Cold But Charming – Episode
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Was strong a little pals, but am okay now,
good to be back… This episode was
supposed to be split to two, but you know I
love making my episode long ,,,
so long for you guys to enjoy,, thanks for
Sam pov
Appalled and bewildered by his actions ….
Steve catches my lips and pulled me into his
frantic embrace .
Wrapping my hand around him ..i felt his
heated hands cares-ing the softness of my
br***t ….
my heart grew with emotions as all I could
think about was love,
Love love love, as It keep sending the surge of
emotion swells in my head..
never for once have I thought I could
experience this kind of feeling with anyone. But
he did make me feel special,
He made me fall for his charms much too
earlier than expected..
He made me feel how lonesomeness could
eventually rip the heart apart if it’s gone too
He made me realise to love someone
deeplydeeply, means to willingness to cut
yourself wide open, exposing your
vulnerabilities… hopes, flaws and not hide
behind the highlight reel of who you are,
He made me feel how there’s much more to
this world than wrapping fears, and loneliness
with anger,
Hunger to taste more of him flared through me
as I drew myself into his strong arms,
“Sam ” he whispered between kisses as if
sensing my reaction to his cares-es, I threw
myself on his laps as I began unbuttoning his
I still do not believe how much I love him
enough to want him, but for the first time am
convinced loving someone could make you
want them,
Yet I did took the lead as I deepened the
kiss..i gapse as all I could feel was the warmth
of his touch against my nak**d skin, making all
available sounds in my system rushed to my
I loosened my robe to gain free assess to his
he was panting softly with a bewildered
expression when he suddenly releases my lips
skimming my body like he just saw a god.
“what” I whispered
“Good God sam”….
I flushed with embarrassment as my heart
swelled with love,
he lean over to kiss me softly before pulling my
robe back together.
He was knotting it , as all I could do was stare
not wanting to believe what he was doing ..
He straightened his shirt before shifting my
weight back on the sofa
silence surfaced between us for a moment
before he finally broke it
“am sorry for touching you like that
Sam,……i…..i…. . ”
He turn sideways to my already aroused state,
moving forward to cares-ed his thumb on my
I closed and opened my eyes to gulp back the
feeling it brought,.
“I know it’s your first time of feeling this way,
I love you too much to take advantage of you
like this, ”
He frowns looking at my embarrassed form for
a moment
“just that you are
special Sam, very special to me and …..

. Hell I want you so bad, I admit I do. But
“but what steve”
“but not this way”
I nodded holding my breath for a moment
I was struggling my way up when he stopped
“are you angry Sam, ”
I stood up
“why should I Steve, I don’t understand why I
should be angry at you right now, I lost control
but thank God you didn’t”
His gaze tested my resolve as he frowns I just
wish I could tell him how I really wanted him to
be my first and last, to tell him how have grown
to love him so much….
to tell him how I really want to secure the future
I never imagined up untill now with him,
to tell him about him, and how dangerous he
can be…. I wish to tell him everything, but I
just couldn’t,
Am just so afraid, and disorganised
I was moving towards the stairs silently when
his voice stopped me
“Sam where are you going?”
“up to my room Steve, or where does it seems
am going ” I said sobbingly without turning
“hey” his call stops me again only to feel his
arms wrapped quietly around me for a while
“you smell so good babe,” he finally said
He turns me around, only to quickly bury my
head in his chest not wanting him to see the
tears that forms in my eyes
“You don’t have to cry silently babe, let it out, I
am here now ,okay ”
he whispered
With the tone I heard in his voice however it
sounds, I was damn sure its effect on me now
was devastating reducing me to the
shuddering mass of desolation. Helplessly, I
wrap my arms around him and let out a louder
crying my sorrows and pains out in his chest
felt so good, as he smells so good himself,
he continues to pat my back …as
I couldn’t really pinpoint which one of all is
making me cry .
