Cold But Charming – Episode
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I know I deserve so many red cards from you
Just that I couldn’t come online for a while…
But I assure you update would be consistent
from now on ..
Thanks for reading,
Erik pov:
Sam uncle
I pulled into the garage of my bungalow after
an exusted overnight drive to portharcout .. I
pulled the gear to park as the striking hotness
of the sun burn my skin..
burn burn burn have always loved how the
word burn sounds…
Ever so slowly I climbed out of the car with a
cigarette hung in my mouth.
“welcome boss” three of my boys came up to
“hey pasca, Shabanna, spike,”
I tilted my head sideways to them as I move
inside puffing out my cigarette smoke to the
“any available jobs”
“yes boss, just two politicians ”
“just two to kill so how much did you guys
bargained with”
“eight million boss” pascal smiles looking up to
me as if what he just said is the most pleasing
bargaining of all…
Feeling tired already I slouched down my
weight on the sitting room sofa while I pull off
my stuffy thick jacket.
“eight million to kill two politicians, you guys
must be mad, who brought the job offer”
“also a politician sir ” Shabana replied this
The three of them were standing with their
head bowed in front of me,, I stood angrily,, it
took all of strength not to pull out my gun right
at that moment to blow their head off,,
“politicians are always rich dammit ,,you
should have bargained with 25milion ”
“we are sorry boss” they said shakily..
“sorry for yourself”. I shouted
I haven’t spent more than 12hours away and
you guys accepted a job like this, what if I left
for a week,, you are gonna ruin yourself and
not me, stupid boys
“sorry boss”
“you got lucky am not in the mood to kill this
morning, or else I would have blow your head
off , crazy fools”.
I lighted another cigarette turning on my heels
as I puff out more of the smoke to the air,
I moved towards my office which has always
been empty and cozy.
Now Sitting down on my wine colored leathered
arm chair, my phone buzz out , ,”grrrrrrrrrrr”
pressing the green bottom an accentuated grin
turn on my face as I would recognise my dear
brothers voice anywhere,, I turn on my chair
while I rested my two legs on the stool beside
me, I giggled with my thoughts
“hello Desmond ”
“hey Erik, have been calling your phone since
last night,, we thought you’d come over to
sleep, Nancy is really disappointed ” Desmond
“hey Des , oh my God,, tell Nancy am so
sorry, I ran into something very important
yesterday,, so I to attend to it ”
“okay, come over for breakfast am still around,
and the meeting at Cherry close is by two, we
still have enough time, we will be expecting
“okay Des in the next 1hour I’ll be there”
The phone disconnected and I started
laughing out loud..
“oh my dear brother, ”
Memory flooded through me in torrent of painful
images as I start to fight against this drowning
feeling of loss.
Desmond had always gotten every thing I ever
wished for ,
ladies ,goodlooks, brilliancy.. Wealth
I mean everything,
Despite been a younger brother to me he’s
always atop of me in most things right from the
time we were kids,
well I took that as faith right at first cause
jealousy isn’t quite a good thing ,he passed
out of the university ahead of me with good
grades I still do not mind .. Within two years
he became filthy rich,
We were all glad as he carried us all along..
My two sister,, and our parents.
,but, the only thing I had that Desmond never
got for quite a while was a wife ,, I was glad at
least in all ,
I achieved having a wife and three kids ahead
of him
But on the very day Desmond announced
about Sam birth to us, all I taught I had,
crashed on their way to meet Nancy at the
hospital,,they burn, burn, the fire eats their
skin, you could see the skull, they didn’t die
yet but burn and suffer….then
my world began crumbling around me
I wander and kept asking God why I had to
loose again on the day Desmond achieved the
only thing I ever achieved ahead of him, I
began questioning God why am destined to
always loose to Desmond..
I fought against the pains for so many years
struggling to keep it from engulfing me, the
death of my two sisters and parents who died
along in that fire never pained so deep as
much as my three sons which had so much
hunted me during the years,
I smoke, and cry through dark walls,but all
were nothing until I started killing with
pleasure, i started loving the color of red and
black,, I built my entire world around the
foundation of ill-fated world..
And wrapping all my misfortune with violence ,I
thought of no one to blame but Desmond .. I
made all the effort for his wife never to give
birth anymore while
I thought of ways to finally ruin his career, but
Desmond was just too smart in keeping all his
documents away from everyone , away from
me no matter how I persuaded him to see…as
time goes on I realise I couldn’t muster up to
kill him as He was still my blood no matter
After eight Years of that dreadful event I
concluded in getting my revenge through his
kid,, by building so much fears and hatred in
his daughter ,threatening to finish anyone she
opens her mouth to tell.
since then I assure myself Desmond is more
of my enemy rather than my brother …… He
became more of a challenge and the reason
why I had to stay alive to revenge
,I made Sam think she was the cause of my
misfortune I made her pay for the sins I
accused her father of ..
And have waited such a long years till now for
her to grow up ..
To grow cold and big before budging her eyes
out of her skull,, to kill her slowly, so at the end
Desmond would loose to me.. He would be in
the same shoes as I am.. To make him realise
how painful it feels to grow old without having a
child ..
