Cold but charming part 15

Cold But Charming – Episode
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Caleb pov:
My blood ran cold, as it pump into my brain
The sight of lost I saw in Sam eyes when the
guy kissed her terrified me, this isn’t Sam
My heart began to pound in double as it
clenched and hurt. It hurt so bad, my lungs
began to tightened for an upcoming tears,
I couldn’t do anything but watch, watch like I
watched her secretly all my life .
Emotion pumped and stired in my chest as I
become physically distorted, I started to shake
all over.
I wish I was able to stand up and punch the
guy right in his eyes but his face said it all as
he left, how could I have been so stupid…
Have been such a weakling all my life, Sam is
been stolen from me, and all I could still do
was watch,
My jaw tightened at the thought as hot tears
started to fall.
I must be dreaming right, my gaze turned
sideways into her eyes as I searched it with so
much tension.
The kind of tension that seeped through like
vibration, my pulse skipped as I swallowed
more tingling nerve .
This isn’t Sam right
More pains and panic ripped through me as
what I could see in her eyes now was anger,
anger that begged to answer whatever it is
she’s asking me..
Yes this is the Sam I know, this is the Sam I
watched secretly all my life
Cold sam ,
not the one I just saw a while ago.
“Caleb, answer me” she drawled
I searched my brain for every possible signal
to get myself into position, but I couldn’t,
sweat rose in every corner of my body I
swallowed as all I could hear now was my own
heart beat,
I couldn’t bear the pains that surged, at the
thought that I left everything, my career, my
family all to come for her, only to see a guy
tasting her sweetness right in front if me ,
I closed my eyes as more tears drop.
Good God Caleb get hold of yourself dammit
I just wish death could come right now cause
imagining life without Sam is worthless ……. I
stare into her eyes as I inhale sharply to stem
more of deep emotions churning through me, I
thought of nothing to say
when I opened my mouth but.
“Sam has he slept with you, ”
“how dare you Caleb, ” she said with gritted
“I should ask you, about your stupid fantasies
in making love to me in your dreams, I mean
this guy that just left saved your life or else you
could have died , ”
“you should have left me to die instead Sam, I
didn’t remember I fantasies about you but
don’t you think it meant how much you drive
me crazy every day” I shouted
She was looking at me with horror but I do not
mind, she has been in my heart for too long to
accept defeat to some guy who came from only
God knows where
“you know,” I said as more of my tears fall
for the past eighteen years, all I could think
about is loving you, and seeing this guy kiss
you like that is driving me nut, who the hell is
he sam”
“for your information Caleb, I see Steve as a
man, so you should understand what I mean,
and don’t you dare ask me that kind of
question again” she warned
I gapse and swallowed my saliva
“a man ” I whispered as more realisation
nudges me, how have been less a man all
these years, a weakling, an idiot….
I hold my chest as more pains seized through
“please Sam I can’t loose you, I got stabbed
and this is all you could do. ”
“what do you expect Caleb, if you hadn’t come
to my house unannounced maybe u wouldn’t
have gotten yourself into this mess what if you
die damn it , what do you think would happen
to me ”
I stare at the fury in her eyes
“am crazy about you ”
“Just shut up caleb we just had our first
conversation after eighteen good years, and
you telling me now you are crazy about me”
“you do tell me you love me then Sam, how I
normally played with you hairs, how you
laughed happily to my jokes remember” I was
talking anxiously all along
“remember, ”
She cut my words,
“enough caleb, enough I don’t wanna hear
anymore, do u see who stabbed you ”
I swallowed as I could remember he was a
middle age man who says he was actually
family to Sam, I was confused as I knew no
other family to her apart from her mom and
dad.. He might be anybody who knew i was
snicking my way to that window ..i bet that’s
the last thing I want is for her to find out …
“no, I didn’t ” I lied
“well fine” she stands
“I will come check up on you tomorrow, ”
“pls don’t leave sam”
I called out, but it was too late as she left, I
froze as this look of disappointment shadow in
my face, how could I not see this coming, how
have been so uselessly doing nothing but
watch her like fool all this years,
I deserve this, but I won’t give up easily, I
And that stance, or Steve whatever would hear
from me.. To hell if he saved my life, I wish I
get better fast cause the only thing that matters
to me now is Sam, not even the person that
stabbed me.
And am not just gonna sit and watch some guy
take her from me,
am gonna get her even it has to claim the last
of my breath .
She’s mine…..mine
Sam pov:
I frowned as I shut the door behind me, Gosh
why is everything around me happening so
fast, first with P.A and now my child hood
friend. .
God when did Caleb become this way,
The little kid from eighteen years ago isn’t as
desperate as this,,
He’s so scary and stupid. But thank God he
didn’t see uncle Erik.
