out a deep
breath… with the way I clung to the door like
some security
“Mr steve, just calm down okay, she’s has
come around but resting now. ”
He was scanning the way I look like anyone
would look at a gorrila
“you can go in now but make it short , ”
What’s this about my look, am I looking that
“doctor, I…. I”
He taps on my shoulder..
“we’ll talk later, I need to attend to someone
else “then he left
“thanks doc” I called out…
I opened the door gently and went in
Goosebumps rose in my face at the sight of her

Her dulled skin, smooth and tired.. I studied
her for moment as regret for not being there the
moment she had fainted tugged through me.
She was right, what difference does it make, I
failed her…
Her eyes were closed firmly with the drip
needle fussed to her left hands… I move
closer to her bed watching her as I gulped
back tears
..i shut my eyes in an attempt to starve off the
ache that threatens to explode
only to open them to meet her faint gaze on
I quickly squeezed her hands into mine and
touched her face with the other ….
“I failed you babe, am sorry ”
“steve” her voice was shallow and tired.. I
could sense she was valiantly fighting the
effect the shock had brought inside of her
“he’s coming for you next Steve, I can’t watch
you die, leave Steve ,I…… I… I”
“shhhh,,, I don’t care babe , I won’t leave, i
refuse to give in and if dyeing the only option I
got rather than leaving …. So be it”
So guys let’s stop here…….
Do you actually think Steve is still capable of
protecting Sam from her psyche uncle who still
has more hell and horror in mind to do, ….
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