To see his stupid wealth and inheritance
crumble to the shore and losting amidst
forestry of mast. To watch all he had crumbled
right at his face..
laughing with little tears in my eyes,
Myriad emotions bombard me as I struggled
against the rising pains burning within me,
thinking how so horribly life has been so unfair
to me, I moved into my bedroom instinctively,
slowly towards my mirror and was shocked at
what I saw,
My complexion has become dead black, with
deep circles under my eyes, my face has
become so thin as my cheek were now
hallowed out..
I realise I resemble more of a zombie .
I looked intently at the mirror, and saw him ,
Laughing and crying all along,
his skin as white as snow, looking pale with a
really big eye, he was dripping of blood,, my
last born Richy, Richard has always been the
one to hunt me so much cause of our striking
resemblance or any reason I don’t know of, I
thought I was illuminating right at first ,, but no
am not crazy,, never am I going crazy, he
was real
Reeeeeeaalll …
My Richy is alive
i glance at him in the mirror and turn smiling at
him while I gently walked towards him,,
“come to daddy Richy ”
“come, come, daddy is gonna take care of
I move further reaching my hands to him, he
began frowing while shaking his head all along
and there he turn towards the wall and he was
I shouted and began to cry , holding my head
all the way
“Richyyyyyyy please don’t goo
Noooooooo Richy,,,, daddy loves you.. Oh my
I fell on my kneels while I cry
pouring out my heart with every deep emotions
it contains,,
With my eyes clouded with more tears I angrily
took out my knife and slashed it on my palm,,
raking my palm along my face I saw blood
dripping and I instantly felt so good
“wao I love blood”
Taking out my cigarette once more i lighted it,,
while I puff out the smoke repeatedly, I
laughed aloud thinking how the eyes of the
politician I have to go kill tonight will look like,
” wide and cold”
Sam pov:
I twisted my hands on my Laps as Steve drove
at normal speed to the hospital.. I watched the
darkening skies and falling temperature as it
grows which may have likely added to my
Steve was silent all the way as I kept
wondering what he might actually be thinking
,I turn my head slowly , to study his handsome
face again as though for the first time. There
was a new softness which subtly altered his
rugged features, His mouth was set in a firm
line and his eyes were sharp and intense
ahead. Yet there was no anger, no fear, no
That fearless look has been all over his face
since lastnight.
Why does he look so calm with the fact that I
neither open up to him about Caleb or whom
ever I said might be coming for him. The
strength beyond it was compelling and I could
swore I felt some rush of sensation digged
through me,, i gaze away and concentrated on
ahead.. I knew my stare had touched some
part in him as he now reached out his strong
hands to my smaller ones,caressing it lightly
before placing it back on the wheel, .
For the first time in a long time I realise how I
started letting go of my anger and feeling safe
around no other but my bull headed handsome
P. A,
Steve made me realise how a woman really
needs a man by her side .
He made realise this feeling on how have been
too lonely for long, guess I never realised it
until those kisses .
His hot kisses
I contemplated on so much with in me realising
how compassionate and stubborn Steve really he had insisted in taking me down
here no matter what.
I knew if I had to keep this from every one, not
from Steve.
He had seen all my weakness and turning them
against me like this is driving me nut…
Seeing the look on his face when he made
those love confession repeatedly is
breathtaking.. Despite having heard those
words so many times ,, have never felt so
disrupted in my life.
But how would I start entailing the secret have
kept for so long to him…
The secret I kept for the safety of my parents
and the people I never told
I know if I had to do this I should be ready for
the risk which might be venomous,
what if my psychotic uncle uses devices
What if he’s tracking me with devices and
hearing my every conversation what if I told
Steve , he found out and later kill mum and
That I know am never gonna forgive myself..
Cause as much as I love them too much to
die, am never gonna forgive myself either if
anything happens to Steve..
The sky had already grow completely black at
a corner indicating an heavy rain in any
moment, Steve pulls on the accelerator while
he drove at full speed ,
“how much longer is the drive steve”
“not longer, babe.. ” he smiles .
I sighed at the sight of the hospital logo
guess have been too deep in thought to realise
how close we were
Steve pulled into the parking deck, and got
down , he reached out his hands to mine,,
while I took it as he led the way inside,
I just hope Caleb is fine now
A nurse welcomed us at the entrance gesturing
us in at instant recognition heart lurched as we both move further,
the hospital was smelling of injections and
Luckily we sighted doctor matine coming out of
a room..
We quickened our pace as Steve calls out with
his bass voice
“good morning doctor matine”
Steve much louder call tilted the doctors head
up,, he glanced up towards us while he
stretched forth some files to a nurse
“oh good morning” he said moving towards us.
“lets go into my office”
He took a turn while we followed anxiously
behind,we entered his much smaller office,
closing the door behind us ,he gestured us to
take a seat. he speaks
“STEVE” Steve replied
“sorry we were in much tension yesterday we
weren’t able to introduce ourself ” I said,,
“am samanthan”
The expression on the doctors face angled as
he lifted his brow .
I swear my breath accelerated at the sight only
to start inhaling in and out softly to subside it



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