I threw my gaze sideways only to see Steve
elegant back frame pacing left and right with
his phone clung to his ear. I study his form for
a moment and Incredibity held me
gaze locked to his iron hard features. So tall
and very cute without his office wear
Gosh this guy should be a model
A strange lethargy enfolded me as he turn
bringing a new sort of feelings i could not
He spoke through the phone before moving
towards me,
“she’s here” he said
“who is it” I asked quietly
“it’s your dad” he quietly replied
“she’s here with me”
he said reaching out the phone to me,
I squeezed a smile towards him before taking
Everything suddenly sounded very sane, very
rational, very lovely
talking to both mum and dad felt like like some
part in me has been curedcured, how much I
long to see them,
to tell them how I really care about them, to tell
them I love them so much
Steve already took my hands along with his as
we were now sitting on a black leather chair at
the corridor. He was watching me intently as if
the phone would swallow me up in any
I was smiling at him
he whispered as I could feel his breath fanning
my other ear ..
“babe, you are beautiful when you smile”
I tap him slightly, smiling all along.
And suddenly fear surged through me at the
sound of his name,
did I just heard her say Erik, fear clouded my
face as paralysis seized my kneels wondering
what to do next
“your uncle wanna speak with you dear, ” mum
And I knew within me I dare not cut the phone
cause he’s really capable of doing anything.
It’s like he has eyes everywhere.
I froze at the sound of his voice
The leisure lowering on Steve face snapped
me out of my frozen state.
“Sam, hey sam are you okay”
“yes” I said shakingly..
“hello sam” Erik said
“how’s life with you, it’s been such a long time,
your mum, dad and I are worried. Mmmmm
mmmm, cutie cutie
I immediately remembered cutie, the innocent
dog whose eyes was bulged out of her skull…
My hands was shaking with the phone all along
feeling the rush of my blood boil, I was staring
wide eye and confused
“say hi to Steve ”
Steve suddenly grab the phone and placed it
to his ears
“helloooo” and the phone disconnected..
He was surprisingly looking at the phone and
at me as if I wasn’t the one smiling at the
phone a while ago, I was so shocked, puzzled
and afraid, he knew Steve, he knew Steve…
Steve tilted my head sideways to his
“hey Sam look me, are you okay ”
Panic rose up in it as I stood up angrily
“you shouldn’t have taken the phone from me
steve, you shouldn’t ”
“look at you sam , you are shaking all over”
He was moving closer to me when I stopped
“am calling your dad back, ”
“whatever, Steve… am going and don’t you
dare follow me ”
With full terror I ran with all of my strength, I
could sense as Steve was running along with
“hey Sam, wait, sammm please”
I ran out of the hospital to the heavy rain, I
was running so hard , as the rain drenched my
I wish I could just ran away from this world and
everything in it,
Run away from this whole mess
To run far away so I wouldn’t exist any more,
“Sam” Steve shouted as he was running along
with me
“Sam wait damn it”
I wanted to die and I wanted to run as far and
as fast as I could to wherever…
More sadness broke open inside of me as I ran
hollowing out my heart .. My feet felt rooted in
the water . The road was empty as I took up
my speed to an open field
But steve was fast enough as I now felt his wet
hands drag my back form to his strong chest,
I was breathing heavily while I struggled away
from his hold, why can’t Steve understand am
trying to protect him, why can’t he just back
away from me..
“let go of me Steve”, I struggled
But he was too strong, too strong I started to
give up. He swung me around wrapping me so
close to his chest..
“its okay babe, am here for you it’s okay” he
said cares-ing my wet hairs with his hands.
yet heaven kept it’s fall as full drops
hammered, the rain battered our form as I
couldn’t help but wrap my hands around him.. I
cry softly, but thankful the rain kept it hidden…
“I don’t wanna loose you Steve ” I said softly
I could feel the pounding rate of his heart,
while he hold on to me tightly..
“You won’t loose me babe, but suffering is
optional, I hate the way i keep seeing you
suffer, stop doing this, and tell me”
“what would you do if I tell you Steve,
No mater how smart you’re, you can’t be wiser
than the people watching you right”
“then tell me all about it Sam” he holds my face
closely and shifted it up so I could lock eyes
with him….
I couldn’t open my eyes as the rain keep
slapping it’s form on my face
“you are such a stubborn woman Sam, see I
meant all I said to you
he said clearing the water away from my face.
“I’ll protect you and I meant it.
I swallowed while I glare up silently at him, I
opened my mouth to speak,
but no words came out as I shut it back.
my gaze slid from his eyes to the strength of
his nose,
the firmness of his lips, the smoothness of his
strong cheek. As it’s all I could do not to reach
out my lips to his ,
So close I started inhaling his masculine scent
“What can I do for you to trust me ”
He finally whispered,
“I don’t know steve, I don’t know”



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