Hours later
My eyes scaled down my pale trembling body
as the hot shower run down on me, am glad
Steve dropped me and left with his car instead
but deep inside of me I knew I wasn’t as glad.
Putting on my cream robe, I made my way to
the kitchen while I took out some peanut butter
and bread from the fridge
I yarned occasionally realising it was still
“Gosh Saturdays are always slow”
After eating I made my way upstairs, Shutting
all of my scary thoughts away I pulled my
weight under my blanket, and digged myself
into a cold weather sleep.
I hope I never woke up again.. But damn
I was woken by the sound of the door bell, I
glanced at my watch as it was still 7.0clock at
night. Only two hours sleep
Who could it be..
Not that I have any other friend apart from
Steve, and if it’s death pulling at my door right
now then am convinced am ready to lost myself
in its embrace
Groggy and illtempered, i shrugged into my
robe and padded to the door.
It was still raining and more dark out than I
I jerked the door open fearlessly but
The last person i had expected
to appear on my doorstep by this time of the
night was Steve .
but there he was..
looking as handsome as an elve Dressed in
brownlacks, neatly pressed and perfectly
molded to
his masculine frame, a white shirt, short
sleeved open to mid chest, he seemed taller
than ever. Freshly looking with droplets from
the rain lingering on his carefully combed hair,
he sparkled holding intently to an umbrella
much smaller than his size.
As i examined him, i felt him examining me in
turn. His eyes, brown and fathomless,
touched me, skimming my body from top
to toe at full length and returning back to my
face, which was now flushed with
“I’m sorry, I can see I woke you up, may I
come in, ”
My eyes were filled with insecurity as i
stepped back to allow him in. He proceeded
directly to the sofa without a backward
I skimmed him once more,
“thought you left Steve, what are you doing
here ”
“actually, my hotel payment expired today, so
I had to leave, I have no where else to go
other than to come here”
“really ” I said clunging my rope to cover every
open part of my body except my legs of course
which I can see he was actually looking at…
“this place is hell way too big, for your tiny self
to live in Sam,”
“Oh are you here to insult me or find shelter” I
said moving into the kitchen to pour myself
some hot drink as I could realise how cracky
my tone sounds
“you are beautiful” he exclaimed, behind i
shockingly glance sideways and started to
when the hell did he walk towards me
I turn back quickly to pour myself some heated
“you care for one”
“of course, he said now sitting down on the
kitchen chair
Well guess what I’d expected to see in those
eyes were anger ..
Anger for not opening up to him earlier instead
It was filled with warmth.
I poured him some coffee, while I nibbled on
mine slowly, I could feel his stare burn my
entire being,,
“why are you dressed so geogeously tonight
steve” I actually blurted out before I could stop
He was quiet for a moment before he finally
“for you babe,”
I made a slight motion towards him as though
being tugged by an invisible string only to
realise his hands had done the trick as we
were now so close as anything,
I closed my eyes and opened them perceiving
his perfect cologne as his eyes busily scan my
His hands slid up my throat and curled around
the back of my neck slowly making me shiver
all over, he bent to place a soft kiss on it
“What” he said smiling with his forehead
against mine,
“I don’t want you out of my sight anymore
Sam, ”
I was staring at his handsome view with need
beaming in my face
“steve” I called
“mmmmm” he muffled
“have you ever thought of being a model”
He laughed looking away slightly and back to
“and have you ever thought of been a beauty
queen babe”
My smile was so dim as our closeness keep
sending some signal to every part of my body..
He was moving his now unsmiling lips to mine
slowly, when I raised up my hands and flicked
his lips.
“yeeee, God that hurt Sam,” he winced in pain
“I bet it does” I said backing away from his
“come here, ” he gapse
He was about grabbing me, when I took up a
race, and scooted to my larger sitting room
“Sam come here” he said running along with a
flirtatious look on his face .
I was laughing all along
“never, ”
“we’ll see” he laughed back,
Running here and there, he finally grab me
from the back, while I gave up with a deep
panting breath.
“please don’t flick me back Steve, no no” I
said while I shake my head slightly
“am your boss, I order you to stop”
“I shouldn’t do my own back right, huh huh”
he said tickling my side all along….
I was laughing so hard
“Steve please, let me go ”
I could feel the ruggedness of his laugh, heat
on my neck.
I finally pull away and bounced my weight on
the sofa.
“you started this Sam, I should have flicked
you back” he said moving to sit closer to me,
I rested my head back on the sofa trying to
steady my breath, only to notice he wasn’t
laughing anymore I turned my head sideways
slowly and there he was
His eyes scanning my entire form..
He reached out his hands to my neck, sliding it
slowly down to my colar bone ..
His name escape my lips as I realise I couldn’t
stop him .
He kept sliding down as his touch burn me with
need ..
he reached the neck of my rope, and there
he stare deeply into my eyes as if asking for a
go ahead, faster than expected
he slid his hands inside,
My eyes widened realising what he just did but
before I could do anything to protest.
He quickly seized my lips to his and drew me
closer into his frantic embrace.
My bones felt so weak cause I only did nothing
but kiss him back..more deeply with love than
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