Beautiful Mess – Episode 23
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Say Yes Loco Kismet. I shuffle down stairs in
my jeans and off the shoulder sweater. “Are
you going out?” Honey asks me and I nod.
“Can you? Aren’t you still sick?” “Geez, thanks
for the vote of confidence” I say and she
laughs, Mimi raises her head from some paper
work. “Where are you going to?” Mimi asks .
“The super market, we need groceries, since
you decided to eat us out of the house, I have
to restock”

She pokes her tongue out at me
and I shake my head. I turn to shout up the
stairs at Jasmin. “Baby girl, am about to leave,
let’s go” “You are taking jazz?” Mimi ask and I
nod. Jasmin runs down the stair and I almost
get an heart attack. “Baby, never run down the
stairs again ok?” “Yes Maman, can we go
now?” I roll my eyes, I don’t know where she
got that version of mother. “See you later Mimi”
Jasmin says and Mimi waves her on. We walk
outside and get In my convertible before
driving to the local store. “Moooom” Jasmin
starts and I sigh before answering. “You don’t
have to whine jazz, I can hear you just fine”
“You said we were gonna go to the big store”
“Well we are going to the local store, you know
I am not too fine, I can’t drive for long”
“Mommy..” She starts and I know I have lost
the game. “Fine” I say and I pull out of the
local store’s parking lot and we go on a drive
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. “You are the best mom” “I know, you should
know that too” I say, flicking her nose and she
When we get there I pull into the last spot in the
parking lot and we step out, I put on my
sunglasses and Jasmin does so too. I hold her
hand as we walk towards the entrance of the
mall. I try not to think of the last time I was
here and how good the memories where. I
shake my head when they threaten to
overwhelm me. I grab a shopping cart and we
begin to walk down the aisle. “Maman can i get
some oreos?” “Sure baby” I say as I peruse a
brand of mints, it says on the label that it gives
all day freshest goodness. Am sure Mimi will
appreciate the irony, I add it to the rapidly
growing pile before I turn to Jasmin. “Jazz
baby, you can’t have 9 packets of chocolates,
put them back” I say to her and she pouts but
does as I say. We go to the meat section and I
get some beef, I am craving a little bit of suya,
maybe I will barbecue some when I get home.
We get some ice cream and cheese before we
go to check out. Am standing behind a couple
when Jasmin tugs on my sweater telling me
that she just must have some s’mores, I nod
and she runs away. I keep my eyes on her and
I see her grab a packet, my vision is blocked
by a chest and I try to look past but stop when
I feel that familiar ache in my chest region. I
dread lifting my eyes but I do and my world tilts
on its angle. So. He is staring at me like he
has seen a ghost, I can’t help but try to take
him all in at once. He looks so good, a little
pale but very good. “Kis..” He starts in a
broken whisper. I turn when the checkout lady
asks if I wanted to do a card or cash
transaction. I hand her my card as I try to
make my self forget what I just saw.
Jasmin comes to stand beside me and she
hands me the smores, I take it and pass it to
the checkout lady. She swipes my card and
bags my groceries, I take them and pull Jasmin
with me. “Careful Maman” She says but I don’t
slow down, I don’t even make it to the exit
when his voice stops me. It’s official, I am a
loser, a big fucking loser, and yes I just used a
cuss word. I can’t believe even after all these
years his voice still has the power to render me
motionless. “Maman? Why are we stopping?”
Jazz asks and I pull her behind me as I turn, I
see his eyes on jazz and I see pain lance
through them and I immediately feel the urge to
calm him. Tell him everything was OK, I stop
my self. It’s no longer my right. “Kismet..” He
starts and I open my mouth to speak but he
falters before my eyes. I frown, what’s wrong?
Is he sick? “Baby, please let me..” He starts
again but stops and he staggers, I drop my
groceries on the floor and I run to him when he
almost drops to his knees.
The moment I make skin contact I feel at
home, the pain in my chest goes away. I lift my
head when he tugs on my braid, I look into his
eyes and he smiles a slow sad smile. “Heaven
baby, you touching me, it’s heaven” He says
before passing out, I can’t hold him up and we
go down together. I begin to panic when I see
the paper bag of drugs slip from his grip. Is he
sick? Is it serious? I hope..
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( Bebe Ernest )
. I can’t bear.. Not once did I think that he
might be married and that I had no right to
worry over him. I try to get his phone from his
pocket but there’s none inside. By now we’ve
been surrounded by store goers. “Please,
somebody, call an ambulance!” “I already did
Maman, with your phone” Jasmin says and I
nod, I turn to Garrett on the ground and I
stroke his hair off his face. Before whispering.
“Please stay with me babe” I say as I hear the
sirens from the distance. AN. What do you
think? Sweet right? Have a great day. Don’t
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