Is it the fear of loosing steve or fear of losing
my parents, fear of how he used Caleb as a
warning , or fear of budging any of their eyes
out like he did to cutie. Fear of becoming
lonely again or the fear of killing them all if I
had to open my mouth..
Brushing the tears from my face, he stare at
my teary eyes for a moment with the look that
begs to stop making myself suffer,
I was surprised he neither ask about the
reasons for the tears or pressurised me on
he slowly bent and swept my foot off ground..
I glared up at him surprised by his action, only
to finally relax
clunging to his shoulder as he climbed up the
stairs carrying me along bridal style
“which way is it to your room sam” he asked
shifting his gaze from left to right when he got
to the top stairs…
I pointed to the right, directing him to the
second door.. He entered moving towards my
bed to place me down like a father would place
his child ..
“thanks Steve, I think I would change into
something lighter, but you should go get some
rest too, so many rooms, you can pick one.. ”
He smiles leaning over to place a kiss on my
fore head,
“get some rest babe okay, goodnight”
“good night ” I replied
Steve pov:
My other words trailed into silence as I strode
out of her room,
I wanted to ask her about it, damn I wanted to
ask her about every thing, but what difference
does it make .
finding out about the last person who’d talk to
her doesn’t make real sense right at first but it
did make sense now …
How could I have been so stupid not to realise
how possible it can be ..
The realisation settled something deep in me,
the ache, the anxiousness, joined by this kind
of understated thoughts.
I was convinced whatever it is she is keeping
from everyone had to relate to him ..
I stood for a while trying to gulp back. this
aching feeling on what must have happened..
I actually don’t want to believe this,
How can??
But whatever I know about that man, I
wouldn’t think he’s capable of hurting a fly,
meeting him on one or two occasions in
portharcout seems somehow busy, but to think
of him as mischievous ….
hell no, the relationship between Mr Lewis and
his self are damn way too close.
Too close to accept the fact he would be
capable of hurting sam and still kept it hidden
from him,
But if he hadn’t, she wouldnt have acted that
if if if he hadn’t
(I banged my fist softly on the wall) dammit
God I can’t keep watching her suffer like this, I
Racking my hands through my hairs I started to
pace left and right, as different ideas race
through my thoughts
Or should i,
I should call Mrs Lewis back, I should tell her
about this realisation., about Sam reaction
when she’d spoken with her uncle…..noooo
, she’d even spoken with such joy when I’d call
her back to find out about who last talked to
sam ,
I know Whatever it is that’s making her so
scared had to relate to Eric …and hell well i
have to find out about it.
I immediately doubled my steps and made my
way downstairs, I
I poured myself a cup of wine, tapping my
fingers on the table while I think of whom to
call ….
Yes Anna, she knows more about the family
relationship and past than anyone… I took my
phone and immediately dailed her number
She picks at third ring
“hey anna”
“Steve man, what’s up”
“am good Anna, sorry for disturbing ”
“hey, no worries man but what’s wrong ” she
asked noticing the quietness in my voice
“Anna I need a favour from you,”
And there my brain signals to a sound
“thought I heared the sounds of legs anna” ,
“sound of what Steve ” Anna asked
I stayed quiet for a while trying to pick at what I
just heard ..
I thought I heard legs ,heavy ones like though
someone was running
“God, Anna I’ll call back ” I spoke silently
quiet enough not to make any sound
I speedened my steps to the window.. ..
I quietly opened the curtain and peeped but
saw nothing …nothing but the tears of the rain
and darkness.
Thought I heard steps,
I was sure I heard steps, gosh
And these unsettled realisation suddenly
nudges me
I ran up the stairs to her door like a
possessed man…panting softly…..
Without thinking , I jerked her door open..
But there she is ..sitted in front of her mirror
like some angel from space,
my pounding heart began to decelerate at the
sight of her …
Have never felt so embarrassed in my life, as
she meets my eyes staring back at me like
she just saw a ghost …
“Steve, what’s wrong ”
I swallowed
“emm babe , just……



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